Watchman: The Freak Show Continues at MSLSD A.K.A. (MSNBC) So MSLSD Declares All Republicans “Evil” and a “Threat to Democracy”; Pundit Says “We Are at War” No, Demonic Biden is at War With Christians and Conservatives, and the Demonic Foot Soldiers Obey His Orders

HNewsWire: Following Joe Biden’s Darth Brandon’s official declaration from the bowels of hell that half of all voters in America are dangerous extremists, MSNBC fell in line behind their dear leader, with one pundit proclaiming that Republicans are “evil” and that “we are at war”.

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross used her platform to hammer home the message from last week’s blood red theatre performance, dialling up the division another notch, stating “Obviously, Republicans are, I think, the biggest threat to democracy. We don’t separate right-wing extremists and Republican Party anymore.”

Cross made it clear that she considers “mainstream, establishment Republicans are echoing these calls for violence. All but threatening it.”

In the same show she declared that it feels like a civil war has “already begun.”

The same episode also featured analyst Roland Martin declaring, "We are at war with these folks," and Cross agreed with Martin's assessment. These people are pure wickedness.

They have invited the devil into their home by electing Donald Trump. He is currently the undisputed party leader. This nefariousness is growing. Martin explained, "When you're on a war footing, you have to act like it.

You can't give up and give in while the adversary is closing in. The implication of this was clear: war.

Further, Martin argued, "It's about time President Joe Biden chose to be tough. The moment has come for his advisors to cease being meek, helpless, and passive.

That's it, you just keep hitting! In addition to calling conservatives "crazed, deranged creatures who want to import evil in every aspect of our society," Martin urged his audience to "keep pounding."

Cross only said, "yeah—a it's scary thing to think about" after Martin ended his completely sane and rational outburst. Really.”

Fox News covered Martin CAPS LOCK's outburst, and CAPS LOCK then went on a Twitter rampage demanding to meet with him for a "discussion."

The results of a sitting president labeling his political opponents as fascists are thus far apparent.


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