America’s Issues Were Engineered By The Left In Order To Bring In A One-World Government.


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The manufactured crises such as the plandemic, border crisis, inflated currency, social unrest, etc. Have led to the convenient “solution” of a “soft” one world governing organization. So the question remains, are they going to be there for the people, or will they be there for their own personal interests? I hope you know enough about human nature to discern the answer for yourself.

The UN’s Agenda 2030 calls for a new world government to execute its goals, a report says.

According to the American Thinker, whose analysis was published by Life Site News, the Biden administration’s early policy failings may be attributed to the impending arrival of a new government. The report asserted that there was deliberate sabotage, not a human mistake, used to weaken the country and erode support for national sovereignty in order to gain public acceptance for global rule.

The author explains that the origins of Agenda 2030 may be seen in President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points after the conclusion of World War I. As the First World War demonstrated, a group of countries may place pressure for global peace in ways that treaties or alliances cannot. While this concept gained support in Europe and elsewhere, it stalled in the United States due to Republican opposition in the Senate, which argued that it would dilute American sovereignty.

After World War II, the United Nations was seen as having responsibilities and capabilities that the League lacked. With the creation of the International Monetary Fund to stabilize economies throughout the globe and the World Bank to finance and authorize massive building projects, the United Nations was deemed as a needed international body to sustain the world.

The report acknowledged that America and other leftist countries in Western Europe and elsewhere have once subscribed into Marxist theory that conflicts occurred due to vigorous competition for limited resources.

As early as the 1950s, the eminent Harvard economist Walt Rostow predicted that global financial firms, backed by the United Nations, would lift the world’s poorest nations out of poverty. Despite Prof. Rostow’s well studied and theoretically sound concept, there was just one flaw: take-off never took place as planned. Wealth inequalities remained between wealthy nations and the rest of the globe, including less developed countries (LDCs) and emerging countries that are still in the development stages.

The American Thinker observed that people’s views on the connections between civilizations of different wealth levels have shifted due to the impression of global disparity. In the minds of some liberals, poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries would no longer be excused as the result of inefficient or corrupt governments if the world were unified.

“That brings us to Agenda 2030,” the report says. “This Agenda puts forward a plan for a new soft world government by the year 2030. It was a plan adopted unanimously by the U.N. on September 25, 2015 and has 91 sections. The Agenda covers every aspect of human experience and thus is a government without using the word government.”

Notably absent from the Agenda is the term “rights,” which appears just once, in Section 19. In the Agenda, “needs” and “sustainability” typically replace rights, so goes the Marxist axiom: “from everyone according to his capacity; to each according to his needs.”

Consequently, less wealthy countries will feel more constrained to contribute considerably to the needs of its compatriots as the global model evolves. Universal needs outweigh differences in this new global picture.

Furthermore, “sustainability” is seen as a force that unifies rather than divides society. It asserts, for example, that water contamination in the nearby area may have an adverse impact on the quality of the air in the area. While some nations have more access to natural resources than others, all countries share these resources. As a result, a superstate will be needed to address the issue of sustainability.

In light of the foregoing, The American Thinker poses the following critical questions:

“With this evolution of the U.N. before us, are we not better able to understand why the left is so comfortable with the collapse of our borders? With the capture and availability of so much U.S. military equipment in Afghanistan? With the overthrow of law and order in our cities so we look more and more like an unruly third-world country with each passing year? With our budgets so inflated that currency inflation and collapse are almost a certainty?”

So sit back, no need to purchase a ticket. We’ve been gifted front row tickets to our own persecution. Watch as America collapses and the dust settles on the patriots and God fearing men. Lets make this clear, America once provided us our GOD given rights. That is why this place was amazing, people used to dream of a place like this. Now, God is being pushed out of the education system, & he’s being pushed out of the hearts and minds of the politicians.

I’d say it’s safe to assume that the common man has nobody to confide in aside from his brothers and sisters in Christ. Society is moving on without us, it’s a waste of time and energy to try to pretend this isn’t the case. Now is the time for acceptance and prayer. This is all foretold in the word of God, Daniel chapter 11 details the rise and fall of the Anti-Christ. We need to study the word in depth to come to a deeper understanding and level of acceptance for what is to come. We have a home, it’s not here. Matthew 7:14 says “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

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