CV19 mRNA Vaccines Were Meant to Harm and Kill People–Dr. Michael Palmer

There is no other interpretation in my mind that this is deliberate murder, deliberate killing. The entire gene-based (mRNA) vaccine agenda is a deliberate poisoning and killing.”


By Greg Hunter

Dr. Michael Palmer MD was a biochemistry professor at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and was fired from his job in 2022 when he refused the CV19 so-called “vaccine.”  He now helps run  It is a website dedicated to warning people of the dangers of the CV19 mRNA vaccines.

Dr. Palmer has just written a book called “mRNA Vaccine Toxicity.”  Dr. Palmer has well over 1,000 hours of personal research conducted on the mRNA vaccines, which he calls “poison.”  Dr. Palmer also has an impressive list of contributors to his recent book that include world renowned microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (MD) and Catherine Austin Fitts, to name a few.  Dr. Palmer says the CV19 vax was an “intentional murder program.”

Dr. Palmer explains, “It was clear in 2020 that the risks that were being taken were completely unreasonable.  It normally takes many years to develop a vaccine. . . these years were condensed into just a few months. . . . If you combine the radical shortening of time for testing, which on its own creates a huge risk, combined with a new technology (mRNA) that means the risk is incalculable.  So, it’s completely irresponsible. . . .After the beginning of the vaccination campaign, and the first few weeks with disastrous results, it would have been necessary to immediately stop this campaign.

What we have seen instead is relentless coercion, relentless censorship, relentless lying by the authorities about the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.  This must have been a necessity for these vaccines. This must be a deliberate policy to harm and kill.”

How does mRNA kill?  Dr. Palmer’s research shows time and time again mRNA vaccines cause the immune system to attack and kill the CV19 injected.  Dr. Palmer explains, “This is what we are seeing in the autopsy material.  We see the immune system on the march, and it attacks just about any organ you could name.  It differs a bit from patient to patient . . . but in many cases, you see attacks on the blood vessels.  In quite a few cases, you see Myocarditis.  That is quite common in autopsies.  You see severe lung damage.

This is all abundantly documented now. . . . I think this is designed to kill people while providing a cover story that says it is beneficial and protective.  The main effect of these (mRNA) vaccines is to harm and kill people.  That is what these vaccines are doing.”

Dr. Palmer contends mRNA is poison to the body no matter what vaccine it is used in.  The medical community and Big Pharma want to use mRNA in all future vaccines.  Dr. Palmer warns, “We need to stop all mRNA vaccines because the technology is fundamentally flawed.  It will always produce the outcome that the body will begin destroying itself. . . . we commonly see destruction of the blood vessels, and this causes blood clots.  You destroy the blood vessels, and then you get strokes and heart attacks. . . .This is a deliberate agenda of killing, not by the person who applied the shots, they may be honestly deceived.  This is murder by the people who conceived this entire vaccination agenda and instituted mandates.  These people are guilty of murder.  There is no need to beat about the bush. . . . There is no other interpretation in my mind that this is deliberate murder, deliberate killing.  The entire gene-based (mRNA) vaccine agenda is a deliberate poisoning and killing.”

Dr. Palmer also found the mRNA shots accelerate cancer growth and stop your immune system from fighting it.  Dr. Palmer contends the term “turbo cancer” is an accurate description of the results from mRNA vaccines.

Dr. Palmer warns everyone not to take any mRNA vaccine, and this includes all future mRNA vaccines for the young and old.  Dr. Palmer says not to take the flu shot either.  In closing, Dr. Palmer says, “mRNA technology should be abandoned immediately, and every individual should do everything up to the stage of buying a gun to defend themselves from these poisons.”

There is much more in the 43-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Michael Palmer (MD) as he talks about his new book called “mRNA Vaccine Toxicity” for 10.28.23.




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