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Advisory: Be careful of what you read on social media. The algorithms used by these platforms have no regard for Biblical truth. They target your emotions to keep you engaged on their site so their advertisers can drop more ads. These platforms exist to enrich their stockholders. Consider God’s promise to Believers in James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

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Due to the major concerns many people have about HillSong/ Zoe Church, we strongly advise you to use the utmost caution and discernment before visiting or joining this hip non-biblical Church movement.

Churches in the New Testament era were indeed small assemblies that met in homes (Acts 2:4620:20). So the practice is certainly biblically allowable. There also seem to be some good reasons to have house churches as opposed to large gatherings: greater intimacy, stronger relationships, more comfortable worship, single-mindedness, etc. The fact that large churches usually have their own small groups that meet in homes speaks to this fact. Several considerations should be made, however, concerning the reasons for creating and/or attending a house church.

First, the fact that first-century Christians did something does not establish it as a pattern for all generations to follow (unless there is also a clear command to do so elsewhere). Simply because Scripture records an event or practice does not, of itself, establish a command (nor, in some cases, even approval!). So, for example, the fact that early Christians often sold all they owned and shared the profits (Acts 2:44-45) among other believers does not mean that we must do so today (although it certainly would be acceptable). So we should not think that home churches are any more “biblical” in this sense.

Second, there was a perfectly practical reason for the early church to meet in homes. Where else would they meet? There were no church buildings, YMCA’s, grammar schools, or movie theaters that could hold large groups. Further, even if there was room somewhere, during this time of persecution by the Romans, a public gathering of hundreds or thousands of people would simply not be safe. Thus, it might not have been by design that the early church met in small groups. It is even possible that they would have preferred large meetings (as Jews would have been accustomed to), but they simply could not manage it. So we should also not think that home churches are any more “spiritual” than large churches.

Third, home churches that are started in an effort to counter “the institutional church” could be questionable. While often listing the above reasons to more closely align with the biblical model, the real reason often seems to be displeasure with large church movements. While these complaints are often valid, it can lead to a divisive, “us vs. them” mentality that should be avoided.

When Kourtney Kardashian first announced she was launching a new lifestyle and wellness platform, called Poosh, a lot of people were quick to compare it to Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous wellness website. While they both have vowel-heavy names and disseminate questionable health advice, Kourtney has been interested in health for arguably just as long as GP. In fact, some could say she was the original wellness influencer?The 40-year-old Kardashian sister is known for living a strictly organic, gluten-free, non- GMO, vegan, dairy-free, ketognic, existence.

While there are some funny vintage Keeping Up With The Kardashians clips of Kourtney working out casually or shaking a giant plastic salad container, her full-on wellness obsession began around the time that she had Mason. “I feel like once I had Mason, I just became more aware,” she told Refinery29 in 2016. “And then once you learn information, you can’t really make it go away.”Wellness seems to permeate Kourtney’s whole life, from her diet to her parenting styles, and her overall attitude. Over the years, she’s certainly doled out her fair share of problematic health wisdom (such as her thoughts on detoxeseek), and doesn’t always have the credentials to back her expertise up, but Kourtney has undeniably been ahead of many health trends.

Kardashian, 39, was photographed leaving Nobu Malibu with David Dee Duron last Thursday. Duron is involved with Vous church, which is based in Miami and connected to Hillsong, the church Kardashian regularly attends in Los Angeles.


Kourtney Kardashian's religion and political views

Kourtney Kardashian


Kardashian has Armenian Orthodox roots, attended a Catholic high school and a Methodist university. She’s a Christian of some kind or another.

Political Views

Kardashian is a liberal Democrat.

Kourtney Mary Kardashian was born in Mill Valley, California and grew up in Los Angeles, California.

This Pic speaks for itself, biblically speaking this gesture is in rebellion of biblical truth ….

Kourtney graduated from the Roman Catholic, all-girls Marymount High School where she took religion and theology courses with titles like: “Who is Jesus?,” “Morality,” and “Christian Life and Love.”1 But she continued on to attend a Methodist university.2

The Kardashian’s father is an Armenian-American and his daughters were exposed to that culture’s dominant religion–Armenian Orthodox Christianity. Apparently, they give 10% of their money to the church to this day.3 That is, except Kourtney.

When she and Kim were asked if they donate money, Kim said that she gives 10% to a charity and also gives money to her church because that’s what she was taught. When Kourtney was asked if she donates 10% as well, she said:

I’m going to now, I was taught that too but I forgot about it.4

That was probably awkward, but don’t go thinking Kourtney is totally non-religious. In a much-publicized surprise pregnancy, Kourtney was considering an abortion (as strange as it may be that the press picked up on this). She decided against the procedure, saying:

I can’t do that. And I felt in my body, this is meant to be. God does things for a reason, and I just felt like it was the right thing that was happening in my life.5

So whatever Kourtney’s religion might be–Catholic, Armenian Orthodox, or Methodist–it was a powerful enough force in her life to sway her in a major life decision.

In addition to the above considerations regarding motive, one final caution concerns the issue of accountability. For Protestant churches, the Bible alone is the guide in matters of faith and practice. However, few people have the time to gain the skills and knowledge to accurately handle the word of God (2 Timothy 3:14-16). In classical education theology was taught last—for it builds on many other disciplines that cannot be learned from the Bible alone. Therefore, some degree of higher education was usually sought before one became a teacher of the word (James 3:1). The popular view today, however, is that the Holy Spirit teaches believers directly through the Bible. This idea might lead people to believe that whatever the group teaches is from God and is therefore safe from error. But the Bible does not teach that this is the case, and it is clear that most believers disagree on at least some issues, and most simply end up “interpreting” the Bible according to their churches’ teaching anyway.

The answer to the interpretation issue requires another article, but the problem it creates becomes more ominous when dealing with home churches. The New Testament is full of warnings against heresies coming from within the church. Since it was written in the first century, these would actually be warnings regarding house churches. While this problem is certainly not limited to house churches, there is clearly no guarantee of protection from false teaching simply because the church changes its meeting format. Further, because home churches function as independent small groups, they need have no accountability to anyone but themselves. This makes it much more difficult to judge their teachings (in fact, the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult began in exactly this manner). In contrast, larger congregations benefit from a plurality of elders, spiritually mature men (Titus 1:5-9) who are overseers of the flock, protecting them from false doctrine. 

In conclusion, there is nothing unbiblical about Christians gathering together regularly in houses, or large buildings, or any other appropriate venue. The Bible does not, in fact, give any guidelines as to the proper gathering size or location. What it does do is explain what is to take place at those meetings (Acts 2:421 Corinthians 16:21 Timothy 4:132 Timothy 4:2). So long as biblical teachings (orthodoxy) and practices (orthopraxy) are undertaken by those in assembly, it really does not matter what meeting format one chooses.

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