Planned Pandemic Coming: UN to Intervene; IAEA “Extremely Concerned” the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Is Now Under Russian Control; Communications Have Been Cut Off; The United States Constitution Is in Jeopardy

HNewsWire-The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verified on Sunday that the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station in Ukraine is now under the command and control of Russian troops, with all communications to and from the site prohibited to the outside world.

Additionally, the UN nuclear watchdog agency said that it is "very worried" about these developments, after widespread reports on Thursday night and Friday of severe combat and bombardment. During those many frightening hours, Ukraine's government authorities claimed there may be widespread radioactive fallout and attempted to exploit the incident to enlist further Western military assistance and action. Later, the IAEA itself refuted the allegation.
Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, file picture

According to the IAEA, citing Ukraine's nuclear regulator, "Ukraine states that all plant management actions – including those relating to the technical functioning of the six reactor units – need prior clearance by the Russian commander."

"In a second significant step, Ukraine has reported that Russian soldiers on the site have disabled several mobile networks and the internet, preventing trustworthy information from the site from being gained via usual means of contact," the statement stated.

Rafael Grossi, the IAEA's director general, issued an urgent plea to Moscow on Sunday, stating, "In order to run the facility safely and securely, management and employees must be permitted to perform important functions in stable circumstances free of excessive external influence or pressure."

In the previous several days, a Ukrainian narrative and a competing Russian account of events inside the facility have evolved, with each side accusing the other for acts of violence that destroyed many plant management buildings. Kiev originally created an image of Russia bombarding nuclear reactor facilities, but it was subsequently revealed that a fire occurred at the plant's training facility and did not endanger the plant's most vulnerable components.

Reuters covered the weekend aftermath, as it became evident that the facility was now firmly in the hands of the Russian military:

The Ukrainian regulator said that it was having "communication difficulties" with Chernobyl workers, according to the IAEA, adding that contact was only available through email.

Additionally, the paper said, "More than 200 individuals, including technical staff and guards, have not left the facility since Feb. 23, the day before it was seized, the IAEA claimed, despite the UN agency's recommendations for technical staff rotation on safety grounds."


Putin: The IAEA is an autonomous international organization within the United Nations system, go to Hell!



SRH: As Time Passes, Many Politicians, Police Officers, and Judges Will Take Cover; In Other Words, They Will Remain Neutral Out of Fear for Their Lives. You Are On Your Own; Prepare for the Worst and Pray for the Best - The Trials Will Be Extremely Ugly.


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