Rules for Thee, but Not for Me. In the Latest Display of Elite Hypocrisy by Former Demonic Pres. Berry Obama and the Ruling Elites, “Doing Something” Means Imposing Expectations on Society They Don’t Apply to Themselves



Satan Soldier Obama Orders 2,500-Gallon Propane Storage For Vacation Home, a New Fossil Fuel Fan Former President, climate change denier, and green energy enthusiast Barack Obama is constructing three propane tanks with a total storage capacity of 2,500 gallons at his $12 million Martha's Vineyard estate.

The town of Edgartown, Massachusetts, received an application earlier this month for an underground propane tank installation at Obama's estate, consisting of two 1,000 gallon tanks and one 500 gallon tank, to be used for "residential purposes." Obama paid $11.75 million for his Martha's Vineyard house in 2019.

"We've never had a private propane tank come to us," stated a review board member. The typical domestic storage capacity for backup generators is from 100 to 500 gallons.

At a time when his successor's economic war on Russia is wreaking havoc on the world and the United States' economy is teetering on the brink of collapse, Obama's 2,500-gallon scheme suggests he wants his 6,900-square-foot, seven-bedroom home to be ready for many weeks of energy independence at a time.

As president, Obama said, "I am a big believer in climate change and its influence on human behavior and carbon emissions." As a result, I believe we owe it to future generations to do something about it."

Of all, for Obama and other governing elites, "doing something" means forcing on society demands that they do not have for themselves. Examples abound, from Obama's 29-acre vacation estate's fossil fuel indulgence to lockdown enthusiast Gavin Newsom eating in mask-less luxury with 21 friends while limiting indoor dining for others, to gun control-advocating politicians who live under the safety of "assault guns."

This is hardly the first instance of elitist hypocrisy at Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate. While Democrats and liberal elites were still aggressively shaming Americans into adopting a nightmarish "new normal" existence of social isolation and pushing panic about the Delta variation of Covid-19, Obama gave himself a celebrity-studded 60th birthday party with hundreds of guests.

Sounds like a man in need of a reality check.

White Horse in Play: The Head of the Border Patrol Union Warned That Drug Cartels Would Seize “Complete Control” of the Southern Border, Mayhem, Murder, Mass Graves Coming to the America, Thank Biden, Obama and Google

By StevieRay Hansen | October 12, 2023 |

Update: The Illuminati’s Satanic Council, Soros Moving His Pawns on Behalf of the Illuminati, Obama on Board of Directors Our Demonic Leaders

By StevieRay Hansen | September 11, 2023 |

HNewsWire: There are only two perspectives on history: one that everything happens by chance, and the other that everything happens on purpose. The uninformed, stupid, and liar have the first viewpoint, whereas the wise hold the second. History is created on purpose, rather than by chance. This was realized by two public people separated by time. “Nothing in politics ever occurs by accident,” stated Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), the 32nd President of the United States. You can guarantee it was planned that way if it occurs.” “The world is ruled by persons very different from those expected by the public,” observed British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881). These two simple statements illustrate the fundamental premise that underpins the substantive and proper study of History: that every major event in politics, economics, finance, and international relations is the result of calculated…

Watchman’s Update: Under Obama Orders The Biden Administration Will Intentionally Destroy the Economy Through Kill Shot Mandates, Resulting in FEMA Food Lines and Lockup Camps in the Fall of 2023/2024

By StevieRay Hansen | July 23, 2023 |

HNewsWire: Last weekend, something remarkable (or delightful, if one is a stock bull) occurred: with the US economy on the verge of recession, with inflation topping out, and with the housing market about to crack, the last pillar holding up the US economy (and preventing the Fed from continuing its tightening plans beyond the summer), the job market, had just hit a brick wall as revealed by real-time indicators such as Revello’s measure of total job postings, which plunged by 22.5 percent, the largest percentage (we also listed several other labor market metrics confirming that the job market was about to crater). To fast forward to today, one day after we discovered that initial jobless claims continue to rise after hitting a generational low in March, and as company after company is warning that it will freeze hiring in the…

Satan Soldier Obama:“You Have to Fight to Provide People [With] the Information They Need to Be Free and Self-Governing.” in Other Words, Government-Approved Narratives—Welcome to the NWO

By StevieRay Hansen | April 10, 2023 |

Whatever the outcome of Musk’s Twitter chase, it will be intriguing to watch. In my opinion, he should take over and shut down the whole platform, which is replete with government and corporate spying since it is a cancer on society. One of Musk’s greatest contributions to the world right now would be to disperse the blue check cult. This time around, they won’t have as much concentrated corporate and political power at their disposal to vent on other platforms. Those who deny that this is an assault on free speech will say so, but they don’t understand what free speech is. In their minds, saying “I’m going to destroy you and your way of life” while walking up to someone is an exercise in free speech. Those who try to stop them scream that they are victims and complain…

Update: ‘Big Oil’ Responds To Satan Soldier Obama Biden’s Threats: Here’s 10 Things You Can Do To Ease Gas Prices, The Question Is – Will the Obama Biden Administration Do Any of Them?

By StevieRay Hansen | November 20, 2022 |

HNewsWire: Chevron has hit back at the Biden administration, claiming that their policies since January 2021 have sent a message that it aims to “impose obstacles to our industry delivering energy resources the world needs,” according to Bloomberg’s Annmarie Hordern, citing a statement by the company. Chevron’s response to Biden’s letter to big oil: “Unfortunately, what we have seen since January 2021 are policies that send a message that the Administration aims to impose obstacles to our industry delivering energy resources the world needs.” – annmarie hordern (@annmarie) June 16, 2022 Chevron says they plan to boost production in the Permian basin by more than 15% this year, while its overall upstream capital investments in the US have climbed 35% in the last year. What’s more, Chevron’s US refineries are operational, and input grew to 915k b/d on average in…

Red Horse In Play: Riots Are Coming. Food Shortages Are Here Complement of Biden and Company That Would Include Obama, George Soros and the Other Satan Soldiers Pukes That Have Implemented the Plandemic on Your Behalf, It’s About to Get Real Ugly

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HNewsWire: According to the logistics company Freight-waves, major trucking fleets located throughout the eastern half of the United States are now making preparations for a “imminent” fuel shortage. According to Craig Fuller, founder and CEO of Freight-waves, “3 very significant fleets” are making preparations for the possibility that diesel pumps at gasoline stations could run empty. These fleets’ drivers have been notified about the potential for fuel shortages in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast areas in the coming weeks. These shortages are expected to affect both regions. Fuller shared on Twitter a number of texts that had been sent to drivers by fleet companies. The alerts raised serious concerns. He also tweeted what appears to be an unnamed industry insider explaining that the historic mess that is affecting markets in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast is a combination of crude being diverted…

Foot Soldiers for Obama, Soros, and the FBI Issue a Warning: “Violence” Will Not Be Tolerated Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling, HNewsWire Issues a Warning, Christian Conservative Protesters Be Careful! The Red Horse In Play Followed By The Cry of Martyrs

By StevieRay Hansen | September 8, 2022 |

HNewsWire: When Did ‘Law & Order’ Enforcement Start? When? After the Death of a Druggie-Thug Now Presented as a Saint, Gates/Soros/Obama Had Their Antifa/BLM Militia Out Rioting, Killing, and Destroying Cities for a Year. We Have Sexual Perverts Running Our Schools, Attempting to ‘Groom’ Youngsters Based on a Misunderstanding of What Perversion Is. And, a Re-Writing of History Based on Lies to Justify Crt’s Destruction of Children’s Psychological Stability… This Agency Is the Shield for Corruption, Theft, and Murder Because It Protects ‘The Wef/Ccp Cabal Mafia’ Treasonous Murderers From Being Held Accountable for Anything as the Area of Federal Government Has Been Corrupt From the Beginning of the Obama Reign. When Did the FBI Decide to Enforce Any Law Against the Cabal Mafias Militia Murderers When Their Exclusive Privileges to Butcher-Babies Were Endangered? How can a corrupt and malevolent institution…

Satan Soldiers Biden: The President Has Signed an Executive Order That Seeks to Stop Conversion Therapy, a Practice That Attempts to Change an Individual’s Misguided Sexual Orientation From Homosexual or Bisexual, to God-Given Heterosexual. Biden Has Through Deceit and Misinformation Along With Obama Successfully Removed God From Some American Minds

By StevieRay Hansen | June 17, 2022 |

HNewsWire: StevieRay: This woke me up. Lying Joe Biden supports grotesquely life-altering chemical and physical treatment for children who are confused about gender, but he opposes attempts to adequately enlighten and advise such youngsters to accept their biological sex. The order directs the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop a program to “decrease the danger of juvenile exposure to so-called conversion therapy.” The FTC has been urged to examine if conversion therapy is a “unfair or misleading act or practice” and to issue “appropriate” consumer warnings. Biden’s executive order also contains a strategy to leverage the United States’ worldwide power to combat conversion therapy across the globe. Conservatives have criticized the Democrats’ proposal to outlaw conversion therapy. “The same folks who want to prohibit ‘#conversion-therapy’ because it’s ‘hazardous’ believe it’s okay to inject 8 year old…

Barack Berry Obama Backs Internet Controls to Grapple With the “Demand for Crazy”… So What Protects the People From Sick Bastards Like Berry Obama, Slow Joe, GW Bushwacker & the Rest of Those Sick Politicians?

By StevieRay Hansen | June 14, 2022 |

HNewsWire-Satan Soldier Obama claimed Wednesday that government regulation and control over the internet can fight a “desire for insanity” via the propagation of false propaganda. An event presented by the Institute of Politics and the Atlantic magazine brought together 60-year-old president of the United States Barack Obama and the magazine’s editor, Jeffrey Goldberg. There is a demand for crazy on the internet that we have to deal with, Obama remarked, before adding that a combination of legislation and industry norms is required to handle the problem. Obama added. Obama bemoaned the prevalence of false information in the United States, and he accused individuals who claim Vice President Joe Biden did not win the 2020 presidential election of believing in conspiracies. A “systematic attempt to either push false information or hide accurate information for political advantage, financial gain, expanding power, repressing…

Biden Obama’s Band of Satan Soldiers Are Very Successful,Plandemic Working: Inflation Storm Devastates U.S. Households as Fuel, Power, and Food “Become Unaffordable”

By StevieRay Hansen | June 9, 2022 |

HNewsWire: Gasoline has jumped to $5 a gallon on the national average, groceries have risen in price, and utility bills have skyrocketed. Some people in the United States are experiencing what it’s like to live in a developing nation. More and more families are struggling to make ends meet as the cost of living rises. In late April and early May, a Census Bureau study indicated that 31 percent of families found it either very or extremely difficult to pay for their typical household costs, compared to 25 percent at the same time previous year. The poll indicated that nine percent of families occasionally or often did not have enough food, up to seven percent a year earlier. Low-income Americans have the greatest obstacles, since they spend a larger percentage of their income on basics. Low-income families’ monthly budgets now…


SRH: Satan Soldiers Obama, Biden: The President Has Signed an Executive Order That Seeks to Stop Conversion Therapy, a Practice That Attempts to Change an Individual’s Misguided Sexual Orientation From Homosexual or Bisexual, to God-Given Heterosexual. Biden Has Through Deceit and Misinformation Along With Obama Successfully Removed God From Some American Minds


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