Watchman: The Truth Is That No Vaccine Offers Protection for Anything, Yet Vaccines Are Full of Toxins. It Was Just a Long Term Program to Get People Used to the Idea of Jabs So That When the Plandemic Began, People Would Beg for a Jab to Fix It. And It Worked

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HNewsWire:  A cashless society, giving centralization Marx could only dream of, would be the last straw for liberty and freedom. The presence of a government backdoor or malware becomes a genuine possibility, and given the State’s track record, a real probability. Naturally, therefore, "features" that allow for the monitoring, freezing, and even expiration of monetary transactions will be presented as safeguards for the general public.

5.9 million Americans (the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable) are "unbanked," meaning they do not have a checking or savings account. This is the price we pay for free market intervention.

Earlier in the week, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York issued the announcement:

Members of the U.S. Banking Community Launch Proof of Concept For A Regulated Digital Asset Settlement Platform

Have you ever heard of "Predictive Programming"? In the movies we watch, are the elites telling us what they're doing?

Like the unscrupulous CIA officers in "The Long Kiss Goodnight" (1986) threatening to blow up the World Trade Center and blame it on Muslims?

Or, in the 2013 film Iron Man, the villain Aldrich Killian informs Pepper Pots that people were designed to be "upgraded" (like computers) and that they will "hack" human DNA.

Then, in 2018, at the World Economic Forum, Professor Yuval Harari claimed that they now have the capacity to hack DNA and MERGE HUMANS AND COMPUTERS.

BTW, that is their ultimate aim, and many feel that is what the immunizations were all about: introducing nanotechnology inside humans to link them with computers for CONTROL. "Internet of Bodies" RESEARCH Consider the "social credit system" in China. Consider the government intentionally collapsing FTX to "prove" how "dangerous" unregulated digital currency is so that the GOVT can create a CBDC that THEY control.

You'll need a "Digital ID" to utilize this new money, and if you don't have one, you won't be allowed to participate. Now, let's return to Predictive Programming.

Listen to "My Struggle 2," a clip from the 2016 X Files. Mein Kampf is the German word for "My Struggle." Yes, Hitler said that. Listen to the laundry list of "conspiracy ideas," which includes a vaccine that purposefully damages human immunity, alters DNA, depopulates, and so on.... Yes, it's all a "conspiracy." Wink, wink, wink Pay special attention to and RESEARCH "Problem Reaction Solution" approaches.

It's what they've been doing to keep our country and the planet in disarray.People, put your trust in THE LORD JESUS. Evil and deception are abundant.
In these dark times, HE is your only hope!

People, put your trust in THE LORD JESUS. Evil and deception are abundant. In these dark times, HE is your only hope!

HNewsWire: “We are going to go from ‘Dirty Cash to Digital Trash,’ which is also the title of the current Trends Journal. They’ve got people freaked out. They are going to give us digital trash. That’s what they are doing. They are going to get rid of the currencies that you have.” THE MARK OF THE BEAST……

It's shocking how many Nigerians are Bitcoin fans yet despise the country's official cryptocurrency (CBDCs).

About 35% of Nigerian adults, or about 34 million people aged 18 to 60, possess bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, according to data published in April by prominent cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin. But when it came to the country's Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the eNaira, it was a tremendous flop.

Despite discounts and other incentives given by the government in a last-ditch effort to encourage acceptance, Bloomberg reports that barely 1 in 200 Nigerians use the eNaira.

Bloomberg cites a circular issued to bankers on Tuesday saying the government wants to encourage digital payments by restricting ATM withdrawals to 20,000 naira (about US$45) per day. One hundred and fifty thousand naira (around $350) was the prior withdrawal limit.

Individuals may now only withdraw 100,000 naira ($225) and businesses can only take 500,000 naira ($1,125) from their accounts each week without being charged a fee. For payments exceeding that threshold, a 5% and 10% surcharge will be applied.

This move follows a series of other directives from world governments and central banks to reduce the use of cash and promote the usage of digital currencies in an effort to broaden people's access to financial services. Over 85% of all money in circulation in Nigeria is held outside of banks, and the country is home to nearly 40 million individuals who do not have access to a bank account.

After announcing intentions to issue new high-value notes beginning in the middle of December, the central bank has given citizens till the end of January to exchange their old bills for the new ones. Since the introduction of the eNaira digital currency late last year met with modest uptake, the bank has announced plans to manufacture more eNaira. -Bloomberg

In addition, starting of January 9, 2018, it will be illegal to cash a cheque for more than 50,000 naira (US$112) at an ATM or 10 million naira (US$22,480) at a bank. Point-of-sale cash withdrawals have been restricted at 20,000 naira ($45).

Meanwhile, the central bank has ruled that banks can only put 200-naira bills into ATMs, with larger withdrawals subject to enhanced due diligence and processing fees, and that individuals and corporations can withdraw a maximum of 5 million and 10 million naira, respectively, once a month under "compelling circumstances." The CEO of the bank must additionally approve any such withdrawals.

On Tuesday, the central bank warned that customers "should be encouraged to utilize other channels" such Internet banking, mobile banking applications, USSD, cards, points-of-sale, and eNaira to handle their financial transactions.




Sources: HNewsWire  HNewsWire


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