Transgender robber convicted of stealing to fund sex change operations


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  • Jimmy Lewis was convicted of robbery from an Alabama Credit Union in 2008
  • Prosecutors alleged that the string of raids were to fund sex change operations 
  • Suspect Iconic Facce arrested for recent bank robbery in Gulfport, Mississippi
  • Police said suspect was Lewis and pictured her apparently after recent surgery
  • The nose job bank job! Transgender robber convicted of stealing to fund sex change operations is arrested again over a raid while she was recovering from yet more surgery

A transgender bank robber who was arrested for stealing to fund her sex change operations 11 years ago was arrested again last week over another raid – fresh from recent facial surgery.

Police in Gulfport, Mississippi, were called to a bank in the city after reports a woman walked into the building and passed a note to staff demanding money on March 22.

A suspect who gave her name as Iconic Facce was arrested last Saturday and it was revealed by police the women was born Jimmy Maurice Lewis II.

Lewis gained notoriety in 2008 when she reportedly held up a teller at the Alabama Credit Union in Decatur where she demanded $20,000, but made off with less than half that amount.

Prosecutors said she planned a series of raids to fund her gender reassignment surgery, according to Alabama Local.

CCTV of the suspect who passed a note to staff at BancorpSouth Bank
Jimmy Maurice Lewis, also known as Iconic Facce, pictured after her arrest

Jimmy Maurice Lewis, also known as Iconic Facce, pictured (right) after her arrest with tape around her nose and (left) CCTV of the suspect who passed a note to staff at BancorpSouth Bank

Gulfport Police issued CCTV images from the BancorpSouth Bank showing a suspect officers were looking for in connection with the recent robbery.

A picture of Lewis released by police after her arrest shows surgical tape around her nose which could have been due to recent facial surgery. 

She left the bank building in Gulfport on foot on foot, according to police. 

An appeal was put out by police and Lewis was again arrested returning flight from Mexico on March 30.

She was taken into custody at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, and is being held in the Harris County Jail in Texas awaiting extradition to Mississippi. 

Police were called to the bank in Gulfport, Mississippi, after a woman (pictured) walked in and handed a threatening note to a staff member 

From June 2007 to January 2008, Lewis was said to have robbed banks by passing threatening notes in Cleveland, Decatur and Lenoir City in Tennessee. 

She was arrested in 2008 in Los Angeles on arrival with a flight from Mexico when one of her aliases was spotted by border agents. 

According to police reports, Lewis threatened the life of a teller, saying in a note: ‘No games, no jokes and get your hands up. Don’t mash any alarms. Don’t move or she’s had it.’ 

Lewis was sentenced to 51 months behind bars and probation for the robbery. 

But 11 years later the 37-year-old was arrested again in Mississippi over allegations of robbery at the BancorpSouth Bank. 

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