Almost One-Third of Voters Believe They Will Have to Take up Arms Against the United States Government, According to a Recent Survey, Tribulation on the Move Warp Speed


HNewsWire: A survey done by the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago reveals that almost one-third of American voters feel it may be necessary to take up weapons against the United States government.

From May 19 to May 23, a survey of 1,000 registered voters was conducted. The margin of error is 3.53 percentage points, according to The Hill.

The study was conducted by Republican pollster Neil Newhouse, Democratic pollster Joel Benenson, and students from the Institute of Politics.

The Hill reported on July 24 that 28 percent of all voters and 37 percent of gun owners believed that "it may be essential for civilians to take up weapons against the government at some time in the near future."

33% of Republican voters and 35% of Independent voters feel it may be necessary to take up weapons, according to a survey that broke down answers by party identification.

One in five Democratic voters believes they may need to arm themselves.

Nearly half of American voters, or 49%, agree with the statement "I feel like a foreigner in my own country"

A majority of American voters agree with the assertion that the U.S. government is "corrupt and skewed against average citizens like me." While this opinion was more prevalent among Republicans and self-identified conservatives, "51% of those who identify as'very liberal' also agreed."

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Bombshell Video: The “COVID Pandemic” Was the Result of Extensive Media Propaganda: “Nobody Is Safe, BE AFRAID!” HNewsWire: By Matt Orfalea, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and Prof Michel Chossudovsky May 24, 2023 Outstanding video production by Matt Orfalea. From the outset in January 2020 we have been accused by the mainstream media of  “spreading disinformation”. Who was spreading “fake news”?  Who was behind the fear campaign? Amply documented, there never was a Covid-19 pandemic.  “Least we forget how intensely we were lied to by the government, medical, and media establishments, watch this 11-minute collection of celebrities, medical officials, media, and politicians blaming the “COVID Threat” on the unvaccinated. (Dr. Paul Craig Roberts) “Let us be under no illusions, the Covid Jab is not only “experimental”, it’s a Big Pharma “killer vaccine”. The mainstream media has indulged in systematic propaganda with a view to sustaining The Big Lie. We are living the most…

The Origins of Our Second Civil War, God Has Been Replaced with Self

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The further a society drifts from the truth, the stronger the delusion will take its place… Is America Preparing For Civil War? “The jump has no precedent in recorded history…” is how one analyst described the stunning surge in estimated firearm sales indicated by data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System latest report. While actual gun purchases aren’t tracked in the U.S., the FBI system is largely considered a proxy for sales by the firearms industry and the table shows a 41% surge year-over-year (and a 33% spike month-over-month). Jurgen Brauer, chief economist at Small Arms Analytics, told Bloomberg News, that handgun sales increased 91.1% year-over-year, per Brauer’s analysis, and long-gun sales were up 73.6%. “We expect continued positive headline growth numbers in coming months as Covid-19 uncertainty lingers,” Brett Andress, a firearms industry analyst at KeyBank Capital, wrote in a note on…

This Country Is Headed for Civil War, Our Justice System Has Collapsed

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There’s No Doubt, There Will Be Blood Spilled in the Streets in a Matter of Days… majority of Americans, no matter where they live, or the party they typically vote for, think the country is growing apart. On political, racial, and class lines, Americans think divisions are widening, according to a new Georgetown University poll. That division is leading to a dark place, respondents said. Asked how close the country is to the “edge of a civil war” — with 0 being not close at all and 100 being time to get the “go” bag — Americans say we’re at 67.23. So, two-thirds of the way to internecine bloodshed. Could be better. Could be worse. The poll also shows how people think we got here. On one side are Republicans who say Democratic political leaders and the media are responsible for the…

Ten Things That Could Ignite a Full-Blown Civil War in 2020

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and Any of These Ten Could Happen at Any Time… 1) a “Successful” Assassination of President Trump… As political coexistence collapses across America due to the lawless, mentally ill Leftists who have abandoned every pillar of civil society, civil war is just one ignition event away. America’s conservatives, fed up with being malicious labeled “Nazis” while being systematically censored and attacked in the streets by violent left-wing lunatics, have just about reached the point of taking active steps to defend their lives, their communities, and their nation. What’s apparent to every thinking person now is that the radical Left only wants to tear down civil society, not participate in peaceful coexistence. As we enter 2020, here are ten scenarios that could ignite an almost instant civil war at some level, most likely in certain states that I’ll cover in a follow-up…

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