Ever Dog Has Its Day, Satan Soldier PM Boris Johnson Can Not Survives ‘No Confidence’ Vote, He’s Out and a New Soldier for Satan Come In


Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has survived a vote of no confidence with a'secret' vote of 211 (confident) to 148 (not confident), leaving him in power but substantially weakened.

According to Sir Graham Brady:

"I can confirm that the parliamentary party has faith in the prime minister."

This is apparently a poorer score than previous Prime Minister Theresa May received.

Current rules prohibit another vote within 12 months, however Tory party insiders said the rule might be modified if there was enough demand.

According to one Conservative MP: "It's the start of the end. It is substantially better for everyone if he departs willingly."

Johnson, according to another, would "would be gone in six months... Theresa May 2.0, and she only lasted seven months."

A third predicted that his victory would leave the party "bitter" and split. He said that another vote of no confidence will be held as soon as September, after the publication of the privileges committee investigation investigating whether Johnson deceived Parliament.

According to The Telegraph's Camilla Tominey, the only thing keeping the Prime Minister in office right now is a lack of a plausible alternative. The vultures, on the other hand, are circling. It will take a special kind of tenacity to bring this wayward party to heel.

Some individuals seem to be content...

Boris Johnson responded to the outcome in a BBC interview tonight:

"What is significant about tonight is that it permits the administration to concentrate on those concerns." What we now have is a chance to put behind us everything that the media likes to talk about."

"What we're going to do now is use this moment to unify, deliver, and stay focused on our goals."

He finished by claiming he is "absolutely not interested" in holding a public vote and would instead "bang on" with his program.

* * *

Bill Blain wrote this for Morning Porridge.com.

"I believe he honestly feels it is churlish of us not to view him as an exception, someone who should be free of the web of duty that ties everyone else."

The last act of The Tragedy of Boris Johnson will be a major issue in UK politics this week. His impending demise corresponds with escalating economic hardship, more company defaults, and sterling concerns. Is it time to panic? Absolutely not! Bring it... We've been through worse!

Before diving into Markets for the remainder of the month, let's take a moment to discuss the UK and politics. Change is on its way... If the press is to be believed, it will happen this week.

I'm not concerned about UK Inc; we've been doing quite well for over a thousand years with just a few hiccups. It's simply that things are likely to grow tense and unpredictable - and markets hate uncertainty.

Why am I unconcerned?


King John is perhaps Shakespeare's least-known play, yet it offers a single passage that best sums up the Barmy Little United Kingdom:

"Come from the three corners of the earth, and we will shock them."

We may be a little, windy island off the unfashionable west coast of Yoorp, but we know who we are. Change is possible. We thrive under hardship, maybe because we are so used to it.

We recently spent a crazy long weekend celebrating Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee and the sheer rightness of being British. It was all about being exceptionally kind about monarchy — thanking our Monarch. She is both Queen Elizabeth II of England and Queen Elizabeth I of Scotland. A drone demonstration of a Corgi licking a bone above Buckingham Palace received a standing ovation! At the very least, we now know where The Queen stores her Marmalade Sandwiches - purses are for that.

However, maybe it is now time to set aside these immature concerns and confront the unknown future.

Regardless matter how amusing the Paddington sipping tea with Her Majesty act was, Priti Patel would be sending him off to Rwanda the next week. Britain's main achievement has always been its multiculturism, or the integration of successive waves of immigrants into our cosmopolitan and imaginative culture.

The level of affection for Her Majesty is mirrored in our Premier's rising scorn.

Boris the Buffoon was booed anytime he dared to appear. Sir Stephen Fry, National Treasure, captured the spirit of the people by implying that Her Majesty "tolerates" him. As long as the alternative is "President Thatcher" or "Chairman Blair," the monarchy will flourish.

(Like many disillusioned voters, I was looking forward to the Queen standing on the balcony to proclaim Boris's one-way journey to the Tower as the high point of our national celebration.)


Unfortunately, it's back to reality this morning as the global economy stumbles, the pound falls, stocks tumble, bond yields rise, recession looms, rail strikes and civil service failure abound, and a likely non-confidence vote in our Premier as the required number of Tory MPs realize they'll be looking for new jobs otherwise.

My youngest was laid off last week. During Covid, her company was just keeping its head above water. It has been fatally injured by inflation and growing living costs. She will not be the only one who suffers. Companies believe that the impending recession and cost-of-living issue will accomplish what Covid failed to achieve: devastate the corporate landscape. BDO identified growing energy prices, inflation, and supply chains as the top dangers to UK trade in a study of over 500 CEOs. Consumers with no discretionary expenditure should be prioritized. As incomes fall, the situation will only worsen.

However, the increasingly fragile UK financial basis is not dominating the story. Instead, we're preoccupied with and sidetracked by politics, which, even if it results in some progress, will ultimately solve nothing. It is now time to move forward.

While I am accepted as a token leftist in Yacht Clubs, the majority of members are Conservative in temperament. Not any more; the primary topic at the bars during our Jubilee Regatta was government failure, particularly Boris. When rational business leaders and frothing-at-the-mouth Brexiteers all demand Boris's resignation, it will finally happen. When Tory councillors express dismay at what they hear on the doorsteps, it's time to listen.

"The threshold of 15% of the parliamentary party demanding a vote of confidence in the leader of the Conservative Party has been surpassed," said Sir Graham Brady, head of the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservative MPs, on Monday morning.

Boris's impending exit (this week or soon) will create a big political void at the center of the UK.

[ZH: As The MailOnline reports, the Prime Minister has written to MPs appealing with them to "draw a line" in the sand over the infighting, after backbencher Graham Brady stated this morning that at least 54 MPs had requested a full ballot.

The vote will take place between 6 and 8 p.m., with Mr Johnson addressing the parliamentary party first and the results announced soon after.

The development increases the prospect of Mr Johnson's reign ending abruptly less than three years after he gained a surprise 80-strong Commons majority.

However, if half of the 359 eligible MPs endorse him in the secret ballot, he is theoretically secure for a year – though some rebels feel they have acted too soon ahead of important by-elections later this month.

Meanwhile, Mr Hunt, who lost the previous leadership election to Mr Johnson, has tweeted that he would vote against the Prime Minister.

"Anyone who feels that our nation is stronger, fairer, and more successful when led by Conservatives should consider that failing to change will result in the country being handed over to people who do not share those principles." Today's choice is to either change or lose. "I will vote for change," he wrote.

Excellent. His departure will eliminate the distraction... Purchasing boots?


The Conservatives will be without a leader. Is there anybody among them who has public credibility to succeed him? With its own leadership challenges, the Labour Party seems to be adrift. There is discussion of forming a new center-right party or coalition. If I were a gambler, I'd bet on a Liberal Democrat revival, after which I'd either sail across the globe in sorrow or recognize that anything is better than present damaged UK politics....

The hour has come, and the lady has arrived... (Or maybe man...)?

The political crisis that is poised to overwhelm the United Kingdom is about priorities:

How will we deal with, and pay for, the impending global recession?

How can Europe's doors be reopened?

How can energy and food be secured, and how can an energy transition strategy be developed?

How can you balance the budget, reform the NHS, enhance education, increase production, and protect the country?

How can government be right-sized while still providing social assistance, benefits, and maintaining equality and social justice?

Standard political fare, but completely unanswered since 2019. (I'm to fault.) I voted for him - and now I'm sorry.) Addressing these concerns will be difficult in a world where the solutions are not evident. What are your options? Boris holding on for another several weeks or months? Long-term in Boris' view is surviving till the middle of this week by diverting the nation's attention away from the work of recovery?

It's time for a change.

'You have sat there too long for all the good you have done, in the name of God, depart!" as previously said in Westminster.

A representative for Number 10 stated:

"Tonight is an opportunity to put an end to months of conjecture and enable the administration to draw a line and move forward while delivering on the people's concerns."

"The Prime Minister appreciates the chance to make his case to MPs and will remind them that there is no more powerful political force when they are unified and focused on the issues that important to people."

Meanwhile, outside the theme park...

There is a lot of market optimism out there as China reopens after its lockdown, people anticipate that inflation is falling, and central banks will hold off on additional rises....

Certainly, sure... Fasten your seat-belts!




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