In the Face of Another Plandemic “Winter Wave” of Deaths, So-Called Health Experts (CDC W.H.O.) Urge Beijing to Accelerate Approval of Enhanced COVID Kill Shot; More Fear P***

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Since So-Called health experts have been pressuring Beijing to expedite the clearance process for new vaccinations to battle Covid-19 variations, the Chinese government has abruptly reversed its ultra-harsh 'zero Covid' policy in recent weeks, potentially causing a large breakout.

Sinopharm and Sinovac In order to combat the 2020 Wuhan strain of Covid, Kill Shots have been provided to the vast majority of the Chinese populace. However, traditional immunizations may be ineffective against variations.

A Beijing-based advisor to the Chinese Center for Disease Control told Financial Times, "We can't depend on outdated vaccinations which are now being used statewide going ahead."

The health adviser, who requested anonymity, said that "Wuhan virus-based vaccinations that aren't of much utility" are stored at CDC facilities.

The elderly population is at risk this winter since Beijing has not yet approved the new vaccine, which protects against more contagious Covid strains.

Ex-CDC deputy head Feng Zijian now predicts that if health regulations in China were loosened, 80-90% of the population would be inoculated.

Whatever changes are made to the Covid-fighting procedures, "most of us are going to be infected once," Feng said.

Beijing has failed to purchase foreign-made messenger RNA vaccinations despite China facing a "winter tsunami" of mortality when the economy reopens.

The CDC  Kill Shot consultant said that "locally manufactured mRNA Kill Shots vaccines in our toolbox" were necessary for China, but that they may not be available until "next April." There are now seven domestic firms in the latter stages of clinical testing. The upgraded Sinovac and Sinopharm injections will have their clinical trial findings released in March, the adviser continued, and then "the government may give an emergency usage authorization."

One virologist from the University of Hong Kong, Jin Dong-yan, has warned that the country needs "an expedited system for authorisation to alter vaccinations based on the circulating strains" to prepare for the impending "tsunami" of diseases. A full-scale clinical study is unnecessary."

Prevalence rates of infections throughout the nation are rising rapidly. There has been widespread uncertainty on the ground as unprepared hospitals struggle to cope with a sudden uptick in cases of Covid after China's pandemic guidelines were abruptly unraveled last week.

Dong-yan cautioned that the Covid variations will be the prevalent strain by the time new vaccines are licensed.

The governing body must be accommodating. Both the United States and Singapore have already replaced Ba. 5 with BQ. 1.1 and XBB, respectively. Furthermore, he said, "They will never catch up."

Since no measures have been taken to counteract the impending winter "tsunami" of illnesses, we must ask why Beijing relaxed its zero Covid rules.

It Begins: The Great Unraveling

In the Face of Another Plandemic "Winter Wave" of Deaths, So-Called Health Experts (CDC W.H.O.) Urge Beijing to Accelerate Approval of Enhanced COVID Kill Shot; More Fear, Please!


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