New COVID-19 Vaccine (Kill Shot) Will Override Religious Exemptions, Christian Must Make Big Decisions Soon, Be Strong!

HNewsWire: Christians, you need to make some tough choices soon since the new COVID-19 vaccine will not respect your right to refuse it on religious grounds.

An updated version of the COVID-19 vaccine has been developed and is now commercially available.

The Novavax vaccine, which was just approved by the FDA, employs the same tried-and-true method of preventing viruses that has been successful in the fight against diseases like Hepatitis B and tetanus.

Novavax is the only COVID-19 vaccine that uses an injectable form of the spike protein rather than mRNA technology.

Dr. John Goldman, a specialist in infectious diseases at UPMC, has observed that the vast majority of the population has received a vaccine quite identical to the one in question.

Goldman explained that this vaccination is "essentially the same sort that you get for the flu and similar to other common children vaccines."

The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Novavax, according to health experts, has the potential to counter religious justifications for exclusions.

Since no human cell lines or cell lines originating from aborted tissue were utilized to create the vaccine, "those that that is their specific religious objection, should feel comfortable taking this vaccine." "As Goldman put it. "That's why this vaccine exists, in case that's the religious objection.

Those who do seek religious exemptions, however, may run into trouble, according to legal experts.

Scott Cooper, a lawyer and partner at Schmidt and Kramer, remarked, "Now you don't have that excuse; what is the genuine reason?" What faith are they practicing?

Cooper added that at-will employees who refuse to acquire one of the four available vaccines could be terminated.

Like the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the Novavax vaccination requires two injections. Anyone above the age of 12 can get it.


SRH: Countless men and women have faithfully taught Sunday school for years, led many people to Jesus Christ, pastored a church, led Bible studies, ministered to the sick, and done every sort of service in the Lord’s name—only to one day give up, turn their backs on His work, and disappear into the world. The circumstances differ, but the underlying reason is always the same: they took God’s armor off and thereby lost the courage, the power, and the desire to stand firm.2

How can we stand in this treacherous war and not miss our calling, be taken captive, or be destroyed? We’ll consider three ways to stand firm in this spiritual war.

Big Question: How can believers stand firm in spiritual warfare according to Ephesians 6:10-13?

Believers Stand Firm by Being Prepared

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God…(Ephesians 6:10-11)

In order to stand firm, believers must prepare for battle. This is true for any warfare—a soldier cannot be successful without preparation. Governments invest billions of dollars into training their soldiers both mentally and physically, and such commitment should be similar for Christians—no corners should be cut in becoming spiritually prepared. Many lose this battle simply because of failure to prepare.

“Where was your God, you stupid Christians? A lot of good your praying did! Go ahead and stick your head in the sand some more and keep praying to your imaginary deity. You deserve each other!”

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