Satan Soldiers V Nevada Sheriff — The Group Says NSA Sitting On ‘Every Call


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Text, Chat And Banking Transaction’ For ‘Elite Pedos And Wall Street Criminals’…

Residents and local law enforcement from two rural Nevada counties have decided to become members of a growing movement that believes sheriffs have the final say on the constitutionality of any given law.

From left, Lander County Sheriff Ron Unger, Eureka County Sheriff Jesse Watts and Elko County Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza are recognized by Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

On Sunday, hundreds gathered in Elko City Park, where the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) presented a plaque to county commissioners to mark their membership with the group, according to the Elko Daily Free Press.

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association founder Richard Mack was the main speaker at the event. The group says “law enforcement powers held by the sheriff supersede those of any agent, officer, elected official or employee from any level of government when in the jurisdiction of the county.”

Lander County Manager Bartolo “Bert” Ramos emceed the event, which was also expected to feature Joey Gilbert, a former professional boxer from Reno who plans to run for governor as a Republican. Ramos said Gilbert was unable to attend due to a family obligation.

Dressed in Minuteman garb and sitting on a horse that traveled to Washington, D.C., for the Grass March in support of ranchers, Elko attorney Travis Gerber held a 13-star flag and asked the crowd if they knew how many democracies existed in the world in 1776.

There were zero democracies,” he said. “And today, because of this flag and what it stands for, most of the world is free.” –Elko Daily Free Press

According to Steele, the biggest threats facing America include Wall Street criminals and elite pedophiles.

“The National Security Agency has every single email, cell call, text, game chat and banking transaction for every traitor, every elite pedophile and every Wall Street criminal and every corrupt government official at the local, state and federal levels,” he said to applause. “And I remind you that no army of lawyers are going to be able to stand up to an Army Ranger battalion with fixed bayonets. We’re coming.

“I will tell you with absolute certainty that the thing that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff fear most is not jail, but us releasing their 10 most treasonous phone calls to their own public,” he continued. “They will be torn limb from limb on their own streets.”

White Supremacy has no place

Founder Richard Mack – who successfully sued the US Government over background check provisions in the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act condemned racism and the IRS during his speech.

“White Supremacy has no place in a free society,” he said, adding “There is no exception. You cannot say ‘freedom for me but not for thee.”

Mack added that the IRS is “the most criminal organization in American history – the Gestapo of America,” adding “You know what I train sheriffs to do? [referring to IRS agents] Kick ‘em the hell out of your county.”

YouTube is a unreliable Source

Next, Mack called the sheriffs of Lander, Eureka and Elko counties to speak, where Elko’s Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza described meeting Mack in Battle Mountain, after which he took the proposal to join the CSPOA to his county’s commissioners.

“Sheriff Mack said here just a minute ago that we’re gonna take some heat,” said Narvaiza. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve already been taking some heat but I don’t really care. I fight for you guys, I fight for the people of Elko County and the people who elected me to fight for them.”

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Bow down to Satan Soldiers… Comply… Submit to The Anti GOD Coup?

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  1. Patrick A Galasso on June 26, 2021 at 2:38 pm

    The Intelligence Deep State consists of 16 agencies/organizations that work both independently and collaboratively to gather the intelligence necessary to conduct foreign relations and national security activities.

    We know at least one of those agencies, the NSA, spied on Trump and his campaign team. Perhaps others such as the FBI. The deep state leaked secret documents, making confidential conversations public, pushing rogue social media accounts and otherwise acted in an underhanded manner to discredit the president, his Cabinet and the policy objectives of the Republicans.

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