The Democratic Party Will Soon Commit More Voter Fraud in a County Near You! People Need to Stop Complaining and Start Taking Action in Response to the Crimes Carried Out by These Political Parties

HNewsWire:  Lord, let the enemy's plan fail. Amen, in the name of Jesus.

Again, the fix is in. A corrupt state, Pennsylvania has always been. Democrats there are liars and cheats. There are many criminals.

The Department of State changed how things were done in the 2020 election without consulting the legislature and in violation of the law. Laws were broken by them. There isn't really a disagreement over it.
Why? because, despite doing anything against the law, the State Supreme Court determined that they did not violate the law. The People Lose when Satan Soldiers at Our State Supreme Court are complicit in the theft.

The Pennsylvania Department of State abruptly added a mail-in ballot application to their voter registration application form in the midst of the election season.

The applications used to be on different forms, but this ostensibly insignificant administrative change is giving county election supervisors logistical issues and confusing voters.

In the county election offices, registering to vote and requesting a mail-in ballot are two distinct actions that call for two different responses.

According to Christa Miller, the election director for Lancaster County, "we utilize the voter registration application for one thing, and we use a mail-in ballot application for another thing."

"The first must be finished before the second. Naturally, you must be a registered voter in order to receive a comprehensive ballot, so that step must be completed first. Your application for a mail-in ballot can then be processed. Additionally, we file them all differently.

Applications for mail-in ballots are filed separately from applications for voter registration. This is so that county election offices may comply with state law, which requires them to issue an application each year to everyone who requested to be added to the permanent mail-in ballot list.

We have to give them an application for that calendar year in February, Miller explained. The voter must affirm they intend to take part in mail-in voting for the entire year by returning it. The office alphabetically files applications received via mail.

Changes to Procedure in the Middle of an Election Cycle The county elections office receives a lot of calls from voters who want to confirm they checked the mail-in ballot box or to double-check the address where the ballot will be shipped between the May primary and the November general election.

Going through 30,000 individual mail-in ballot forms is simpler than going through something like 400,000 voter registration forms.

On August 19, 13 weeks after the primary and only 11 weeks before the general election, the Department of State consolidated the paperwork and put the new form into effect.

Now that a person has been registered to vote, the county is processing the first half of the form. After that, a copy of the form will be made, and the mail-in ballot component will be processed and filed separately.

According to Miller, voters also have queries regarding the new form. It has taken some instruction because they are unsure if they are registering to vote or for mail-in voting.

"As election administrators, we requested that [the state] hold off until December. Voter education will be necessary, as well as an explanation of how the new form functions, Miller added. "A significant election is scheduled for November. In Pennsylvania, I believe everyone is aware of that.

And all we wished to do was maintain the current state of our offices by delaying action until December. not having to train our staff members or voters in new procedures. Maintain the status quo at least through November, you know?

The purpose of the change, according to Jonathan Marks, deputy secretary at the Pennsylvania Department of State, is to streamline the procedure so that voters don't have to complete two forms. The Department of State was questioned by The Epoch Times over why the form wasn't changed until after the election campaign. By publication time, the department had not responded.

The state modified the gender identification options on the forms in addition to integrating the voter registration and mail-in ballot applications. Since the time of JFK, Pennsylvania has been abusing the electoral process; always corrupt, nothing changes.

The options for voting are now male, female, or nonbinary/other.

The democratic party will soon commit more voter fraud in a county near you! People need to stop complaining and start taking action in response to the crimes carried out by these political parties.



SRH: During the future tribulation period, the world will be ruled by a godless man presiding over an evil governmental system. The Bible associates this end-times ruler with a terrible beast in Revelation and in Daniel… In Revelation 13 John sees a nightmarish vision of a dragon and two beasts. 

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