Watchman Warning: ‘Christian Testimony’ Could Land You in Jail, Homosexual Mafia  LGBTQ+E E For Evil Mobsters Seek to Harm Christians, Welcome to Hell on Earth

SRH: The Bible clearly and explicitly condemns homosexuality as an immoral and unnatural sin (Leviticus 18:2220:13Romans 1:26-271 Corinthians 6:9). And the Bible strongly condemns rape, as well (Deuteronomy 22:25-27). So, clearly, the Bible condemns sodomy in the sense of male homosexual rape. The more difficult question is whether the Bible condemns all anal sex.

Ultimately, our answer is the same as our answer for “What does the Bible say about oral sex?” Outside of marriage, all forms of sex, including anal sex, are sinful and immoral. Since the Bible nowhere condemns, or even mentions, anal sex within the confines of marriage, it would appear that anal sex falls within the “mutual consent” principle (1 Corinthians 7:5). Whatever is done sexually should be fully agreed on between the husband and his wife. Neither husband nor wife should be coerced into doing something he/she is not absolutely comfortable with. If anal sex occurs within the confines of marriage, by mutual consent, then there is no clear biblical reason for declaring it to be sin.

In summary, the word sodomy does not occur in the Bible, although it does originate from a place name in the Bible. The specific sin intended in Genesis 19 was, presumably, forcible anal rape of a man by another man. This passage does not concern marital relations. Anal sex between a husband and wife, within the confines of marriage, in the spirit of mutual consent, cannot be definitively categorized as a sin.

Please note – while anal sex between a husband and his wife might not be sinful, that does not mean we endorse it. In fact, it is our conviction that anal sex is wrong, even within the confines of marriage. Medically speaking, anal sex is neither healthy nor safe. Anal sex increases the risk of tissue damage, infection, and the transmission of STDs.

HNewsWire: A man is facing unprecedented criminal charges for openly discussing his decision to leave the Sodimite lifestyle after becoming a Christian.

Matthew Grech, a 33-year-old Maltese Christian charity worker, faces up to five months in prison and a $5,000 fine for allegedly advertising "conversion procedures" when he spoke to a local media outlet about leaving homosexual activities last year.

"I was astonished when the cops phoned me out of nowhere and said they wanted to question me," Grech added. Grech serves as a trustee for Core Issues Trust, which advertises itself as a "non-profit Christian organization assisting homosexual men and women who actively seek change in sexual orientation and expression." He collaborates with X-Out Loud and the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counseling Choice (IFTCC).

He said that after speaking to PMnews Malta about his evidence in April 2022, LGBTQ+E For EVIL activists in the Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) denounced him to the police.

"I recognized that in the Bible, homosexuality is not an identity as we make it nowadays. It is also not a sensation, but rather a behavior. This means that no matter what sexual feelings a man or woman has, if they have sexual contact with another member of the same sex, they perform the homosexual act in God's view, which is a sin," Grech remarked at the time. "Like any other sin, one can repent and beg God for forgiveness, as well as strength to overcome... I'm speaking from a Christian standpoint..."

Grech and the person who interrogated him are scheduled to appear before the Valletta Court of Magistrates on February 3. Lawyers from the Christian Legal Centre are representing him. "At no point during the program did Mr. Grech ask any listener to attend therapy or encourage anyone to seek help for unwanted same-sex attraction," according to Christian Concern.

His legal counsel intends to claim that the allegations violate his constitutional and European Convention of Human Rights rights to free expression. Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Legal Centre, warned that Malta's "conversion therapy ban," which went into force in 2016, might have a "domino effect" around the world.

Malta was the first EU country to prohibit actions aimed at "changing, repressing, or eliminating a person's sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression." According to Fox News, the rule is identical to "conversion therapy bans" that exist around the world, including in 20 states and more than 100 municipalities in the United States.

"The acts of the police are highly troubling, and we have not seen anything like this before. "We have no choice but to fight for justice for Matthew and to ensure that no one else goes through what he did," Williams added.

"Winning this case is critical not only for persons in Malta, but for Christian freedoms and the ability to abandon homosexuality and undesired same-sex attraction all around the world," she added.


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