Dinesh Kaushiva   May 23, 2023
Unless one is living under a rock almost every adult American by now should have heard the term 'DEEP STATE' at least once and wondered if that is only a political conspiracy term or in fact it actually does exist.
There have been many speculative reports alleging how this Entity 'Deep State' Operates and what involvement, influence and controls do they actually have over the U.S. Government, Politicians, Businesses, National Security, Legal and Judicial Systems and also almost upon every other aspect of the American Citizens' Existence.
Now you do not have to wait, or wonder, about this any longer.
In the following video report an ex-CIA Agent Kevin Shipp exposes Deep States' organizational structure and their mode of operations in the United States ( which is totally unlawful and also in violation of  the Constitution of The Republic of The United States of America for them to operate within The United States borders against the citizens of the United States but were actually created to operate all around the Globe with the premise of National Security.
Allegedly, over the years with their marriage with America's Political Parties' Operatives , Special Interest Groups, Foreign Countries Agents also with other over twenty or more National Defense and Security Federal Agencies they have evolved into an uncontrollable diabolic EVIL MONSTER.
After you have reviewed Kevin Shipp's entire presentation exposing the 'DEEP STATE' in detail it should help your understanding about their existence and also assist you in formulating your own opinion.
  1. Ex-CIA Agent Explains Deep State And The Shadow Government. Kevin Shipp. Embed. 1.82K. 5. Ex-CIA Agent Explains Deep State And The Shadow Government. Kevin Shipp. ---. How the Shadow Government Silences Whistleblowers.


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