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in Rom.5:12-14 we can only conclude that the sin nature and original sin doctrines are lies. Because Paul said here that before the law came through Moses sin was not imputed by God because there was no law. While the sin nature and original sin doctrines teach that sin was imputed because there was law before Moses that brought the imputation of sin. 

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Which will you believe. Paul? Or Augustine? Did God separate Paul as an apostle to write 3/4 of the New Testament? Or was it Augustine God separated as an apostle so that you are to believe his doctrines? Of course God separated Paul as an apostle. Then why do so many believe Augustine’s doctrines and not Paul’s? It’s because they have a form of insanity known as cognitive dissonance. They have believed two opposing ideas to both be true at the same time. Believing that sin was both not imputed and imputed before the law came through Moses.

This insanity is caused by their having allowed themselves to be taken captive by the devil at his will. Forcing them to imagine things to be true that really are not. And in the process they completely reject the doctrines of the apostle Paul by replacing them with the satanic doctrines of the false apostle Augustine. Rejecting the Biblical doctrine that men have free will to choose between which god/God they will believe and trust in. And replacing it with the satanic notion that men are governed by a sin nature that forces them to sin on a regular basis against their will. 

This causes all kinds of unBiblical reasoning to be incorporated into their thinking to support these unbiblical doctrines. Thinking  the confession of sins daily. And that Adam’s sin was imputed to himself and the rest of mankind bringing with it the punishment of death. These are the foundation of what these religions believe about God and the atonement. Making God and the atonement into a false god and a false atonement. 

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Can such people be saved? Is it possible that those who have believed the lies of satan, even though they think these are the truths of the Bible, are born again and on their way to heaven? The answer is an emphatic NO. Because as Paul taught in Gal.1:8,9 all who pervert his gospel are anathema. Damned to hell. Thus fulfilling what Paul said in 2Thes.2 that there will come a great falling away, an apostasy, that will take all who have not loved the truth. 

If you have been deceived until now to believe these false doctrines I hope that from what you have read here you are seeing that these are false doctrines that you must turn from to know the true God and His atonement. He loves you and does not hold your bad behavior against you. He wants only for you to know Him. Because it is in knowing Him in a personal relationship that we learn to love one another as He has loved us. And it is only through knowing Him in this way that is eternal life. 

I pray you are being delivered from the captivity of the devil now after having seen the truth from God’s word. And if you have then pray with me now to receive the true God in place of the counterfeit Jesus you have come to know. 

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Thank you Jesus for showing me the truth. So that now I can know you and your atonement. To be delivered from the false doctrines of antichrist. To know Paul’s gospel of deliverance from death to life. Show me your truths from this point forward so that my mind is renewed and I am conformed to the image of Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Thank God for His deliverance. I am rejoicing with you if you have prayed this prayer with me. Please leave a comment in the section below if you did. And God bless you in your new life in Christ. Come back often to hear and learn of God’s amazing love for us that delivers us from the kingdom of darkness into the glorious kingdom of His dear Son. 

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Edward O’Hara

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Edward O'Hara

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