Pestilence via Homosexual Sex: German Monkeypox Homosexual Patient Whose Nose Started to Rot Because His UN-Diagnosed HIV and Syphilis Left His Immune System Ravaged

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HNewsWire: In one of the most shocking cases of the current outbreak, a monkeypox patient's nose began to rot.

The 40-year-old German man went to his doctor with a red spot on his nose that was initially misdiagnosed as sunburn.

However, the skin on his nose began to die and turn black within three days, leaving him with a painful, swollen scab.

Around the same time, white pus-filled spots appeared all over his body, with the worst being on his penis and around his mouth.

A PCR test confirmed that he had monkeypox, and he was admitted to the hospital and given antiviral medication.

Further tests revealed that the unnamed patient also had undiagnosed syphilis and HIV. He admitted to medics that he had never been tested for a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

The man was given antibiotics to treat his infections, and the lesions healed, but his nose only 'partially improved.'

Doctors said his condition had worsened because his HIV had left him immunocompromised, putting him at greater risk of necrosis.

Doctors claim that a 40-year-old monkeypox patient's nose began to rot due to an undiagnosed HIV infection in Germany.

His white blood cell count was the same as that of someone with AIDS, they said.

Necrosis, or the death of tissue, is usually caused by an infection, which can be fought off more effectively in people with strong immune systems.

It happens when the blood and oxygen supply to a part of the body is cut off, depriving the tissue of nutrients.

Professor Paul Hunter, a public health expert at the University of East Anglia, told MailOnline that as monkeypox spreads, severe cases could become more common.
How does monkeypox lead to necrosis?

When a patient's immune system is compromised, monkeypox can cause necrosis.

Necrosis of the sebaceous glands occurs in smallpox, which behaves similarly to monkeypox.

These are found all over the body, but especially on the face, and release oil onto the hairs.

The virus can infiltrate glandular cells, cutting off nutrient supply to parts of the skin and causing tissue to rot.

According to Professor Paul Hunter, a public health expert at the University of East Anglia, given the'very similar disease pattern in monkeypox,' this is likely to occur in severe cases of monkeypox as well.

He said smallpox can cause necrosis in the sebaceous glands, which are based in the skin and are heavily concentrated on the nose and face.

Given 'the very similar disease pattern in monkeypox', it is likely this would occur in severe cases of the virus as well, he added. Germany has the third highest monkeypox case count in the world, with 3,186 cases recorded since May 20.

Only the US (10,758) and Spain (5,719) have had more cases.The UK has diagnosed 3,081 people with the tropical disease.

Most infections so far have been in gay or bisexual men, but the virus can be spread or caught by anyone. The German man's severe monkeypox case was reported in the medical journal Infection.

His family doctor initially mistook a red spot on his nose for sunburn but after the spot became bigger and changed color he went to hospital. He started to develop large boils around his mouth and across the rest of his body, the tell-tale sign of monkeypox.

But, unusually, his nose tissue started to go black — a common sign of necrosis — with patches of dead skin and pus.Doctors gave him a PCR test, which confirmed the monkeypox infection. He was also tested for other STIs for the first time, which revealed his life-changing illnesses.

The syphilis infection was of 'longer duration', they said, meaning it may have progressed to the tertiary stage where the disease can damage organs.and his white blood cell count was below 127/μL. A count below 200/μL usually indicates someone's condition has progressed to AIDS.

The doctors, led by Dr Christoph Boesecke, from Bonn University Hospital, gave him tecovirimat — a drug used to treat monkeypox — for a week.In a July 25 video (pictured), he showed off the worst of his lesions and said it was 'really hard to look at' and asked for people to be compassionate toward those who contract the virus

Meanwhile, Homosexual porn star Silver Steele, of Houston, Texas, developed horrific blisters on his face after developing monkeypox and documented his month-long battle with the virus

Steele first noticed the white bumps a few days after a Fourth of July party and thought they were razor burn when he started developing symptoms on July 11 (pictured left). By July 15, the bumps had become more pronounced, Steele said and shared a photo of the lesions' development (right). During the early stages of symptoms, he noticed his health had declined and that 'my lymph nodes were swollen, it was hurting to swallow and I was just having trouble moving.'

Three days later, by July 18 (pictured above in a selfie taken and shared online by Steele), six days after he first started experiencing symptoms, the lesions had developed further

Homosexual porn star posts horrific pictures of month-long battle against monkeypox

A gay porn star has shared photographs of how his monkeypox symptoms developed over a month, graduating from small bumps he thought were razor burn to huge blisters that could leave him scarred.

Silver Steele, of Houston, Texas, started getting monkeypox symptoms around July 11, when small pimple-like white spots started appearing around his mouth. Over the course of three weeks, Steele saw the spots develop into painful red blisters before they eventually scabbed over and started healing.

He said he was posting the montage of his symptom development 'not to gross anyone out, but to educate.''This is really hard to look at,' he said in a July 25 video he posted to his social media. 'I'm just asking everyone to be a little compassionate and to understand that if its hard to look out, imagine what it's like to have.'

'Not everyone displays symptoms the exact same way, but I’ve been told by more than one professional that my case is a "clinically perfect" example,' he said on Instagram on August 4.

He was also given antiretroviral pills twice a day to help reduce the amount of HIV in his bloodstream.He was also given ceftriaxone (Rocephin) via IV drip for 10 days to treat his syphilis infection.

His lesions dried and fell off, as is typical of monkeypox, and the swelling in his nose subsided, though it never fully recovered.Doctors did not reveal his current condition or how he fared on syphilis and HIV medications.

According to the researchers, his case serves as a warning about how severe monkeypox infections can become in immunocompromised people.'Most cases of infection have been reported as mild, and controlled HIV infection does not appear to be a risk factor for severe courses,' they said.

'However, in the context of severe immunosuppression and untreated HIV infection, this case demonstrates the potential severity of infection.''It's not surprising that we'd see some cases like this,' Professor Hunter told MailOnline. The patients' CD4 count was only 127/L.

'Anything less than 200/L in an HIV positive patient would usually indicate AIDS, and thus this patient would be quite immune compromised.'We know that monkeypox can be deadly in people with weakened immune systems. So it's not surprising, but it's a shame for the poor person.'

It can take up to three weeks for monkeypox patients to develop any of the disease's symptoms.Fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills, and exhaustion are early symptoms of the virus.

This means that it could theoretically be confused with other common illnesses.The lesions that frequently begin on the face and spread to other parts of the body, most commonly the hands and feet, are its most unusual feature.

The rash changes and progresses through several stages before forming a scab that eventually falls off.

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Sources: HNewsWire  dailyMail   HNewsWire

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