By Edward : Whether you are a "messianic Israelite" like the man I refer to in this video. Or you are a gentile like me. Acts 15 is the end all be all to clear up any and all questions one might have as to whether a believer is to keep the law of Moses and be circumcised to be saved. So that keeping what these apostles taught here in mind, as you read anything they taught in their later epistles that may seem to you to be saying all men must keep the law of Moses, you will not be deceived by satan to a salvation that is by works.
Most agree that circumcision is not necessary for salvation. But, many believe that the believer must still keep the law of Moses. In fact, I did a quick search for why christians need to keep the law. And the first link said for sure we need to. Teaching the same things that the apostles concluded here in Acts 15 subvert men's souls if they come to believe in them.
I'm sure you have heard preaching that said that even though believers are not under the law they still need to keep it. I know I have too many times to count. They say that if you don't believe you need to keep the law you are lawless. This is a red herring. Because the lawlessness Jesus spoke of in Mt.24 refers to the world. Not the believer. How the world will be lawless in the last days just before He returns. And boy aren't we getting a taste of that now with all that is going on with gov'ts today. Some even calling it a "two tiered system of justice".
In 1Tim.1:9 Paul taught that "the law was not made for a righteous man". And because every believer is a righteous man the law of Moses does not apply to him. Because the believer is filled with the Holy Spirit who leads him into all truth just as Jesus said in John16. Making us sons of God as Paul said in Rom.8:14. This is why we need no law telling us what to do and what not to do. We live in the spirit by the love of God that has been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.
Please note that the people who argued with Paul were believing Jews. Not unbelievers. These Jews made the case that all men must keep the law of Moses as well as be circumcised to be saved. This was a practice that they grew up with from day one. Never knowing anything else. Thios is why for them making any transition from a life lived under the law for righteousness to one that is lived by grace through faith without works a very difficult process.
There is a lot of information in the video that I did not share here. So please listen to the message at the link below. I pray it is a blessing to all who hear it. And especially to those whose souls have been subverted from the righteousness that is by faith alone. As the apostles said it does here at this council. To a righteousness of works. And if you appreciate what you hear in this message in the video please give it a thumbs up rumble and share it with everyone you know.

The full message is found at this link-


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