To Keep the People Sheltered, Satan Soldiers Are Hired. It Is Possible That the CDC’s Request to Have the Department of Justice Appeal the Removal of the Mask Requirement “To Help Protect Public Health” Is Only a Slap in the Face to the Public, Rather Than a Genuine Effort to Protect Public Health

HNewsWire: It was exhausting to speculate on the likelihood of the Biden administration appealing the verdict that knocked down public transportation's mandatory face masks, so we decided to just publish the news and nothing else today.

An appeal by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the Justice Department has set up a legal fight over a judge's decision to overturn a mask rule for airline and air travel.

As the agency said, "CDC thinks this is a valid order and well within CDC's legal jurisdiction to safeguard public health."

According to a statement released by the Department of Justice on Tuesday, it was ready to appeal a federal judge in Florida who was nominated by Trump on Monday, but it stated it would only do so if "the CDC concludes that the order remains essential for public health."

According to the CDC, it is...

There's more to the CDC's statement here:

It has urged DOJ to continue with an appeal in Health Freedom Defense Fund, Inc. and others, et al. against Biden, et al in order to defend its public health authority beyond the continuing evaluation stated last week.

For public health reasons, CDC continues to recommend mandating masking in the indoor transit corridor.

As long as public health situations warrant it, the CDC will keep an eye on them. Legally speaking, the CDC thinks this directive falls within the agency's mandate to safeguard public health. Health and Human Services' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Wearing face masks on public transit is still strongly recommended. Protecting the health of the American people is the top goal of the CDC.

In the past, we have discussed the need of wearing masks in busy or poorly ventilated areas, such as a train or bus station.

To ensure the safety of others, especially those with weakened immune systems or who aren't yet vaccinated, those who go inside or use public transit should wear a mask or respirator that covers their nose and mouth.

There is no "science" other than "political science" behind requiring passengers to wear face masks, and those airlines that decided to suspend the mask requirement based on their customers' requests ought to be slammed.

Presumably, the fact that the American people were granted back some "freedom" is all that was wrong with the situation.

Remember, for all the blue-checks whose ramblings are echoed in Washington's echo chambers, "You have the option of donning a mask if you so want. If they do their job, they will keep you safe.. Why force them if they don't want to?"

While this CDC ruling looms large, which airline will panic and proclaim their virtue by re-mandating mask-wearing?

Last but not least, we turn to Bill Maher, who recently appeared on Real Time and offered some "science" regarding people wearing vaccination masks.

"They claim they'll continue to wear masks even after they sound the all-clear," Maher added. "I don't understand these folks." How does it feel to announce, "I've just had sex using a condom" after doing so? "What if I told you? For the remainder of the night, I plan to keep it on. '"

He continued by saying, "There will never be a COVID-free environment... Variations will always exist; we must learn to deal with them."


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