Ukraine Has Shown That the Right to Carry Weapons is Critical in Defending a Nation’s Sovereignty Against Any Hostile Foreign Authority— There Are People All Over the Globe Who Lack Such Rights and Cannot Defend Themselves Against ANY Oppressive Government

HNewsWire-As the world watches the Ukrainian people heroically struggle for their sovereignty in the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of their nation, I am reminded of the significance of the Second Amendment, which is entrenched in the United States Constitution. The right to keep and bear weapons has been severely assaulted in recent decades as a relic of a bygone age. However, as many Ukrainians pick up guns for the first time, it serves as a sharp reminder of why our Second Amendment rights at home are crucial to our nation's existence.

Many Americans are acquainted with the Second Amendment and how, as defined by our nation's Founding Fathers, its premise was to provide individuals the freedom to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. Typically, this notion is used primarily in the event of a tyrannical US government; but, Ukraine has shown that the right to carry weapons may be critical in safeguarding a nation's sovereignty against a hostile foreign government. While the Second Amendment's importance is debated in American culture, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has modified his position in the face of Russian aggression, in a remarkable turnaround of his previous stance against the legalization of guns. Zelensky recently not only urged regular Ukrainians to take up guns in defense of their country, but also declared that the Ukrainian government would provide firearms to any person who sought one.

Despite Zelensky's wise judgment, many Ukrainians had little experience with weapons prior to the war. In viral photographs weeks before the invasion, for example, Ukrainians were shown carrying wooden weapons in an effort to obtain as much firearms training as possible. While noble, the rural nation's lack of education has undoubtedly hindered their preparedness versus Russian soldiers.

While the Russian-Ukrainian war is a new illustration of why Americans' right to carry weapons is so important, there are previous instances of Americans picking up guns to preserve their rights right here in the United States. Consider the Deacons for Defense and Justice, for example. In 1964, a group of Black World War II veterans armed themselves to protect themselves against the Ku Klux Klan as black Americans marched for civil rights against the Jim Crow South. These American heroes confronted tyranny with guns in the cause of liberty and justice. From the Deacons for Defense and Justice to the Battle of Athens, Tennessee, Americans have utilized the Second Amendment to defend themselves against oppressors.

This is why the Second Amendment is so vital to the security of the American people and the economy of the country. A lawfully armed population may act as a deterrent to a broad range of possible dangers, from Ukraine to our own borders. Many Americans understand this and have taken the effort to get adequate firearms training; according to one research, more than 60% of American gun owners have formal instruction.

So, while some Americans continue to dispute the Second Amendment's importance, let us not forget the people all over the globe who lack such rights and are unable to protect themselves against an oppressive government. Let us not take for granted the gift of our Founding Fathers, which has provided millions of Americans with the right to self-defense and a formal instruction in how to handle firearms.

The United States is one of just three countries in the world that has entrenched the right of its citizens to carry weapons in their constitution, and the importance of this uncommon language in the U.S. Constitution has allowed us to become the beacon of the free world. Russia's invasion of Ukraine should serve as a reminder of the benefits we take for granted in the United States, and should strengthen American support for our Second Amendment rights for the sake of our great nation's sovereignty.

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Lawless, the Antichrist Spirit Has Begun to Move, the Rule of Law Has Collapsed in America, “Tribulation

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God has sent them ( The Un-godly ) a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness” (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12). Simply put, God sends a strong delusion to those who chose not to believe the gospel of Christ. Those who take delight in mocking and rejecting Him, He will condemn. During the future tribulation period, the world will be ruled by a godless man presiding over an evil governmental system. The Bible associates this end-times ruler with a terrible beast in Revelation and in Daniel. As of November 15, 2019, the rule of law no longer exists in the United States of America. This has become abundantly apparent with the rigged jury decision to incarcerate Roger Stone for the “process crime” of misstating memories…

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HNewsWire-Following the arrest of a prominent cartel lord, the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo has been converted into a battle zone. On Monday, the streets were strewn with burning automobiles, and significant gun fighting was reported, prompting the US embassy to go into lockdown and the US border crossing to be temporarily closed. The mayhem erupted late Sunday when Juan Gerardo Trevino, or “El Huevo,” the commander of one section of the Northeast Cartel, the Zetas Cartel’s successor gang, was apprehended. He is also a US citizen, according to a Mexican government source quoted by Reuters. Trevino is on the list of the most sought cartel members, according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Trevino is wanted in the United States for narcotics trafficking and money laundering. Members of the cartel kidnapped and burnt cars, as well as…

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Words were spoken by the Lord Jesus: buy a sword to his friends mean exactly what Jesus say, He was equipping His friends to meet the coming challenges and dangers of this new season. (Luke 12:56) Ex-Major League Baseball star Aubrey Huff is teaching his kids how to use guns in the event that Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 election and ushers in socialism. Huff won two World Series with the San Francisco Giants. TMZ quoted Huff saying, “Getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event @BernieSanders beats @realDonaldTrump in 2020, in which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must.” Huff made clear that he wanted his kids to be able to use guns to defend their lives and property. He said guns could be used to defend…

Taking Away Guns Is Essential for Tyranny. But The Propaganda Is All About Safety

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Virginia House Passes Draconian “Assault Weapons” Ban, if the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany are any gauges, Virginians could be in big trouble… The House of Representatives in the state of Virginia is quickly ramming liberal legislation down the throats of innocent people.  They have passed an “assault weapons” ban, which would criminalize thousands of people who haven’t committed a crime. On Tuesday, Democrats continued their quest to disarm the civilians and advocate for a series of gun control measures in what has become the epicenter of the nationwide gun debate. The 51-48 vote in the House of Delegates moves H.B. 961 (the assault weapons ban) to the state Senate. Passage among senators could be in jeopardy, however, as Democrats only have a two-seat majority, meaning they can only afford to lose one vote should all the Republicans oppose the bill.  But don’t assume it’s…

We Will Not Comply” From Gun Rights Protesters in Richmond

By StevieRay Hansen | January 21, 2020 |

As various pro-gun rights groups prepare to gather at Virginia’s state capitol in Richmond on Monday in what’s expected to be one of the largest pro-gun rallies in recent memory, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency, police are busy setting up barricades and temporary holding pens – and one lawmaker has even arranged to spend most of the day in a safe house, according to the Washington Examiner. The rally is expected to draw tens of thousands, and fears about Charlottesville-style violence are prompting police to scour the web for any signs of a violent plot. Already, the FBI has arrested three alleged members of a violent white supremacist group who were planning on attending the rally. As Republicans battle for the hearts and minds of the people against a state government that is unilaterally controlled by Democrats, Todd Gilbert,…

UP-Date: Virginia Gov. Plans to Use Road Blocks U.N. Troops to Seize Guns, “CominTribulation”

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Look Who Coming, British/Eurotrash… I have been in contact with some Virginians, to say they are fed up with the elected officials is an understatement, they have informed me that they will take no more from the governor, or any of his under links that insist on violating their God-given right to protect their families, their homes and their God-given right to pursue happiness. These Virginians mean business, I expect all hell will break loose Monday. Apparently the elected officials don’t understand the people of that great state. Virginians are completely aware of what the Un-godly elected officials are trying to do, they know if they take the guns, next they’ll be telling them what to eat, where to work, and the God they can worship, it’s called tyranny, it’s called hell on earth- tribulations is unfolding before our eyes,…

Guns, Ammo ‘Flying Off The Shelves’ In Virginia As Dems Pursue Confiscation

By StevieRay Hansen | January 3, 2020 |

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat is best known for appearing in a photo wearing either a Ku Klux Klan hood or minstrel-style blackface (and never facing consequences) Gun retailers in Virginia say they’re seeing sales of weapons and ammunition skyrocket as the now fully Democratic Virginia legislature moves closer to passing strict gun control within the state — including a provision that allows the state government to confiscate so-called “assault weapons” if citizens who own them don’t register the weapons. The Washington Examiner reports that at least one gun retailer has seen sales rise more than 200% year over year. Cash sales are way up, especially amid news that Democrats in Virginia and in Congress want to use credit card information to track gun purchases. Gun sales have taken a downturn since Donald Trump became president, likely because the Republican…

SRH: The UN Treaty the Biden Administration Is Aiming to Enter Into. This Treaty Would Require Americans to Be Placed on an International Gun Registry That Will Be Public to All Nations and to Everyone in the World, Biden ,We Will Not Comply

What Bret Stephens gets wrong about the Second Amendment ...



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