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By Edward O’Hara

Does woke theology have a mother? It absolutely does. In fact, it’s mother has been preaching it in the apostate church since the days of Augustine. Woke theology’s mother is not Marx. It’s Roman Catholicism. 

And it’s been interesting, even entertaining, to hear the apostate church attempt to explain how there is any difference between the doctrine of original sin an sin nature that they have taught and believed for centuries was Bible, and the woke theology of Marxism, with it’s critical race theory that is being promoted in the SBC and so many other places today. 

The reason it is so difficult for them to argue against this woke theology is that it actually was born of the same deceiver that brought the doctrine of original sin and sin nature. A doctrine that was codified to the Roman Catholic religion in the early 400’s ad. A doctrine that makes men responsible and accountable for the sins of their father. 

This is why woke theology is at it’s core the doctrine of original sin. Let that sink in as you read that again. Woke theology is at it’s core the doctrine of original sin. 

The core of woke theology and the doctrine of original sin are the same. They both teach that the predicament that the whole human race finds itself in is that people are responsible, and to be held to account for, the sins of their father. 

The doctrine of original sin teaches that the reason all men die is because God made all men responsible and accountable for the sin of their father, their so called “federal head”, Adam. Because according to them Adam’s sin has passed to all men. And that punishment for that sin is the cause of death for all men. 

This is because in woke theology’s mother that is known as the doctrine of original sin Rom.5:12-14 is interpreted to mean that when “sin came into the world” it means that the sin Adam committed when he ate the fruit was passed to all men. And that the sin of Adam that they believe has passed to all men brought death as a punishment for Adam’s sin that all men inherited. 

The Reign of Death Over Mankind: Romans 5:12-14 | Bible ...

So I ask you, how can an argument be made that these are not the same? Marx knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote the communist manifesto. He knew that it followed the exact same logic as the apostate church’s doctrine of original sin. 

The only difference between Marx’s woke theology and what the doctrine of original sin teaches is Marxism replaces God with the state. While the doctrine of original sin replaces God with the Roman Catholic religion. 

But, the penalty that certain men are under is still the same. And the reason men need forgiveness is the same. Both say men are both punished and in need of forgiveness because of the sins of their father. And that the only way to receive forgiveness for those sins passed to them from their father is to be punished for them till the debt is paid in full. 

The doctrine of original sin is as much a lie as woke theology is because it is her mother. It is a heresy the apostate church adopted and has preached for centuries. And it is my hope that when people realize what is being done in the name of inherited sin in woke theology they will see this error in their own foundational doctrine of original sin as well. 

As I said before the main reason for the apostate church adhering to the doctrine of original sin is their misunderstanding of Rom.5:12-14. Because when understood correctly Rom.5:12-14 leaves the responsibility for sin and death right where it should be. On the shoulders of the individual who by their own free will chooses to sin. And are held accountable for their own personal choices and no one else’s just as Ez.18:20 says men are. 

When Paul writes in Rom.5:12-14 he is telling us what has happened by the atonement. He says first Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world”. This shows us that the sin Adam committed was the way sin came into the world. But, Paul says it was only Adam’s sin that was in the world. He says nothing of it passing to all men. Then he says “and death by sin”. This shows the same thing the Genesis account says. That Adam sinned and then death came to Adam. It says nothing yet about the reason men die. Then Paul says “and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned”. Here Paul shows us the obvious. That all men die. And he adds that it is because of this death that has passed upon all men that those who sin do sin. But, he never said here that men die because they inherited or are held accountable for Adam’s sin. 

In vs.13 Paul makes it very clear that this can not be the case by saying “For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law.” So here Paul says plainly that accountability for the sin of Adam is not the reason all men die. Because from Adam to Moses sins were not imputed. So there is no way that true church doctrine can teach the woke theology of the doctrine of original sin and sin nature. Only an apostate church can teach such damnable heresy. 

In the last verse in this study of Rom.5:12-14 Paul says Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come.” Here Paul shows us that even though the sin of Adam was not imputed to anyone who has ever lived, including Adam, men still died. Not yet giving the reason that men die. 

For this we must go to the source. The Genesis account that says why all men die. We see this in Gen.3:22 where God Himself is speaking and says “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever.” 

Here God tells us why Adam and the rest of mankind die. And it clearly has nothing to do with anyone being held accountable for the sin of Adam. God says it is because the man has become as one of us to know good and evil that man was sent from the garden. And that the reason he was sent from the garden was so that he would no longer have access to the tree of life that kept the man and woman alive as long as they ate from it. 

So we see that woke theology is really nothing new at all. It’s mother, the doctrine of original sin and sin nature, has been taught by wolves in sheep’s clothing for a very long time. But, are doctrines that are nowhere found taught in the Bible at all. It is only a crude counterfeit that has taken many down the wide road to destruction. And has been resurrected today in the form of Marxism the left and globalist want to use for their own ends. Just as the apostate church uses it to further their own power over others. 

They use it the same way the apostate church has been using it for centuries. To control the masses. And turn them in a direction away from the true God and His salvation. Toward idols and the death that satan wants for every man. 

If you have seen now how these doctrines are nowhere found in the Bible, then pray to God for deliverance from it. Begin reading and believing the plain language in the Bible and the lies of these doctrines will pass from you into the pit of hell from whence they came. If you will be delivered then I can joyfully say, 

See you there or in the air! 

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