After Facing Swift and Intense Backlash From Conservatives and Republican Lawmakers, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) Claimed That He Was Joking, Mr. Cornyn You Need to Understand That the People of Texas Are Not Joking. They Will Quickly Vote Your Rhino Hide Out. No Gun Deals, No Immigration Deals, Toe to the Line as a Conservative Christian


To Sen. Alex Padilla (D-CA), Cornyn said, "First guns, now immigration" as the Senate voted Tuesday night to pass gun legislation resulting from Cornyn's discussions with Democrats.

Speaking in reaction to Cornyn's statement, Sinema stated, "That's correct, we will."

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA), as well as Chairman of the RSC, Andrew Surabian, and others in the Trump administration have spoken out strongly against the statement (IN).

As Surabian put it, "From gun restriction to amnesty at light speed." McCarthy ruled out amnesty as an option.

GOP leader told Axios that amnesty is "a non starter with me" and "won't be brought up by a House Republican majority". Border security and halting illegal immigration are the only solutions to the country's biggest drug issue, which stems from unchecked migration. "House Republicans will use every weapon at our disposal to fight for this."

@GOPleader previously said that there would be no amnesty. Republican members of the House of Representatives and their constituents are unified!"

He has already said that there would be no amnesty. In the House, Republicans are unified, and our supporters are, too!

"RepJimBans" tweeted on June 22, 2022.

There will be no gun legislation.
There will be no amnesty.


June 22, 2022: House Judiciary GOP (@JudiciaryGOP)

Later, Cornyn maintained that he was just making light of things and that no negotiations on immigration are planned.

"Democrats and the media's friends can't take a joke, it seems. Cornyn told Breitbart News on Wednesday that "there is no hidden amnesty bill." a spokesperson for the senator's office verified to Breitbart News that senator's comment was meant as a joke Despite Cornyn's allegation, the Texas senator has previously campaigned for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Sens. Cornyn (R-TX) and Tillis (R-NC) have pushed for amnesty with the aid of Senate Democratic Whips Alex Padilla (CA) and Dick Durbin (IL).

Tillis said in April that "the only way that we're going to achieve genuine progress is to have a four-pillar conversation" including immigration reform, DACA, border security, and asylum reform.

Our first roster is in place. Perhaps there will be more in the future. A good place to start is here. As of this afternoon, I've spoken to at least four Republican senators. Durbin remarked, "There's a real desire to do something."

Cornyn proposed in March that existing Deferral Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) beneficiaries be given priority protections over the millions of DACA-eligible illegal immigrants in the United States.

He remarked, "I have always been sensitive to providing them with some assurance." A decade of legal battles has dragged on.

The Supreme Court's upholding of Obama-era amnesty programs in June 2020 prompted Cornyn to speak on the Senate floor, arguing that a "permanent solution" for the country's illegal immigrant population was needed.

A "permanent, legislative solution" is needed for DACA beneficiaries, Cornyn added. In order to ensure that these young people may remain in the only home they have ever known, we must act and enact legislation. Nothing less will do."

DACA participants are entitled to a long-term, statutory solution. We must act and enact legislation that makes it clear that these young people may remain in the only home they have known. Nothing less will do for them.

As on June 18, 2020, he'll be a senator from Texas. National Immigration Forum CEO Ali Noorani highlighted Cornyn, Tillis, and several Republican senators — including Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Susan Collins, Mike Crapo, Mike Rounds, and Lisa Murkowski — who were involved in recent immigration reform negotiations.

A method exists to get to ten Republican senators. As Noorani put it: "The key will be to hang on to the Democrats while doing that."


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