America Is Beginning to Resemble Hitler’s Germany Due to the Trump Raid, and the “Silent” GOP Leadership Is Peeing Their Pants. Most of Their Careers Are OVER. Real Cowards!

HNewsWire: Every effort will be made to get Trump into jail. He is, after all, the thorn in the side of the elitists who want to perform an unholy global reset, including George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others. Tribulation


HNewsWire: Right now, we are a third-world shithole!

“Third World dictators prosecute their political enemies, “[Biden] has weaponized the US government for his political purposes.”

Obama supporter and former attorney Jeffrey Epstein is reportedly responsible for the Mar-a-Lago search warrant.

According to The National Pulse, Judge Bruce Reinhart, who is thought to be the most probable judge behind the order allowing a search on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, used to represent renowned pedophile and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The National Pulse also claimed that Judge Reinhart donated money to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Jeb Bush, two of Donald J. Trump's establishment rivals in the 2016 race.

Levin said to presenter Sean Hannity, "This was perfectly organized, so this has been going on for weeks." "Now, you continue to question your visitors about the rationale." There isn't a defense. What will he say the next day, attorney general? Here is a hunch: Since February, when we learned that Trump and his attorneys had this information, we have been in negotiations with them. When it seemed like we were going nowhere, we learned or learned that certain records were being destroyed.

Levin also mentioned images published by Maggie Haberman, a journalist for the New York Times, that seemed to show official papers with Trump's handwriting on them in the restrooms of the White House.

(Except that it isn't written by Trump.)

Levin said, "The FBI is crooked," adding, "There is no excuse for sending 30 frickin' FBI agents to the former president's estate in Mar-a-Lago at 5:00 in the morning and behaving themselves this way or in any other situations in which they've done precisely the same thing."

Before criticizing the GOP leadership, Levin termed it "the biggest assault on our nation in recent history." (Source: Mediaite

The worst assault on our republic in modern times, according to the statement. Period, he replied. And it's not just a shot at Donald Trump, either. It is an assault on everyone who backs him. Anyone who tries to pose real doubts about Washington, D.C., and the establishment in both parties is under assault. The Republican Senate leadership has not spoken with me in the slightest. Did you? None of those men have released a comment. due of their weakness. That is the reason.

Mark Levin Attacks 'Silent' GOP Leadership Over Trump Raid, Declaring "The FBI Is Corrupt"

After former President Donald Trump claimed on August 8 that the 45th President's Florida Mar-a-Lago residence was "now under siege, invaded, and occupied," former secretary of state Mike Pompeo and other GOP officials reacted to an FBI search of the property.

"These are bad days for our country," Trump said in a message on his social media app, Truth Social, denouncing the supposed raid.

This unexpected raid on my residence, he said, "was neither necessary or suitable after working and collaborating with the proper government authorities."

Republican lawmakers criticized the claimed raid on Twitter in response to Trump's statement. Some expressed concern that it may set a poor precedent, while others said that the Biden administration was politicizing the Justice Department.

The execution of a warrant against a former president of the United States would establish a "dangerous" precedent, according to Pompeo, the former secretary of state under Trump. "The apparent use of the DOJ/FBI as a political weapon is disgraceful."

"AG must explain why 250 years of practice were overturned by this raid," stated Pompeo.I worked on the Benghazi Commission, where we established that Hillary (sic) had access to sensitive information. We didn't break into her house.

America is starting to resemble Germany under Hitler. The Trump raid has the GOP leadership wetting their pants.




  1. Edwitness on September 16, 2022 at 4:45 pm

    It most certainly is resembling Hitler’s Germany in some ways. But, the most interesting part of this article was the statement made by Pompeo when he said the execution of a search warrant against a former president would set a dangerous precedent.

    Precedent indeed. They should be careful what they ask for. They just may get it were the conservatives to take back Congress and the Executive.

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