What the Bible Has to Say about the Destruction of Our Society, PT 2


Advisory: Be careful of what you read on social media. The algorithms used by these platforms have no regard for Biblical truth. They target your emotions to keep you engaged on their site so their advertisers can drop more ads. These platforms exist to enrich their stockholders. Consider God’s promise to Believers in James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

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Satan’s schemes often arise from unexpected places. That’s the big idea of this report.

In our last report, “What the Bible Has to Say about the Destruction of Our Society, PT 1” we detailed how politicians and judges have waged war against the Bible. These attacks have had far reaching consequences on our society and have eroded civil liberties throughout America. Satan’s lies are now running rampant across the highest levels of our government and in courtrooms everywhere. The stage is now being set for a hostile takeover by the up-and-coming Antichrist. The times and seasons are unfolding before our very eyes.

Bible-believing Christians have always known that these days would come, where “many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other,” and “false prophets would appear and deceive many people…,” sobering words spoken by Jesus Himself, Matthew 25:10-11. Perhaps we didn’t expect these events could happen during our lifetime. Yet, His words tell a different story, “You must be ready. The Son of Man is coming at a time when you do not think He will come,” Luke 25:40.

Today, we focus on two more categories of people who undermine confidence in the authority of Scripture: CEOs of corporate American, and sadly enough, a large number of pastors at the helm of influential churches. What you’ll discover is that these individuals share much in common, even though they come from what would seem to be very different backgrounds—the secular and the sacred. In reality however, both are motivated by the desire to build large marketing platforms and squeeze every last penny from their followers… like so much blood from a turnip… or sheep to the slaughter.

First, let’s consider the business leaders of America. These high-net-worth individuals do more than make products and sell services. Most often, they are the innovators in the big world of ideas, developing ways to shape the way people think about their lives… not necessarily for the benefit of society, but merely to ring the cash register. No surprise here. That’s how they spend their advertising budget!

To this end, many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have become champions of the latest fad— “diversity training and education.” And what does that phrase mean essentially? Simply stated, people who work in their companies cannot discriminate. They must be accepted for who they are. We can all agree that discrimination and prejudice are wrong when it pertains to the color of one’s skin or the gender assigned at birth. “Red, yellow, black and white, they are all precious in His sight…” are lyrics that have been sung in Sunday School classrooms and Christian camps for decades.

In corporate America, however, “diversity” has a much more sinister definition. It means that when a man claims to be in the process of transitioning into a woman, or vice versa, you cannot discriminate against them. The same is true over the issue of same-sex marriage. Now ask the most obvious question. How do most large business corporations define “acts of discrimination?” Here’s where your Christian liberties crash head on into the corporate brick wall. You must agree that their decision is a positive moral choice regardless of your Biblical convictions.

For example, if you were to refer to Deuteronomy 22:5 in the workplace, “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this,” you would be in violation of HR policies and most likely be terminated for your lack of diversity sensitivity. Or what about Leviticus 18:22, “Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.” Now you have become a purveyor of so-called hate speech. Time to pack up your desk and hit the road! This is happening everywhere in our world today.

Diversity now means that you cannot give any indication that a Gay or Transgendered person’s choice is unwise, wrong, or immoral, either by your actions or attitudes. Seriously, if you even look like you might disapprove, you could be on the streets looking for another job. “We’re sorry, you’re just not a good fit for our culture anymore.”

Furthermore, businesses now support and encourage participation Gay Pride events. The LBGTQ flag hangs in corporate offices. Have you seen a TV commercial lately? For every straight couple featured, you now get to see a not so straight… It’s all about diversity. This was unimaginable in American business culture just two decades ago. What happened to the America you grew up in? It has disappeared, and probably forever. The train has left the station friends, and there’s no turning back unless there’s a return to God. We are closer than ever to the days of Noah, “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be,” Matthew 24:37.

So what about the second group we mentioned, pastors? All pastors are moral, upstanding followers of Christ and hold uncompromisingly to the inerrancy of Scripture, right? While many do, and we respect their integrity and courage, the number who do not is growing fast. George Barna, the most respected Christian researcher and statistician, discovered that only 51% of Protestant pastors have a biblical worldview. This begs the question, “Why would someone devote their entire life and career to a profession that they really don’t believe in themselves?” There’s only one answer. For many pastors, it’s not about biblical beliefs anymore, but about personal popularity and the perks that come with it. (Source: https://www.barna.com/research/only-half-of-protestant-pastors-have-a-biblical-worldview/)

Barna also indicated that just 9% of all born again adults, and just 7% of Protestants hold to a biblical worldview. Herein lies the motivation for what some pastors do. To appeal to the greatest number of people, many pastors have chosen to embrace views that don’t cause discomfort to their church members. They would rather have butts in pews than preach a message that defends the faith. Modern sermons bear little resemblance to the messages proclaimed during the Great Awakenings of American history, e.g., Jonathan Edwards, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” or the first Sermon of Jesus, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” Matthew 3:2.

Instead, what we hear are messages about gaining success, growing wealth, and perfect health. Does Hell appear anywhere in their homiletic vocabulary? No, that would run people away to join the happy church down the street. Tragically, church members who don’t embrace a biblical worldview put the squeeze on their pastors. Through committee meetings and board meetings, these pastors are intimidated to either put up the numbers or lose their jobs. And sadly, many lose their spines and bend the knee. It’s not the devil outside the church that poses the greatest threat, but the devils inside the church who do the most damage.

Ironically, liberal churches have finally created an environment that the Pharisees and Sadducees pressured Jesus to build from the very beginning—don’t rock the boat and we’ll support you. More noses in the pews means more nickels in the offering plate. Big budgets build bigger buildings. That’s the new creed. Confess it or leave.

But at what cost? Look around.

HNewsWire would like to finish this part of our series with a challenge and a word of encouragement. First, the challenge. What we need are more men of God who are unbowed and unbroken by the world… men of courage and conviction. The man of God is a man of faith who trusts that God has promised to take care of all his needs. He only needs to remain trustworthy and preach the Truth with a fire in his bones. And when he proclaims the Word of God to his flock, he does so with a fearless passion. He would rather serve God than man, follow Christ over the latest trends, and fight the good fight rather than surrender. To that, we say, “Amen!”

Second, the encouragement. HNewsWire stands in support of every pastor who has suffered because of their commitment to Jesus—the living and eternal Word. You inspire us and we applaud your ministry. We need more people like you… only God knows how true this is. Keep running the race, and all the glory you bestow upon God will be rewarded one day. You are a Hebrews 11 hero in our eyes. Well done!

Finally, come back soon for Part 3, where we will discuss how the most vicious attacks are being waged against the Bible. You may not think much about the subjects of philosophy and atheism, but these are impacting our culture in more ways than you can imagine. Throughout the classrooms of public schools and universities, new trends are emerging. Spoiler alert… respect for the Word of God is not one of them. SRH…

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