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and for All Its High-Tech Miracles, Has Evolved Into One of the Most Atrocious Rackets the World Has Ever Seen. by Racket, I Mean an Enterprise Organized Explicitly to Make Money Dishonestly…

THERAPEUTIC: The word medicine is used twice in the Old Testament (Prov. 17:22; Jer. 30:13). Medicine also occurs two other times (Ezk. 47:12; Jer. 46:11). The root words are Gehah (a cure); Gahah (to remove or heal); Teruwthah (a remedy) and Rephuah (heal). In each case the words mean to effect a complete cure or restoration to the one treated – to heal or restore completely.

The word physician is used five times in the Bible. In the Old Testament the Hebrew root word is Rapha or Raphan meaning to stitch, restore, make whole and heal thoroughly. The Greek root word in the New Testament means to cure or make whole.

Satan, as the god of this world, has introduced into the realm of medicine a group of chemicals and drugs spelled relief, relievers, tranquilizers, uppers, downers, etc. These are both prescribed and are on the shelf with the assumption they are safe to use or they would not be available. Such drugs and chemicals in the Bible are associated with sorcery (Greek: Pharmakia) – medication: Pharmacy: means magic, witchcraft, a drug, spell-giving potion, a druggist, pharmacist, magician, sorcerer, poisoner. In other words, the use of chemicals by sorcerers in the Bible was to make it easy for the user to be invaded by evil spirits. Scriptures on sorcery: Acts 8:9; Rev. 9:21; 18:23; 21:8; 22:15.

In the light of these facts the question arises, what chemicals or drugs can a Christian take without affecting his spiritual sensitivity and desire to serve the Lord? Scripture declares that real medicines heal or cure. Our problem arose when Satan caused worldly scientists, researchers and the medical profession to endorse reliever drugs which have no curative value but only serve to deepen the plight of the victim. So often a righteous believer may condemn alcohol as a reliever yet in her purse she carries Valium or Librium as a reliever for herself.

Behind the scenes Satan’s agents manipulate and interfere to bring about aches, pains, agony, diseases, etc. which afflict the minds, wills and emotions of their victims. Reliever drugs only mask the symptoms but do not cure them. Many of the modern pain relievers are so powerful they are capable of veiling the mind or setting up barriers between the Holy Spirit and the person’s will or desire to seek the Father. This produces tension, worry and anxiety, necessitating an even stronger mind separator, i.e., tranquilizers. These can separate a person’s mind from reality and (when prescribed by a reputable doctor, psychologist, or specialist) can further alienate the uninformed believer from God (Isaiah 5:13-14).

Viewed this way, many strong pain killers, tranquilizers and mind altering drugs constitute instant witchcraft, regardless of who prescribes or advises taking them. In a sense a believer taking some of these drugs while crying out to God for healing would be like a man begging the fireman to extinguish a fire while he continues to pour gasoline on it!

A mind-boggling drug produces two complications for a believer. First it may well constitute sorcery or witchcraft – seeking help from man, the flesh and the demonic. In that instance he would come under a curse from God because of involvement with the occult. It could also paralyze built-in defenses against the demonic, opening the way for entrance of evil spirits just as in hypnosis, transcendental meditation and yoga.

Bible Verses on Demons

All medicine are not bad, curative and healing arts which do not alter the mind or attitude toward God are what the Scripture calls medicine. But mind altering drugs are definitely in the caution area for believers. Believers have an obligation to ask their physician or other knowledgeable person just what the function and action is for any so-called medication which is prescribed. They then have a choice and can pray to determine whether or not they should use any substance. The Bible definition of physician is one who restores or makes whole.

Many alternative practices are heavily steeped in false spirituality, Eastern mysticism and New Age thought. From acupuncture and aromatherapy to shamanism, yoga and Zen macrobiotics, alternative medical practices span the alphabet. They run the gamut from clever blending of fact and fancy to complete foolishness. Failure to diagnose and treat, physical threats, toxic effects, emotional harm, wasted money, diverted resources and loss of reality can hurt or kill due to mystical interpretation of reality and pursuit of occult practices.

The fact that doctors are combining occultic spiritual practices with modern healing produces medical quackery and false spirituality. Just because something works doesn’t make it right for anybody.

(Natural Therapies – Ayurveda, Colonics, Herbalism, Naturopathy, Macrobiotics and Osteopathy. Manual Therapies – Massage, Rolfing, Trager Work and Chiropractic. Mind Therapies – Hypnosis, Biofeedback, Christian Science, Dreamwork, Transcendental Meditation and Yoga (power of mind over sickness, pseudo-sceientific, dynamic relaxation, altered consciousness, guided imagery, visualization, shamanic trance, New Age religions, Science of Mind religions, body/mind integration techniques.

Energy Manipulating Therapies – Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), Crystals, Flower Remedies, Iridology (iris of eye), Reflexology, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Universal Energy (New Age, self-transformation, metaphysical, electromagnetic, polarity, quasi-religious, oriental wisdom, cosmic radiant energy, chakras, ancient sacred knowledge, Eastern mysticism and religious concepts, Chinese and Indian philosophy, Buddhist spiritual principles, Taoism, Confucianism, Monism, Legalism, esoteric occultism, prana, face reading, hydrotherapy, manipulative, bio-force, chi, jin shin do, physiotherapy, prophetic healing, trigger point therapy, sorcery, white magic, wizardry, Acupressure.

Supernatural Therapies – Channeling, Psychic Surgery, Shamanism, Spirit Guide and Visualization (occult, spiritual and faith healing, spiritual awareness, demonic influence, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, crystal ball, fortune telling, witchcraft, tarot cards, phrenology, worship of nature, spiritual attunements, yin and yang, astro-projection, alchemy, out-of-body experience, communication with dead, spiritists, spirit guide, seance, create own reality, magical healing, seeking forbidden knowledge, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, rituals, somatic therapy, magic, metaphysical, past life incarnation / regression, UFO contact, sacred science, palm reading, aura, pendulum, witch doctor, medicine man, past-life regression).

We have to stay away from Acupuncture, Acupressure, Spiritualism and Christian Science for healing. According to recent medical reports, it has been found that treatment by acupuncture brought relief to only one-third of the people who have used this procedure to cure chronic pain.

Acupuncture comes from two Latin words acus meaning needle and pungere to prick. Five thousand years ago, the Chinese used this method to relieve pain. It is the Yin/Yang theory and many investigators attribute its effects to hypnosis. This information alone should warn a Christian not to allow these methods to be used on them. The ancient Chinese were expert in the use of Acupuncture and Acupressure. Acupressure which uses pressure points and massage instead of needles is still based on the occult. Also the oldest recorded medical information comes from the occult priests in the Hindu religion practicing these methods.

Often when a person receives a healing through some occult practice, they will soon find themselves with a greater illness. Someone used an occult practice of tying knots in a string and burying it in the drip of the house to cure warts. Later he had spinal meningitis which almost killed him. This could have been the swap of demon of warts for demon of spinal meningitis. We swap a lesser demon for a greater demon.

One out of eight people probably have some degree of Schizophrenia. Since Schizophrenia starts with the families of Rejection then Bitterness and then Rebellion, probably everybody has some degree of Schizophrenia. This personality problem begins when a person withdraws from friends, has morbid introspections, reduced initiative, strange behavior, delusions, hallucinations, and thought disturbances. In this group, Catatonic will have one or more of the following problems; catatonic stupor, mutism, negativism, rigidity, excitement, and violence. Paranoid will have delusions of grandeur, persecution, jealousy, or hallucination of these. Undifferentiated will have delusions, incoherence, and grossly disorganized behavior. We have seen all these types of schizophrenics freed by the casting out of demons. Most of the time the thoughts these people have, are the thoughts of demons and are always meant to incapacitate the individual. In James 1:8, the Bible calls this double mindedness.

Physicians are not God and should not be viewed as such. They can sometimes help, but there will be other times when all they will accomplish is the removal of money.

Source: HNewsWire forthewordoftruth


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