Citizens Of Hong Kong Are Experiencing Record Breaking Mental Illness Rates Due To ‘Zero COVID’ Measures.


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Yeung, a Hong Kong resident, waited for 13 hours in the cold, wet weather outside a hospital in the city’s eastern district with his 3-year-old daughter, who had a high fever, before being admitted for COVID-19 therapy.

Her fever had subsided by the time they were able to enter, and she didn’t require medical assistance.

Despite this, the 42-year-old utility worker was forced to spend four nights at the hospital without a bed since he and his daughter were not allowed to leave. They were subsequently detained for another nine days at a federal detention center.

Not becoming sick caused him the most anxiety, but leaving his wife and 22-month-old son at home alone with COVID-19 was worse.

“My wife went through a lot. Because of the difficulty of caring for the infant and the lack of time to rest, her symptoms worsened,” said Yeung, who declined to offer his full name due to the sensitivity of the situation.

“She stated that if no one came back to help her, she would leap down the building.”

Yeung’s story is one of many in the global financial center, which, more than two years after the pandemic began, has some of the strictest coronavirus rules in the world.

Infections have reached new highs, with over 500,000 infections and over 2,500 deaths–the majority of which have occurred in the last two weeks.

Many of the city’s 7.4 million citizens are suffering from mental exhaustion as a result of government policies and messaging, which has caused worry and anxiety, according to health specialists.

For example, for a time, the Hong Kong government ordered that infected children, no matter how young, be kept in isolation.

“At the cost of our bodily safety… It appears that they have lost sight of its humanity. “There is an underlying anxiety in all of these measures,” said Dr Judy Blaine, a health specialist at Hong Kong consultancy Odyssey.

Domestic helpers, migrant workers, and low-income people, many of whom live in tiny partitioned flats with elderly parents and their children, bear a disproportionate share of the load.

According to a poll conducted by the People Service Centre, four out of five low-income families stated they had experienced significant COVID-related stress in the previous month.

Over 900,000 pupils have returned home from school. Playgrounds and most other venues are closed, parents are attempting to work from home, and teachers are warning parents about the long-term consequences of keeping children out of school.

Following vegetable shortages in February, food prices have risen sharply, and supermarkets have been nearly empty for more than ten days as residents stock up amid fears of a citywide lockdown.

After contracting COVID-19, some domestic assistants have been ejected from their employers’ homes, while some inhabitants have taken to sleeping on rooftops and in stairwells to avoid infecting their families, according to local NGOs.

“The pandemic has lasted two years, and the shortage of supplies and government support has caused everyone to fear,” said Sze Lai Shan, who works for the Society for Community Organization, which helps low-income families.

“Feelings of powerlessness breed panic,” she noted, noting that many individuals are enduring financial hardship as a result of their inability to work.

COVID-19 infections have caused a spike in calls to Red Cross support hotlines in the last two weeks, according to Dr Eliza Cheung, one of the organization’s clinical psychologists.

The majority are senior inhabitants from low-income families and homes who were already vulnerable prior to the outbreak. Many people are concerned that they may run out of food and other needs, and they feel helpless.

“By the time they get to us, the mood is very dire.” They have already attempted a variety of methods to locate various types of materials. They’ve reached the point where the family barely has two days’ worth of food and are unsure what to do,” Cheung added.

The CCP’s bellicose behavior is at an all time high trending upward, and most people are completely unaware of their crimes against humanity all together. They’re too busy distracting themselves from the despotic globalist elite manufactured society around them. Who knows, perhaps in the coming months Fauci and his constituents will be brought to justice and the truth will prevail. I’d only say that now because the omicron variant being less virulent and more transmissible inevitably means COVID is endemic in the eyes of the government. This still gives politicians and the CDC the ability to wiggle into our lives for the coming years.

One thing is for certain, and it’s that Xi will not stop his human rights violations without direct confrontation. Whoever conducts business with China are either inexcusably misinformed, or are actively showing support for the Chinese regimes crimes against humanity. Hosea 4:6 says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.


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