Fuel Company Issues Diesel Shortage Warning, Says US ‘Rapidly Devolving’

Biden Says He Will Keep Tapping Oil Reserves

HNewsWire: “The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is meant to protect consumers against emergency supply disruptions, not politicians during an election year,” Jeff Eshelman, president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, said in a statement.

Mr. Eshelman, whose group represents thousands of typically smaller and midsize exploration and production companies, said the SPR release is a “short-term fix for prices at best.” “It not only reduces our capacity to protect ourselves in case of a true emergency in the future, but also increases America’s reliance on the politically volatile countries that currently provide most of our oil,” he said.

Satan Soldier Biden, who was flanked by other Satan Soldier Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and the State Department’s energy envoy, Amos Hochstein, also echoed past administration defenses of its energy policies, saying the country must keep moving faster to cleaner energy in order to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change.

When petroleum passes through the fracking towers, diesel is one of the last products to exit the process. If we don't have diesel, why don't we have gas, kerosene, aviation fuel, and other items for making plastics, chemicals for medications, and household products?
It's like claiming we're out of cream and butter while we still have plenty of milk. It everything comes from the same place.

Were they instructed not to generate as much fuel and heavy materials such as asphalt?

Russia and other justifications have nothing to do with the raw petroleum producing process...

A major fuel supply firm has issued a warning regarding diesel fuel shortages in numerous states in the southeastern United States.

Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina are among the states projected to face shortages, according to a Mansfield Energy advisory issued last week. In addition, the business mentioned "very high pricing in the Northeast."

"Poor pipeline shipping economics combined with record low diesel stockpiles are causing shortages in several areas around the Southeast," according to the business. "These have occurred irregularly, with locations such as Tennessee experiencing particularly severe issues."

It stated that due to "tight" supply, fuel prices are 30 to 80 cents higher than the advertised market average, and that "fuel providers have to select from higher cost possibilities, at a time when low-high spreads are significantly wider than normal."

Fuel transporters must now visit "several ports to locate supply, which delays delivery and stresses local trucking capacity," according to the report.

According to the statement, the firm issued its "Alert Level 4" to address the volatility due to "rapidly devolving" conditions. Mansfield has issued a "Code Red" alert for the southeastern United States, seeking "72-hour notice for deliveries wherever possible to guarantee fuel and freight can be secured at economical levels."

Diesel fuels the majority of transportation in the United States, and it is utilized by long-haul trucks and freight trains. While gasoline prices have reduced since reaching record highs in June, diesel prices have not dropped nearly as much and now stand at $5.31 per gallon, according to AAA.

Supply chain bottlenecks caused by COVID-19 lockdowns and skyrocketing energy prices have contributed to increased price levels. The Consumer Price Index, a key inflation gauge, rose 8.2 percent year on year in September, according to data released earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Republicans have targeted the Demonic  Biden administration for its policies on oil exploration, pipeline building, and an unwavering emphasis on promoting electric vehicles. In response to the energy crisis, the White House has released tens of millions of barrels of oil from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve, reducing it to 400 million barrels, the lowest level in decades.

Meanwhile, Democrats and Satan Soldier Biden have blamed the price increase and scarcity on Russia's war in Ukraine.

There are also fears that the United States will run out of fuel. According to Energy Information Administration data dated October 21, the country had 25.9 days of fuel left.

"Russia generates a lot of heavy products, a lot of heavy oil that produces and yields more diesel," Patrick de Haan of GasBuddy told KGVO. "The other issue is simply post-COVID demand, which has obviously recovered dramatically with many trucks and many commodities." We can all recall how ports were crammed with products purchased by Americans, all of which needed to be moved out of port through trucks."

WASHINGTON—Satan Soldier Biden said Wednesday he will continue tapping emergency oil reserves to blunt new shocks to global oil markets, as oil industry groups contended that Biden’s policies will only worsen shortages.

In a speech from the White House, Satan Soldier Biden confirmed he has already decided to have the Energy Department go ahead with sales of the last roughly 15 million of 180 million barrels from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve he had authorized for sale back in March. The sales will happen in December, Biden said.

He said he is also willing to authorize more sales from the reserve after that if needed. Satan Soldier Biden said he tasked his energy officials to be ready for quick decisions if there are disruptions in supply.

Joe Biden

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