GOD’S COVENANT- B-asic I-nstructions B-efore L-eaving E-arth

There is much talk about a treaty we have with the world health organization and whether adding words to it, ie amendments, requires new ratification by our Senate. One side says because these are amendments and not a new treaty there is no need for new Senate ratification. The other says when words are added to a treaty it is a new treaty and therefore must be ratified by the Senate.

So the question is, is a treaty once agreed upon still the same treaty when the words in that treaty are changed? Is it the same treaty if you add words to it that weren't there when it was first agreed upon by the parties involved? And the answer is of course it's not the same treaty when words are added or changed.

Because if you add even one word to a treaty, or take away even one word from it, it becomes a different, and therefore new, treaty. And for such a treaty to be binding upon the parties involved the US Constitution says they must agree to the changes for the new treaty to have force to supersede the old one.

At the world health organization they are trying to make us believe that adding words by making amendments to an old treaty doesn't make it different. So that there is no need Constitutionally for the United States Senate to ratify it.

I can see why they might want this to be true. Because then they don't have to depend on the Senate for approval. But, it isn't true. Because it is the wording in a treaty or covenant that makes it what it is. And when words are added to or taken from it that adds to or takes away from the provisions in the original treaty, it becomes a different treaty or covenant.

In the Bible we see God's answer on the subject of treaties or covenants.

He says we are not to take away or add to His word because anyone that does God will "take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."

So if changing a worldly treaty or covenant makes for very serious changes to our way of life now by perverting the original intent of what was written. So that how we relate to gov't leads us to a different president, a different Congress, and a different Judiciary. How much more will changing the words in God's covenant relate us to a different god, a different Jesus, and a different atonement ie covenant? Because by changing it's provisions we change the relationships. And the interactions of the relationships of those who are in it.

We have seen this with the incessant attempts at changing the meaning of our own US Constitution by those who wish to take away our God given freedoms. Freedoms that can never be taken from us because they were given to us by God. But, may be denied from us if we consent to their re-interpreting of the Constitution.

And when this is applied to the Bible it can change our understanding of who God is, who Jesus is, and the atonement for which He came. Relating us to a different God, a different Jesus, and a different atonement ie treaty or covenant. So that when we stand before God He will say to us "I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." Because when we do not know and believe His covenant we can not know and believe Him.

We will be like Adam in the garden after he ate the fruit when he hid from God.

Fear gripped him because he really never knew God. Because his relationship with God was only natural, not spiritual. He could not worship God in spirit and truth as Jesus said we must. Because Adam was not spiritual when he was made.

It's like the man that tried to find his own way to another man's home. He was given specific directions to the other man's home. But, because he is very broad minded and thinks all roads lead to this man's home. He takes a different route. And he never reaches the other man's home because all roads don't lead to that home.

This is what God has done in the giving of His covenant. He has given very specific instructions in the covenant for reaching His home. And only when we follow those specific instructions will we arrive there. This is why I like the acronym B I B L E to mean Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Because we find in the pages of the Bible the basic instructions that if followed will lead us to heaven.

This is why Paul said those who pervert his gospel are accursed. Anathema. Damned to hell. So messing with a treaty or covenant is a very serious thing. Because by doing so we will end up joined to a different God, a different Jesus, and a different atonement, ie a different treaty or covenant.

Our belief in the atonement as defined in the Bible is our covenant, or treaty if you will, with God. And when for whatever reason we re-define or re-interpret it we place ourselves in great danger. Because not only may we end up with some different beliefs about God and His covenant. We may end up joining ourselves to a different god altogether. A false god.

What if we interpreted what the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth teaches about salvation to mean that our need for it came to be because the first man sinned? And that his sin was passed down to all the rest of us through procreation so that to God we are as guilty of his sin as he is? How might that influence our interpretation of the rest of the covenant that details how this salvation is made possible?

Might it lead us to believe that we are born totally depraved as Augustine, Luther, and Calvin taught in their doctrine of original sin and sin nature? And that only if another could live the perfect life in our place, and then suffer in our place the punishment we deserved for sin, he could secure salvation for us?

But, does this define the covenant God made with us? Is this a right depiction of God, Jesus, and the atonement? Those who believe that our need for salvation came to be because the first man sinned have come to this definition of atonement. And sadly they have re-interpreted and re-defined the faith once delivered to the saints. Adding to the covenant that which God never put there.

Because this belief is taught nowhere in the covenant God has intended for the whole world as defined in the Genesis account. And in passages like John 3:16,17. Because here we see that our need defined in the atonement is our need for immortality and eternal life.

And that to receive it all that is needed is for us to believe in the God that we enter into His covenant with.

Who tells us that He came not to condemn us for sin. But, that the reason He came was to save all men from mortality to immortality. From death to life. And that if we are condemned to remain mortal it is only because we will not believe in Him and His resurrection to receive His gift of immortality and eternal life.

Can you see how beginning with the wrong interpretation will lead us to the wrong conclusions about a treaty or covenant? Genesis shows us that Adam was mortal when God made him. He was not immortal as so many falsely believe. So his need for immortality was there both in and out of the garden. Both before and after he ate the fruit.

With this correct understanding of Genesis in mind one can begin to understand the rest of what God says about the covenant He has made for us to enter in to with Him. And that it's purpose is to bring us into fellowship with Him by a free will choice from both parties in it. And not that we were condemned to hell because of another man's choice.

Peter tells us that God made His choice to save all mankind before He created the world. And He sent Jesus to bring it to pass. Now it is our turn to make our free will choice to trust in Him for that immortality and eternal life.

So just as starting with the belief that our freedoms come from gov't will lead us to enslavement to tyrants. So starting with the belief that we need salvation because the first man sinned will lead us to enslavement to the ultimate tyrant, satan.

And just as the wording of the treaty we have made with men must not be changed. So the wording in the treaty or covenant that God has made with us must not be changed. Otherwise it's not the same treaty or covenant. It is different. And being different it changes the parameters of the relationship with God, with Jesus, and with the atonement. Or if you will with the president, with Jesus, or congress.

So today if you want to have eternal life trust in Jesus by confessing that He is Lord. And believing that He has raised from the dead. This is how you can ratify the covenant that God has provided that will give you immortality and eternal life. The covenant God that calls every man to join in with Him. A covenant through which Jesus' death gave power. And God offers to the whole world.

A salvation you need because you have come to the realization that you are mortal. Just as our first parents did after they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Coming to a true "age of accountability" that leads men to seek after God.

And you are given free will just as our first parents were so that having eternal life would be a choice all men make when they hear the truth of God's love for them. By realizing their own mortality and finding it's remedy in the gift of eternal life that Jesus' death and resurrection has provided for all those who will believe in Jesus and receive His love.

Free will because God made man for fellowship. In a loving relationship we can enter into only by freely choosing to be joined with God in this treaty or covenant that defines how we enter into it. And all of it's provisions once we have.

One that both parties, God and man, must freely agree on for them to be in covenant with each other. A covenant whose words when changed as the world health organization is attempting to do, becomes a different covenant. So they can not be changed. Because when words are changed or added it is no longer the original treaty or covenant.

But, if you will believe in Jesus according to the provisions written in the covenant God gave through His prophets and apostles, and Jesus who was God Himself in the flesh, you will become immortal.

If you will confess Jesus is Lord and believe He has raised from the dead you will be saved. If you will accept the terms of this covenant as inspired by God to be written by men you will have eternal life. If you will do this... I will see you there or in the air!

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