Nothing Lasts Longer Than a Temporary Government Program — Canada Government Threatened to Freeze the Bank Accounts of Demonstrators and Anyone Who Donated Money to Them, All Temporary of Course!

Nothing lasts as long as a government program that is only in place for a limited time.

The asset freezing provision of Canada's Emergencies Act, which was used to target supporters of the Freedom Convoy rallies, has now been made permanent.

Who could have predicted that?

The government threatened to suspend the bank accounts of protestors and anybody who gave money to them in order to stop what the Trudeau dictatorship referred to as "illegal blockades."

Banks are obligated to freeze accounts without a court order under the Emergencies Act, and all crowdfunding platforms and payment providers are required to send information to FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada).

Many of the 'temporary' restrictions adopted to cope with the demonstrators (after they had been appropriately branded as violent extremists) will now become permanent, according to Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

"We utilized all of our instruments prior to invoking the Emergencies Act, and we felt we needed some more tools," Freeland said.

"We'll be putting forth steps to put some of those instruments in place permanently." "I believe FINTRAC's authority should be broadened to include crowdsourcing and payment platforms," she added.

Ronald Reagan has once again been proven correct.

"Nothing lasts longer than a government initiative that is just transitory."

Meanwhile, as we have stated, such measures are likely to exclude protected classes (essentially everyone who isn't a native Canadian or white), with exceptions for immigrants and refugees.


Satan Soldier Trudeau, a.k.a Boy-Emperor Invoked the Emergencies Act Without Significant Cutoff Points Under the Law, Canada Brown Shirts Set to End Freedom Convoy “Legal Demonstration”


Putin: Really ? The claims were laid forth in a letter written by Ambassador Bathsheba Crocker and addressed to the United Nations. It featured extravagant accusations that Russia will pick up "LGBTQI+ people" and imprison them or punish them in various ways:

"I'd want to draw to your notice serious evidence recently received by the US that shows that human rights crimes and atrocities are being prepared in the aftermath of a new invasion," Crocker wrote. "These acts, which have included targeted killings, kidnappings/forced disappearances, unjust detentions, and the use of torture in previous Russian operations, would most likely target those who oppose Russian actions, including Russian and Belarusian dissidents in exile in Ukraine, journalists and anti-corruption activists, and vulnerable populations such as religious and ethnic minorities and LGBTQI+ people."

Following a military occupation, these "minorities" and "LGBTQI+" people will be "executed or transported to camps," Crocker threatened in the letter.


Meet Moses! He's a young man who grew up in the most challenging circumstances. Today, he has larger-than-life goals to achieve something extraordinary.

Force is now the only rule remaining in Satan-controlled World. Everything else has collapsed. There is no free speech, no fair trial, no system of justice, no reasonable expectation of human rights anywhere, no fair elections, no honest news, no honest Wall Street operations, no real public education, no clean food


Source: HNewsWire    HNewsWire    HNewsWire    ZeroHedge contributed to this report.


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