Satan Soldiers Are Building Their False Story Lines: The FBI and DHS Issued a Joint Intelligence Bullet Warning of ‘the Potential for Domestic Violent Extremists to Carry Out Attacks , The FBI is Looking For a Reason to Declare Martial Law Via Biden and the U.N.

Looks like those chickens are coming home to roast. I wonder who owns that 20 million dollar mansion down there in South Carolina that Joey bribes and the pedophile pervert are staying at. Sorso/Obama’s fingerprints are all over this I’m just waiting for the raid to take place up at Martha’s vineyard because doesn’t he have 33 million documents that were supposed to be placed online. Justice is coming and hell’s coming with it.The FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago is an escalation of an ongoing attack on anyone who dares to upset the political status quo in Washington, Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) says,“I think a lot of my constituents were shocked, frankly, across the political spectrum, But obviously, the more supportive of President Trump, the more upset they were.

“I think for anyone who doubted that there was a swamp when Donald Trump was saying ‘drain the swamp, now I think there’s true believers. So it’s historic. FBI still has many of the same people who spent years supporting a Russia collusion narrative that was based on a falsified warrant, “No accountability for Hunter Biden, no action on that, no action on any number of things that they could have taken action on, like for example, targeting of Supreme Court justices.


SRH: I don’t believe there were any threats toward any agency. It’s another made up excuse like Russia and Covid.They have no integrity BC every-time their lips move they are lying.They are trying to direct attention off of their stupidity and evil plots against Trump and American citizens. BC next will be American citizens.Just like many believe they set up Jan 6 th. Could it be All their own making?

Seems to me this whole clown show was engineered to create the very reaction that they are getting.Just remember, it is another set up.Not so much for Trump.They want citizens to go ballistic so they can declare another “emergency”.

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday condemned recent online threats against him and other federal agents in the wake of the agency’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s private Florida residence.

HNewsWire: America's Coming Civil War...

In the aftermath of the FBI's raid at Mar-A-Lago on Monday and a reported strike at an FBI site in Cincinatti, Ohio on Thursday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security have released a new joint intelligence advisory.

"According to an internal letter obtained by The Intercept, the FBI and DHS issued a Joint Intelligence Bullet today warning of 'the possibility for domestic violent extremists to carry out response to the FBI's recent execution of a court-authorized search warrant in Palm Beach, Florida."

The joint intelligence bulletin predicts a "increase in threats of violence, including armed encounters, against law enforcement, judiciary, and government personnel in response to the FBI's recent execution of a court-authorized search warrant in Palm Beach, Florida," according to the memo to "Colleagues."

"Since the search, the FBI and DHS have witnessed a rise in violent threats against federal employees and institutions posted on social media," the document continued.

"Out of an abundance of caution, and to preserve the safety of our workers and the security of federal facilities," the memo says.

The joint intelligence bulletin also refers to a National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin issued on June 7 that warns of "domestic extremists" who "have expressed grievances to the false perception that the United States government is not working to maintain security along the United States-Mexico border."

While there are no current, specific, serious threats to any of our workers or sites, recent occurrences, such as the attempted invasion of the FBI's Cincinnati Field Office on August 11, 2022, remind us that our essential work may place us in situations that are both difficult and hazardous.

The joint intelligence alert is referring to an incident on Thursday in which a guy wearing body armor and carrying an AR-15 fired a nail gun while attempting to penetrate an FBI Visitor Screening Facility. A 60-mile manhunt led to a field near I-71 and Highway 73, where the suspect was fatally shot following failed discussions. Ricky Walter Shiffer was later identified as the suspect.

Earlier this week, FBI Director Christopher Wray called out critics of the Trump raid as "dangerous," claiming that the backlash was contributing to a rise in death threats against agents.

"I'm always concerned about law enforcement threats," Wray said on Wednesday. "Violence against law enforcement, regardless of who you're furious with, is not the answer."

A guy drove his automobile into a barricade near the United States Capitol on Sunday morning and began firing rounds into the air before tragically killing himself. According to the Associated Press, authorities said he did not appear to be targeting any members of Congress.

The act is reminiscent of an April 2021 incident in which Noah Green, a 25-year-old black nationalist, deliberately crashed his automobile into a barricade outside the Capitol, killing Capitol Police officer William Evans.

The combined intelligence report from the FBI and DOJ comes at a time of rising political tensions ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Many are concerned that the increasingly unpopular Biden administration is inciting fringe extremists to respond to its extreme acts in a desperate attempt to blame, if not frame, its legitimate political opponents.

The FBI Sends a Clear Message to Trump, His Supporters, The Swamp Is Real.I pray this Trump Raid doesn’t rise to violence,But it's Gonig To as demonstrated by Antifa and BLM, but the Communist / Socialist / Progressive / Democrats have poked the bear in the eye and temporarily blinded the peace loving just leave me alone segment of society and the rubicon of a peaceful resolution May have already been crossed.

Everybody needs to remain calm because the deep state/swamp is on the self-destruct pattern. The fascist bureau of investigation stepped on it with big track shoes. If you take a look at the face of Garland and Wray they know their goose is cooked.

Sources:  beckernews  HNewsWire  HNewsWire

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