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Against Satan Soldiers and the World Will Enter Into Mayhem Very Quickly…

You can’t tyranny your way out of a pandemic — but you can plandemic your way into tyranny.

Protest Against Mandatory Vaxxing Turns Violent In Greece, 47 Detained

Update: 8/30/21 On Sunday, protesters in Athens clashed with police against mandatory vaccination measures that go into effect on Sept. 1.

Police estimate about 8,000 people attended the rally in Syntagma Square, the central square of Athens, chanting anti-vaxx slogans and demanding government officials reverse mandatory vaccinations for all health workers that begins Wednesday. 

At least 47 were detained in yesterday’s demonstrations, police said in a statement Sunday evening, reported by local media Iefimerida

Police said unruly protesters “threw objects” at police, and riot control response teams had to use tear gas, stun grenades, and water cannons to disperse the crowd. 

Here’s a stunning view of the demonstration. 

First night in Athens. Dinner on the balcony with a view — of both the Parthenon and a wild demonstration. This is my first experience with tear gas. I can confirm it burns bad. pic.twitter.com/2Wn0l5Iwsj— Gary Parrish (@GaryParrishCBS) August 29, 2021

Police disperse the crowd with water cannons. 

Στο Σύνταγμα είχανε τόνους νερού για πέταμα στην Εύβοια όμως σταγόνα! #φωτια_ευβοια #Συνταγμα #αντιεμβολιαστες #χρυσοχοιδη_παραιτησου pic.twitter.com/O69qV2meGn— fotiatora.gr (@fotiatoragr) August 29, 2021

Protesters throwing objects at police. 


Ένας σωστός “φιλήσυχος” αντιεμβολιαστής κουβαλά την ελληνική σημαία στον ώμο,ΤΗΝ ΠΡΟΣΒΑΛΕΙ. Τον σταυρό στο ένα χέρι, τον ΒΕΒΗΛΩΝΕΙ. Και ενα καπνογόνο,πυρσό ή μολότοφ στο άλλο χέρι. Που να του ΚΟΠΕΙ απ΄τη ρίζα. pic.twitter.com/BdXfjhrIlR— Nikos Michael (@NikosMichael6) August 29, 2021

According to AFP, the demonstrators held signs that read: “We are not against vaccines, but against fascism.” 

For several weeks, Greeks have been angered and taken to the streets to protest mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, and other virus-related measures. 

Event the largest industry union, Panhellenic Federation of Employees in Public Hospitals, released a statement earlier this month, indicating it was against mandatory vaccinations for hospital workers. 

The rise in government control over the lives of people under the guise of COVID is absolutely terrifying and continues to spread worldwide. Businesses and the government are forcing mandatory vaccinations and health passports, creating a multi-tier society of those who are vaxxed and unvaxxed.

Meanwhile, businesses and the government are entirely ignoring natural immunity, which could be up to 13x more effective than vaccines. 

Why on Earth would Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tell supporters on Friday that “everyone should buy a rifle”? Is the unstable South American emerging economy, suffering from the virus pandemic, rapid food inflation, and out-of-control poverty about to stumble into further socio-economic chaos?

Everybody has to buy a rifle, damn it! The armed people will never be enslaved. I know it costs a lot. An idiot says: ‘Ah, what you have to buy is beans,’ if you don’t want to, don’t buy the rifle, but do not come to disturb whoever wants to buy it,” Bolsonaro told reporters.

Latin American Telesur’s Nacho Lemus recorded video of the president telling supporters that “in a country with more than half of the population under food insecurity and in the midst of a new increase in the price of food, gasoline, gas, and electricity” now is the time to buy a gun. 

Both murders and killings are on the rise in the country, exacerbated by the virus pandemic. A socio-economic economic collapse could be in the making. 

Brazilian Real has lost half its value in the past decade. The decline accelerated during the virus pandemic. 

While the currency is collapsing, food prices in the country are hyperinflating. Recall what everyone’s favorite permabear, SocGen’s Albert Edwards said in late 2020 that rising food prices will trigger social chaos in emerging market economies first. 

The country’s economy is spiraling out of control as Bolsonaro has already threatened to reject the 2022 presidential election’s outcome because he claims it will be rigged.

Bolsonaro promised supporters he would ease gun laws and that’s what he’s done since 2019. The president appears to be preparing supporters for further impending socio-economic chaos or political crisis. 

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Satan Soldiers — Don’t Take ME For Granted.

Do Jesus’ words mean increased demonic activity in addition to Satanic activity? Could what Jesus said be a reference, not just to the increased wickedness in the world, but also to such things as cloning, genetic engineering, gene splicing, artificial creation of superhuman hybrids, and much more? This meddling into God’s creations (Dr FAUCI) is going on in scientific and secret laboratories around the world, today. Are today’s scientists learning and applying the knowledge and technology of fallen angels, and using it for evil nephilim-type creations just as was done in the ancient days of Noah?

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Ask The Blind Man ,He Saw it All

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