Watchman: What Scripture Teaches Is What We’re Learning From the Book of Revelation Things Are Going to Get Worse and Worse and Worse, the Believers Are Persecuted and Murdered. Opposite Christian Nationalism’s Expectations.


StevieRay Hansen, a premillennialist, said that Christians who think they can help God establish His Kingdom by taking over political power are wrong and often driven by a postmillennial eschatology that thinks Jesus will return after a long period of Christian political and cultural dominance.

If a society does bad things like being sexually immoral, being homosexually immoral, and having bad thoughts, God punishes them. The current leader is an example of the punishment described in Romans 1. When He gives them up, it means he gives them up to the consequences of their choices. Joe Biden is the epitome of all the things that I just talked about if you follow that pattern.

Embracing scriptural principles and experiencing true Christian conversion are the keys to achieving societal redemption. It is crucial to address societal norms and confront sins that may lead to divine judgment. The Church must not conform to external expectations, but rather stand firm in upholding biblical truths.

Transformation shall arise from within the hearts of individuals through the teachings of the Gospel of Christ.  Proclaimed that this message has the power to change hearts, and consequently, impact cultures and nations. The transformation that Christ brings can change a family and change a community, and change a nation.

Emphasized the distinction between Christian beliefs and political authority by stating, “The Kingdom of God is not of this world.” Additionally, highlighted the spiritual growth of God's Kingdom as distinct from earthly political activities.

Even with the division between religion and government, it underscored the significance of Christians participating in politics to promote righteousness, particularly in a voting environment where choices may not always reflect biblical principles accurately.

Correcting misunderstandings about Christian control over secular matters, referenced the biblical prophecies of challenging circumstances for believers prior to the Second Coming of Christ.

What Scripture teaches is what we're learning from the book of Revelation: Things are going to get worse and worse and worse, and the end of human history is not the Church triumphant, reigning in the world and taking over the structures of human kingdoms. That’s not what happens. At the end of human history, the believers are persecuted and murdered. And that’s the very opposite of what Christian nationalism would anticipate.

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