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By Edward O’Hara

In an article from a man that refers to himself as “the Bible answer man” he says, “On the one hand, Scripture tells us that “God cannot be tempted by evil” (James 1:13). On the other, it informs us that during His wilderness sojourn, Jesus was tempted by the evil one (Matthew 4:1–11).” Hank then asks “Could Jesus be tempted or couldn’t He?”  

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He goes on to explain that “First, for sin to take place there must be a sinful inner response to a seductive suggestion to sin. Though Satan appealed to Jesus’ natural human desires (e.g., hunger), our Lord did not fantasize over Satan’s suggestion. To mull over Satan’s suggestion even for a moment would have constituted sin. And, had Jesus sinned, He could not have been our Savior.

Furthermore, although Christ did not have any sinful proclivities that inclined Him toward evil, Satan’s temptations were nonetheless as real as the very flesh upon His bones. Even those who are born into sin can identify with being tempted to do something they are utterly disinclined to do.” 

When he says that “Christ did not have any sinful proclivities” he is contrasting what he says is a fact as it is plainly written in the Bible, with his completely unsubstantiated belief that all other men have such proclivities. Based not on the plain teaching in the Bible. But, on experiences and pre conceived notions. So here is where he lets us know that his understanding of whether Jesus sinned or not, or could be tempted or not, comes from his belief in the very unbiblical notion that men are inclined toward sin. While Jesus’ flesh was not. 

But, this would make Jesus’ flesh somehow different from the rest of mankind, right? Yes, it promotes the very unbiblical view known as Gnosticism that proclaims that Jesus’ flesh could not be the same as the rest of mankind because mankind has flesh that is sinful by nature, while Jesus’ flesh was sinlessly pure. A problem that John addresses in his epistles saying those who believe Jesus’ flesh is not the same flesh all men have are “of the spirit of antichrist”. And “have not God”. 

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He also says that if Jesus would have sinned He could not have been the savior. This is another error that people like the author make when trying to understand how it is that Jesus could not sin because of His flesh while he believes that all the rest of mankind must because of our flesh. 

Even though we know from the scriptures that Jesus never sinned. The Bible never says that if Jesus were to have sinned He could not have been the savior. That is an assumption these people make because of their pre conceived notions about the nature of the His flesh vs the nature of the flesh of mankind. 

There is a very serious error that happens when they speak of the “proclivities toward sin” that they believe all men have toward sin. It forces them to believe that Jesus’ flesh was different than ours insuring that He had no such proclivities. But, Heb.2:14, 1John4:1-3, and 2John1:7-11 plainly say this is not only unbiblical. But, that this is an antichrist doctrine. 

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It makes Jesus’ flesh different from the rest of mankind. Which is a direct contradiction to the statement we read in Heb.2:14-18 that says His flesh was “the same”. And John’s admonitions for those he wrote to in his epistles when he said the spirit that says Jesus did not come in the same flesh all men have is of the spirit of antichrist. 

As he contradicts himself saying that even though Jesus was not tempted in all points just as all men are because His flesh was different. Nevertheless Jesus was tempted in all points just as all men are even though His flesh was different. He is exhibiting what is know as cognitive dissonance. A contradiction in thinking that makes them believe that both are true at the same time. But, Jesus could not both be tempted and not tempted at the same time. 

The fact that he says Satan’s temptations were just as real for Jesus who had no such proclivities toward sin, as ours are for us who are driven to sin by “proclivities” that He did not have, is in reality a denial of the fact that Jesus could be tempted in all points just as we are. This cognitive dissonance is caused by the doctrine of original sin to which he adheres.

To the contrary, the fact that Jesus was tempted in all points just as we are shows plainly that He could just as easily have sinned as any man. And if He could not sin then He was not fully human. Nor was He tempted in all points just as we are. And the fact that even though He could have sinned but didn’t shows that because His flesh was exactly the same flesh that all men have, all men in fact choose either to sin or not to sin because of free will just as Jesus did. It is this same free will that Jesus applied to either choose to sin or not to sin. Showing us that men are not governed or influenced by a “proclivity to sin” passed to them in the stain of Adam’s sin so that we must sin as these who reject the doctrine of Christ believe. 

Hank goes on to say, 

“In saying “God cannot be tempted by evil,” James focuses on God as the self–sufficient sovereign of the universe. As such, He has no unmet needs. Conversely, the accounts of the temptation focus on God-Incarnate who experienced all the essential physical and psychological needs commensurate with humanity—including hunger, fatigue, and the desire for self–preservation.

Thus, the biblical truths that God cannot be tempted and yet Christ was tempted are complementary, not contradictory.”

This is true of God. And is true of the fully God part of Jesus as well. But, the fully human part of Jesus that was His flesh, was tempted in all points just as all men are. There was no God part in Jesus’ flesh. It was fully human. 

And for Him to be tempted just as all men are He must have had all the same impulses according to His flesh that tempts men to sin that all men have. And it also means that His being tempted just as we are He must have been able to sin if He chose to. Just as all men are if they choose to. For there is no temptation for one to sin who has no fleshly desire. 

The beauty of this is that it proves once again that men are not sinners because of their nature passed to them through the stain of Adam’s original sin as this poor deceived man has concluded. But, if men sin they do so by choice. Just as it was for Jesus who simply chose not to sin. This is why the scripture says Jesus is able to sympathize with us who live in these bodies of flesh and blood that are tempted to sin. If it was otherwise then Jesus had an advantage that creates an excuse for the rest of mankind as to why we might sin.

This is proof that no one has the stain of Adam’s original sin. And no one has a sin nature. Because like Jesus all men either sin or do not sin by choice. And like Jesus their fleshly desires do not govern their choices unless they were to allow them to by choice as Adam and Eve did. Just as Jesus kept from sin by free will choice. Therefore a “proclivity toward sin” used as a reason that men do sin really and actually has nothing to do with why men sin. But, is used only as an excuse by those who sin to exonerate themselves for their own perceived shortcomings. 

As long as people cling to original sin and sin nature beliefs for an excuse for sin that premise will cause them to deny the doctrine of Christ as this man has here. Something for which John said results in the horrific fact that “they have not God”. There is no more crucial issue regarding salvation than this. So much so that those who fall for the original sin and sin nature trap of satan have not God because sadly they have never come to a saving faith in the Biblical Jesus. 

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It becomes for them just as the apostle Paul said, “They have a form of godliness while denying the power thereof”. Empty vessels spewing the lies of satan that instead of freeing men from death and sin, actually bind men to death and sin. Rather, Paul’s gospel helps men to be free from death’s power and the sin that death uses as a stinger to hold men in it’s grip. 

But, because Jesus showed us the way to freely choose to follow Him. For which He then imparts to us the gift of faith to receive the gift of eternal life. So we can be free from death’s power and the sin it uses to enslave men to it. By trusting in Jesus and His resurrection we have eternal life. Because it is when we confess Jesus as Lord and believe that He has raised from the dead that Paul says we are saved. When we confess Jesus as Lord we have confessed that we trust in Him completely. And when we trust in Him completely as He trusted the Father, His resurrection that conquered His death, also conquers our death for us which frees us completely from sin. 

Will you trust in Him to be your Lord? Will you accept His defeat of death to be your death conquered for you? Will you accept His sacrifice that has already freed all men form the imputation of sin? So that you too can have the eternal life that Jesus came to provide you with? If you will then please pray with me now. 

Dear Jesus, thank you for showing me how to trust in you as you trusted the Father. Thank you for joining with me in my death. So that I can join with you in eternal life. I trust in you now to be my Lord and my savior. Thank you for saving me. Help me to live for you. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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If you prayed with me then welcome to God’s family. Now as you read the Bible learn of Jesus and others who trusted in Him. Learn how He trusted the Father, and how they trusted in Jesus. By doing this it will help you grow into the man or woman of God that He wants you to be. 

See you there or in the air!

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