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As Time Goes on There Will Be a Lot of Politicians, Police Officers, Judges That Will Take Cover in Other Words They Are Going to Remain Neutral Out for Fear for Their Lives. You Are On Your Own, Prepare For The Worst, Pray for the Best –Tribulations Will Be Very Ugly

I Want Everyone to Know, Never Take Anyone’s Word for the Gospel, Especially Revelations, Here’s How It Works. When You’re in the Word God Will Speak to You Through His Holy Spirit He Will Move You in the Direction He Wants You to Go. Please Stop Looking For That Individual Here on Earth That Has All the Answers, They’re Not Here and That Confuse You.. That Includes Anything I Say, Always Test Every Spirit. Every Word That Is Uttered Out of Any Man’s Mouth Must Be Verified Through the Holy Spirit… Stevieray Hansen

 I remind you that we are dealing now with what the Old Testament prophets called “the great and terrible day of the Lord.” I find it difficult to make such messages amusing or entertaining. It strikes me that to attempt it would be somewhat analogous to hiring a comedian to entertain the witnesses at a public execution! This is not entertaining material, I grant you, but it is true! And we have to face unpleasant truth at times. SRH…

Christians and Jews are being persecuted all over the world, just as they have been throughout history.  The only difference recently is that the global super power and their media apparatus have weaponized their viewers to hate these groups.

This is not just an American phenomenon, all over the world Christians are being persecuted

When a Church is bombed on Palm Sunday and someone tells you that the attack had nothing to do with religion … you know they are full of ****.

The Associated Press reported:

‘Two attackers blew themselves up outside a packed Roman Catholic cathedral during a Palm Sunday Mass on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, wounding at least 14 people, police said.

A video obtained by The Associated Press showed body parts scattered near a burning motorbike at the gates of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi province.

Rev. Wilhelmus Tulak, a priest at the church, said he had just finished celebrating Palm Sunday Mass when a loud bang shocked his congregation. He said the blast went off at about 10:30 a.m. as a first batch of churchgoers was walking out of the church and another group was coming in.

He said security guards at the church were suspicious of two men on a motorcycle who wanted to enter the building and when they went to confront them, one of the men detonated his explosives.

Police later said both attackers were killed instantly and evidence collected at the scene indicated one of the two was a woman. The wounded included four guards and several churchgoers, police said.

The attack a week before Easter in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation came as the country was on high alert following December’s arrest of the leader of the Southeast Asian militant group, Jemaah Islamiyah, which has been designated a terror group by many nations.

Indonesia has been battling militants since bombings on the resort island of Bali in 2002 killed 202 people, mostly foreign tourists. Attacks aimed at foreigners have been largely replaced in recent years by smaller, less deadly strikes targeting the government, police and anti-terrorism forces and people militants consider as infidels.

President Joko Widodo condemned Sunday’s attack and said it has nothing to do with any religion as all religions would not tolerate any kind of terrorism.

“I call on people to remain calm while worshiping because the state guarantees you can worship without fear,” Widodo said in a televised address.’

Can we stop pretending that attacks on houses of worship have ‘nothing to do with religion’?  The comment is absurd on its face.  When you blow up a Mosque, how can it be anything other than an attack on Islam?

The reason the left loves to say attacks like this have nothing to do with religion is because holding people accountable is not in their interests, in fact it’s antithetical to their core values.

On the right, we judge people based on the content of their character.  When we extrapolate this concept, we all know that OF COURSE all of Islam is not to blame for this senseless murder (assuming the bombers were of the Muslim faith).  If the bombers were Jewish, not all jews, or Judaism itself would be to blame.

On the left is way different.  The left’s insane coalition is based on a principle called ‘Intersectionality‘.  Once you understand what it means, it will help to understand why this attack is said to have ‘nothing to do with religion.

Wikipedia explained:

Intersectionality is an analytical framework for understanding how aspects of a person’s social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege. Examples of these aspects include gender, caste, sex, race, class, sexuality, religion, disability, physical appearance, and height Intersectionality identifies multiple factors of advantage and disadvantage. These intersecting and overlapping social identities may be both empowering and oppressing.  For example, a black woman might face discrimination from a business that is not distinctly due to her race (because the business does not discriminate against black men) nor distinctly due to her gender (because the business does not discriminate against white women), but due to a combination of the two factors.

Intersectionality broadens the lens of the first and second waves of feminism, which largely focused on the experiences of women who were both white and middle-class, to include the different experiences of women of color, women who are poor, immigrant women, and other groups. Intersectional feminism aims to separate itself from white feminism by acknowledging women’s different experiences and identities.

Intersectionality is a qualitative analytic framework developed in the late 20th century that identifies how interlocking systems of power affect those who are most marginalized in society and takes these relationships into account when working to promote social and political equity.  Intersectionality opposes analytical systems that treat each oppressive factor in isolation, as if the discrimination against black women could be explained away as only a simple sum of the discrimination against black men and the discrimination against white women.  Intersectionality engages in similar themes as triple oppression, which is the oppression associated with being a poor and/or immigrant woman of color.

Criticism includes the framework’s tendency to reduce individuals to specific demographic factors,  its use as an ideological tool against other feminist theories, and its association with antisemitism.  Critics have characterized the framework as ambiguous and lacking defined goals. As it is based in standpoint theory, critics say the focus on subjective experiences can lead to contradictions and the inability to identify common causes of oppression.”

Basically it’s the oppression olympics.  The more you can claim to identify with oppressed groups the more points you get.  On one is an individual, who is capable of succeeding on their own, they are all victims, no matter what they do, be it killing an Uber Eats driver while car jacking him, or blowing up a church.

If we find out that the attackers did this to ‘please God’ … how can one say it had nothing to do with religion?  How can you know what caused the attack when you are still cleaning up body parts?  We are just speculating here, but hypothetically, if 2 of my fellow Jews blew up the Church and said they did it because our Holy Book.  Clearly the attack would have something to do with religion.  Just because religion was involved does not mean the entire religion is to be condemned.

The left can not acknowledge this because it is at odds with blaming every white person for, literarily, anything.  These are the mental gymnastics you must endure when you try to understand the false narratives of the left.  Clearly religion had SOMETHING to do with an attack on … wait for it … wait … a CHURCH.

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