Our Public Health Services Have Been Taken Over and Misused by Satan Soldiers, Often Known as Far-Left Extremists. They Have Also Damaged the People’s Confidence, and Have Caused Devastation in Our Country



To hold "radical" public health professionals like Dr. Anthony Fauci responsible, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) said in a policy letter on May 24 that if Republicans win back Congress in November 2022, it must be a "primary oversight priority."

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci takes a breather on Capitol Hill in Washington on May 26, 2021, during a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing.

Fauci's management of the COVID-19 epidemic has become increasingly unpopular with Republicans, who had previously regarded him as a trustworthy person.

A number of Republican politicians, including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), have publicly spat with Fauci, accusing him of seeking to usurp powers that should belong to Congress under the Constitution and of lying willfully. Paul added a photograph of Fauci's face with the text "Fire Fauci" in an official email.

After learning that Fauci and his coworkers may have purposefully misled the public regarding the so-called "lab leak scenario" of the origin of COVID-19, many Republicans remain eager to do precisely that...

Several Republican House members have formed the RSC, a research organization that calls for GOP leaders to take a firm position against Fauci and his supporters if the GOP regains control of Congress in the midterm elections in 2022.

A "blank check" will be issued to far-left bureaucrats if Congress fails to hold the Fauci clique responsible and reform public health organizations, RSC Chairman Jim Banks warned Breitbart. A clear message must be sent that such limitations, mandates, and school closures will never be repeated.

The RSC said in a press statement dated May 23 that "before the New NormalTM, the most feared symptoms of flu season were fever, sniffles, and cough."

Americans now have a far more serious threat to worry about as they prepare for the next winter and the accompanying flu seasons (or increased incidence of Monkey Pox)."

the announcement added, "Far-left extremists have seized control of our public health agencies, utilized their positions of authority to commit abuses, damaged public confidence, and wrecked devastation on our country."

There were 257 studies sponsored by the NIH to examine COVID-19 societal inequities but only four funds to study how the virus spreads, according to the RSC's findings.

President Biden's budget includes $100 million each for the CDC and NIH to combat so-called "climate change," according to the announcement.

We must hold extremists like Dr. Fauci responsible for their actions and overhaul our public health agencies if we want to ever rebuild faith in these institutions and safeguard the freedoms and liberties we once took for granted. There will be no checks and balances for the far-left bureaucrats unless Republicans employ their oversight powers in Congress.

The RSC elaborated on these concerns in a policy document.

According to a letter, public health bureaucracy trust is at an all-time low. When it comes to Washington bureaucrats, American citizens are correct in their belief that they have given up common sense for political gain."

"During the COVID-19 epidemic, the Left adopted Rahm Emmanuel's famous statement, 'never let a good problem go to waste,'" Many of their policies went mostly uncontested at the outset. Health officials immediately began to issue inconsistent and absurd orders as well as to engage in politicized discourse.

"These commands increased the burden on Americans but had no evident impact on the spread of COVID," the letter concluded. Authorities reacted with censorship rather than proof and told Americans to 'follow the science' when they pointed this out." Clarification from Dr. Fauci on his statement that "I am the Science."

According to the document, many Americans have come to know the phrase "public health" has been used by left-wing bureaucrats to refer to programs that restrict their fundamental rights.

"The CDC and NIH have drifted far from their initial mandates," the RSC said in its paper. In order to fight infectious illnesses, the CDC was established. In order to improve health, extend life, and minimize sickness and disability, the NIH's defined objective is to pursue basic knowledge. While both organizations have been affected by an ideology-driven public health academy, the Left's attack on American culture has been advanced by both.

Restoring these organizations back to their original goals would be a good idea for conservatives, the RSC said.

An inquiry for comment was not answered by Fauci or the NIH.


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