Russian Residents Are Said to Be Fleeing the Country in Anticipation of Vladimir Putin’s Declaration of Martial Rule

Several journalists, both international and native, have been forced to flee the country.

Russian Scumbags, Lemmings, Apocalypse

HNewsWire- Russian people have apparently begun to evacuate the nation in anticipation of President Vladimir Putin's expected declaration of martial rule, according to reports.

Earlier this week, Russia's official censorship authority released guidelines instructing news networks to exclusively utilize "trusted" sources or risk being shut down. As a result, two independent news networks, including Dozhd TV – known in English as Rain TV – were shut down.

It is "clear that the personal safety of some of us is now in danger," said Tikhon Dzyadko, the Dozhd's nighttime head editor, on the Telegram messaging service on Wednesday, as he prepared to escape the country due to fear for his life.

In addition, Russian citizens have begun to panic as the Duma, the country's legislative body, prepares to introduce new legislation that could allow the government to conscript anyone detained in protest of the invasion, a number that had risen to more than 8000 as of Thursday evening, according to the independent watchdog OVD-info.

It was reported on Twitter by Kevin Rothrock of Bellingcat that the legislation had already been presented in the Duma.

Even overseas reporters have been alarmed by the assault on the press: Alec Luhn, a VICE reporter who has been covering the situation on the ground in Russia, posted on social media that he was on his way to the border with so many other people that aircraft tickets were "largely sold out" and planes were "fully booked."

"Other passengers expressed concern about being stranded in Russia, being jailed, or being forced to participate in a conflict they do not support," wrote Luhn. They may not be allowed to return, according to the authorities.

Julia Ioff of Puck News said that a friend from Moscow was driving "all night" to reach the border since there were no more aircraft tickets available.

"We're attempting to get there before the president delivers his State of the Union speech," the companion said. Ioffe stated that a buddy instructed her to stop texting so that they could clean their phones in preparation for a border inspection.


Putin: Rumored announcement of martial law.

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