The Elites (Satan Soldier Bill Gates and Co.) Who Want to Take Away Our Bodily Sovereignty and a Lot More in the Name of COVID or Whatever Other “Mortal Health Threat” They Choose to Publicize Next Through Their Carpet-Bomber Control of Most Media Have All Done Their Homework on the Frame Game and Carefully Tailor Their Communications to Fit With Its Rules


Satan Soldier Bill Gates revealed some shocking statements a few weeks ago during the World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering in Davos. During a 56-minute panel discussion, the vaccine pusher extraordinaire revealed (beginning at 18:22) that the Covid vaccinations do not prevent illness and that the duration of any protection they provide is quite brief.

He subsequently discussed the folly of creating any Covid passport program—or any other mechanism to separate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated—when the injections have shown no capacity to achieve the least that one might expect from a vaccine: prevent infection and transmission.

These admissions violently knock the stool out from under the arguments advanced in support of the more aggressive and damaging Covid "containment measures" implemented in the last two years, many of which are still being pursued with pitiless zeal by public officials, CEOs, and educational "leaders" all over the world.

Are we to think that Bill Gates suddenly felt compelled to undercut everything he has worked tirelessly to promote over the previous two years? And that he was granting clearance to all those who were presently carrying out those plans to stand down?

It's a wonderful idea. But I don't think that's the case.

No. Bill was merely using one of the most tried and tested strategies of elite information management, the limited hangout, or what I like to refer to as a desire to "save the frame" of an argument that was swiftly losing steam.

Because Bill and many of the individuals he has teamed up with to inflict experimental and often hazardous vaccinations on the globe essentially own or have contributed huge sums of money to many of the world's most powerful media sources, he knew he didn't have to worry about his statements being widely distributed.

That's exactly what happened. Only a few tiny independent news organizations paid attention to what he stated.

So, to whom was he speaking, and why?

He was addressing to his fellow believers, offering them a rhetorical model for dealing with the loss of confidence that some of their ranks are experiencing as a result of the vaccinations' utter failure.

The sentence Gates spoke just before the "but" with which he introduced his accurate statements regarding the "vaccines'" pathetic infection-blocking capabilities and limited duration of efficacy is crucial to comprehending the framing game here: "Vaccinations have saved millions of lives."

Those who are acquainted with the work of cognitive linguist George Lakoff or pollster and so-called political wordsmith Frank Luntz will understand what I mean.

Despite their opposing political views, these two men share a belief in the extraordinary power of rhetorical framing; that is, the human brain's tendency to subordinate careful analysis of empirically proven details to the embrace of an overarching cognitive metaphor that appeals to their deeper, if often unstated, cultural and emotional values.

It's the distinction between, say,

"Under false pretenses, the United States attacked and devastated Iraq, murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people."


"The United States committed a series of fatal blunders in its attempts to deliver democracy to Iraq."

The first is a straightforward factual fact. The second obscures that basic reality and lowers it to the lofty ideal, so beloved by Americans when considering their place in the world, of a nation that is continually assisting people all over the globe to improve their lives.

And, with the broad imposition of mental frameworks like this via the media, "poof!" go all the gruesome, on-the-ground facts, and, more crucially, the need to genuinely question what we did and how we could strive to heal the lives we ruined.

Returning to Davos, Satan Soldier, a.k.a.Bill, was essentially telling his troops, "You are on a tremendous moral crusade. We've had a few minor setbacks along the road, but don't give up because the world needs us to keep being heroic and saving lives."

And with that cognitive frame in place, any lingering concerns that the audience may have about what they have done and their future goal vanish.

The same tactic is used when the US administration, predictably, attributes the apparent fading of the epidemic to the deployment of vaccinations. The CDC, for example, told CNN immediately after eliminating the requirement that US residents be tested before coming home after international travel:

"The Covid-19 pandemic has now entered a new phase, owing to widespread use of very effective Covid-19 vaccinations, the availability of effective treatments, and the accumulation of high levels of vaccine- and infection-induced immunity at the population level in the United States." Each of these approaches has helped to reduce the risk of serious illness and mortality in the United States."

It's no coincidence that the first cause cited to explain the advent of happy days, and the one that sets the tone for all that follows, is "widespread acceptance of extremely efficient Covid-19 vaccinations."

The goal here, as it was with Gates in Davos, is to maintain, in the face of abundant empirical evidence to the contrary, the frame that portrays forced vaccination as the great slayer of the pandemic and gifter of our vanquished freedoms, and to turn that suggestion into an established fact through constant repetition.

Of course, neither Gates' claim that vaccinations saved "millions of lives" nor the CDC's claim that "widespread vaccine uptake" was the primary cause for the pandemic's termination are proven facts. Not at all. There are no scientific research that I am aware of that can validate either assertion. But that's exactly the purpose.

The elites who choose to deprive us of our bodily sovereignty and so much more in the name of Covid, or whatever other "mortal health threat" they choose to publicize next via their carpet-bomber control of most media, have all done their homework on the frame game and carefully tailor their communications to fit its imperatives.

Unfortunately, most residents are still unaware of how it functions in their daily lives. Verbal subtleties like the ones mentioned above are important because they play a huge part in building and preserving what Chomsky so wonderfully termed the field of "thinkable thinking" in our public debates.

We need to destroy their frames in order to free up that field. But, in order to break such frameworks, we must first acknowledge their existence and know where to look for them.



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