We Aren’t Being Honest: In New York City, Two Men Died From Monkeypox, Which Officials Termed the “Stigmatizing” Sickness. God Forbid We Teach These Homosexuals That Sticking Your Penis up Another Man’s Rectum Is Both Morally and Medically Wrong


HNewsWire: You Men Having Sex with Men, Please Isolate. Wear Masks. Keep Your Monkeypox to Yourself!

"Predominantly in Homosexuals, Bisexuals, or Guys Who Have Sexual Relations with Men or Monkeys" is how the instances are described.

According to NBC New York, New York City revealed two monkeypox-related deaths on Friday, the first in the five boroughs. Aside from reporting that the victims were "immune compromised" and had "underlying health issues," few information were made public, with officials instead issuing a terse message of sympathy.

"The two reported fatalities have deeply saddened us, and our hearts go out to the individuals' loved ones and the community. Every effort will be taken to minimize further virus-related suffering by continuous community participation, information sharing, and immunization "officials stated in a statement

There have already been four monkeypox-related deaths in the United States since the outbreak began in September, with the first mortality reported in California.

As of Oct. 17, the city has at least 3,695 confirmed cases of the virus. The epidemic of cases in New York City has decreased dramatically since its peak at the end of July, with daily counts in the single digits by the beginning of this month.

Over 143,000 first and second doses of the monkeypox vaccine have been provided to date. -NBC NY

This Thursday, NYC Health Department officials unveiled a new name for monkeypox, arguing that the phrase was "stigmatizing" - but we should note that this allegation appears to be made mainly by left-leaning politicians.

What is the new name? MPV

"The former term is an inappropriate and stigmatizing label for a virus that primarily affects a group that has already suffered a long history of discrimination," the health department said, without elaborating. "Stigma is a shadow sickness that can follow viruses and push individuals away from care, even when the illness itself is manageable," the city went on to say.

"The Department requested that the World Health Organization alter the name and continues to urge global health officials to make this change widespread."

"However, the equality considerations are too strong to delay any longer," the health department noted, according to Just the News.

We can't be Honest: Two people died from monkeypox in New York City after officials renamed the'stigmatizing' disease. These days, God forbid we educate these Homosexuals that sticking your penis up another man's rectum is both morally and medically wrong.

Pestilence: Homosexual Sex in Full Stride—Keep Poking God in the Eye With That Pride Trans, Homosexual Evil Misfits Crap, Monkeypox Virus Linked to Men Who Have Sex With Other Men, the Worst Is Yet to Come, No GOD, No Cure, Death Cometh! Pale Horse In Play. Pestilence Lightning-fast spread around the globe Warp Speed.



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SRH: Sometimes our critics accuse us of being angry, as if that somehow disqualifies our message. Perhaps they have never read of God’s wrath or His righteous indignation. The reality is that God was often angry. He was angry with Moses after he objected five times to confront Pharaoh. Jesus was angry at the money changers in the Temple. He called the Pharisees a “brood of vipers.” Righteous anger is not only justified, it is expected of God’s children. We should be righteously angry at all the sin that God hates. Our anger should be tempered by the command to love, but this does not make the two emotions mutually exclusive. That’s our position. HNewsWire: Monkeypox cases are expected to increase in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There has been one incidence…


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