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Satan is a master deceiver. It’s what he does. He comes at us in many ways. But, his most common tool is deception. So he is most likely going to come as close to the truth as possible to deceive us  without actually saying it. 

How satan the Greatest Deceiver Stops people from Trusting ...

An example of this is shown in a conversation I recently had at a supposedly “christian” website where the salvation by works dogma of the doctrine of original sin and sin nature was on full display once again. Sadly, these conversations are very common when most in the so called church, both in and out of the pulpits, are confronted with the truth about salvation by grace through faith without works. 

First, let’s look at some excerpts from that e-mail conversation beginning with my comment,

If you believe in the doctrine of original sin and sin nature you have believed in salvation by works.

Guy #2 responds,

If I did not believe in original sin and sin nature I would not need a savior, would I? Think it through, Ed. Why do you need a Savior if you have neither original sin or a sin nature. Just pick yourself up by your bootstraps?

Guy #1 tells guy#2 saying of me 

He has a messed up personal definition for “salvation by works”.

My Reply

Of course you would still need a savior. Man’s need for a savior is not so he can be made good enough for God to accept him. If it was then that would be salvation by works. That’s the salvation by works that comes from believing the false doctrine of original sin. But, man’s need for salvation is not because of works. Man’s need for a savior is so that he can be made an eternal spiritual being instead of a mortal natural man that he is since God made Adam. That’s why Adam began to die as soon as he could no longer eat from the tree of life. Gen.3:22-24. Adam needed a savior since the day he was made, not just since he ate the fruit, because he was made mortal. 

Genesis Chapter 3:22-24 - Revelation River

Read 1Cor.15:45-56 for proof of this. Man’s need is to be made an immortal spiritual being. To be “born again”. Because “Flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God”. And what is born of the flesh is flesh. But, what is born of the Spirit is spirit. Flesh and blood is mortal. That’s why it’s the spirit that gives life. The flesh profits nothing. John6:63. And that’s why we all need Jesus. 

Now see in a new conversation in the same thread that I pick up part way through between the two people I spoke to in the previous comments that they do indeed believe in salvation by works. 

Guy #2- If you want to argue that the Spirit takes part in sin, knock yourself out. Just don’t expect to get a lot of traction with your arguments. While Scripture does not explicitly give an example or state plainly that the Spirit leaves and returns, it is a logical understanding since Scripture does plainly say that the Spirit has no part in sin and that those who sin have no part in God. 

Do you see the works salvation in his comment? 

Guy #1 answers- Why do you raise a straw man? Not a single word of what I wrote suggests that the Holy Spirit takes part in sin. Do you sin? Is the Holy Spirit in you? (I assume the answer is affirmative, since I also assume you were baptized) Does the Holy Spirit therefore have part in sin?

I interjected here and was ignored by both guy#1 and #2

The Holy Spirit being the agent and seal of salvation, if He were to leave, then a man is no longer saved. And if He leaves because a man does something bad, then men are saved, or unsaved, by works. This is why I wrote that the doctrine of original sin is a false message of salvation by works.

Guy #2 continues by answering guy #1 saying- If you are saying the Spirit remains with us in sin you are making Him a participant with sin.

Guy #1 replies- Well if you’re going to grab the wrong verses, of course, you’re going to be confused. I know I am pretty naïve. All this time I thought your really were a pastor

Guy #2 answers- My point is that in order to answer the question of whether or not we are pushing out the Holy Spirit with our sin, one doesn’t look at verses where the Holy Spirit is promised with the forgiveness of sins. It’s like trying to answer questions about baptism by looking at verses about communion. So as I said earlier and as Luther did in the Smalcald articles is ask the implication of the verses which make it clear that the Holy Spirit has no part in sin and that the sinner is not of God.

Guy #1 says- If you actually read the verses, you would note that they also speak of sinners in whom the Holy Spirit dwells. Although the words, “simul iustus et peccator” are not found in Scripture, the Reformers found that they are essential to the Gospel

And finally guy #2 concludes- Only sinners can be forgiven. I didn’t miss anything in those passages. 

As I read what these two people were saying to each other, confirming what I had just said to them about the doctrine of original sin being a salvation by works doctrine, it was as if what I had just told them didn’t even register with them. Because what they were now saying to each other was confirmation of what I had just told them that they both disagreed with. 

It’s as if their ears are deafened to the truth. But, actually it’s not “as if” they are deaf, they really are deaf to the truth. This is a deafness that comes as a direct cause of their trust in the false doctrine of original sin. Because that doctrine teaches that works, rather than grace, are both the cause for our need of, and is the means for, salvation and it’s seal of the Holy Spirit. 

From these interactions regarding the reason one has or has not the Holy Spirit, we can see that people who believe as these who believe the doctrine of original sin, believe the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and therefore our salvation, is based on our behavior. Our works. Living in us while we are good. And leaving us when we are bad. 

Never mind that Jesus told us that He will never leave us or forsake us. Never mind that Paul taught that once we have trusted in Jesus for eternal life the Holy Spirit seals us till the day of redemption. 

So for those who would say, “Hey let’s just put our doctrine aside and just love each other. After all we all believe in Jesus, right?” Wrong. This is precisely why doctrine is so important. Unity at the expense of truth is not unity. It is deception. Because our doctrine, that is what we believe about God, Jesus, and the atonement, is what tells us who He is and why we need Him. And if we get this wrong it doesn’t matter what we think about how a christian is to behave. Behavior doesn’t save us. We are saved because we have a personal relationship with the true God and His Son Jesus Christ. 

It’s like two people describing a friend they think they have in common just because this person has the same name. But, after describing him they find it is not the same person at all. This shows us that our knowing Him isn’t just knowing His name. We know Him when what we know about Him describes Jesus exactly as the Bible describes Him. And it is because we know Him that we have salvation.

Jesus said knowing Him is eternal life in John17:3. He didn’t say knowing Him imputes to us His sinless perfection so that we are made good enough for God to accept us into His kingdom. That’s justification by works. Paul says Jesus’ righteousness was His trust in the Father. Just as our righteousness, which is the righteousness of Christ, is our trust in Jesus. This is the grace through faith without works gospel that joins us to Him. 

John 17:3 - Verse Images

The naughty/nice Santa Claus religious paradigm the doctrine of original sin puts men in actually serves satan to keep them from knowing God and His Son. Because it forces them to focus on morality, works, and behavior instead of on the relationship with Jesus Himself. 

This person is joined to works, not Jesus, for justification. Just as those Jews Paul speaks to that perverted the law in Rom.7. Instead of the faith that joins us to Him because we believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Which is why Paul made it clear that to be joined to Christ we must be dead to the law. That is, we are dead to righteousness by works. 

Because Paul said by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified. And since Jesus’ flesh was the same as ours is He could not be justified by those works any wore than we can. Because His justification was by grace through faith so must our justification be by grace through faith. This is why Jesus is the way. 

These people whose faith is in the doctrine of original sin to join them with Jesus are confused about what salvation is because that doctrine is one of works righteousness that keeps them from knowing the grace of God for salvation. Like the Israelite under the law they are joined to a behavior centric system. A system wherein works are both the cause of our need and the answer to it, rather than the simple gospel of being “justified by the faith of Christ”. Which Paul said in Gal.2:16 was the only means for a man to be justified. 

Sadly, those who have been deceived by this false doctrine are worse off now than they were before they had any concept of religion. Because their minds have been blinded by satan with a form of godliness that denies it’s power. A power that saves to the uttermost them that believe.  

A power that is absent for them because as Paul says, they oppose themselves. Saying on one hand that we are saved by grace through faith. And on the other that we are saved by works. These are they who Paul said need to be instructed in meekness so that they will repent to the acknowledging of the truth; And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will. 2Tim.2:25,26.

Instructing them that only those that believe in Jesus for righteousness, not them that trust in His or anyone else’s works for righteousness, will be saved. This is how vitally important this message is. If we have been taken captive by the devil by believing we are saved by works, we must free ourselves from the salvation by works doctrine of original sin that has held so many for centuries in the “snare of the devil”. 

Beware of the Snare - Bucky Kennedy Ministries

I hope that you who may believe that doctrine is not really that important are beginning to see that doctrine is indeed important after all. So much so that it makes the difference between knowing Jesus for eternal life. Or not knowing Jesus at all. And that those who do know Jesus can never have true fellowship with those who do not. 

This is why once we come to believe in Jesus we must study to show ourselves workman who are approved of God who need not to be ashamed. This is what Paul meant in Eph.2:10 saying, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” 

Note that Paul says UNTO good works, not BY good works. Not works for salvation. But, works that make us men and women that bear much fruit unto God. Men and women, who even though their faith when they started was as the smallest of the seeds sown in the garden. Will from faith to faith and from glory to glory grow into the largest of shrubs in the garden. So large that the fowls of the air may lodge in the shade of your branches. Shade that gives them comfort and helps them grow into the men and women of God that He also wants them to be. 

But, first we must place our faith securely on the foundation of Paul’s gospel. The rock that in Mt.7 Jesus said our house must be built upon. A gospel that says it is by grace through faith without works, not Jesus’ works or anyone else’s, by which we are saved.

Can you do that? Can you say with a surety that your faith in Jesus is as His faith was in the Father? Can you confess that Jesus is Lord? And do you believe the He has raised from the dead? If so then you are saved and have eternal life. And if you do then pray with me to thank God for His wonderful gift. 

Dear Jesus, thank you for joining with me in death. So that I can join with you in eternal life. Thank you that my salvation is not dependent upon works of any kind. Thank you that my salvation is by grace through faith without works. Thank you for saving me from the power of death into immortality and eternal life. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Amen sign | Etsy

If you prayed with me then welcome to God’s family. Now as you read the Bible believe what it plainly says. And the Holy Spirit will lead you into all the truth. 

See you there or in the air!



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