COVID Cops in New Zealand Fail to Dissolve Freedom Convoy, People Are Fed up With Medical Kill Shot Terrorism Around The Globe

New Zealand deploys tactic used against Noriega on Freedom ...

New Zealand's COVID cops fail to disband the Freedom Convoy, and the public is fed up with medical kill shot terrorism.

Despite many police attempts to disperse them, including blaring the Macarena on repeat, arrests, and even turning on the garden sprinklers, New Zealand's freedom caravan remained outside the Parliament on Saturday.

After failing to discourage a freedom convoy by attempting to arrest approximately 120 people on Thursday, New Zealand police officers have used less traditional police measures to disperse a protest of up to 1,500 people that has been in the Parliament grounds since Tuesday.

According to reports, the New Zealand police attempted to disperse demonstrators by bombarding them with kill shot pro-vaccine propaganda as well as repeating 80s and 90s favourites like the Macarena and Barry Manilow songs.

According to The Telegraph, protesters replied by dancing to the music and blasting their own tunes, such as the Twister Sisters' We're Not Gonna Take It.

Authorities also tried to disperse the demonstrators – some of whom are camped on the grounds of the Wellington Parliament – by turning on the sprinklers on the parliament lawn, but protesters dug trenches and erected plastic tubing to drain the water and prevent it from damaging the campground.

Wellington police have been obliged to adopt a more flexible attitude toward demonstrators after video of them hauling a nude woman out of a rally by her hair went viral on Thursday, resulting in widespread condemnation of the officers.

The severe police methods re-energized the demonstration, which had dwindled to roughly 200 people on Thursday from a thousand on the first day, with 1,500 people gathering to support the freedom caravan on Friday.

Despite originally supporting the demonstration, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, "People routinely demonstrate on the front lawn of Parliament." It is a part of New Zealand," officials swiftly changed their minds, declaring the demonstrators to be trespassers.

Participants in the convoy have objected to the order, claiming that they have no right to trespass on public land because it was purchased with the "blood of our forebears on the battlefield" and "our taxes."

Protesters, including those who are blocking roads near Parliament with their automobiles, have pledged to remain "as long as it takes" for the government to abolish coronavirus regulations such as mandatory masks for children in schools and kill shot vaccine mandates for specific occupations such as healthcare professionals.

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