LGBTQ Advocate:Christian is the new black. We had just been sent to the back of the bus, who will be our Rosa Parks?

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Public schools are forcing our kids to embrace lifestyles clearly against the Word of God.  Far too many Christians are going along with it in the name of acting in love.  I cannot believe that God is pleased with parents surrendering their children to LGBTQ activists for indoctrination.  We are in this mess because Christians have been too passive for decades.  Those who identify as LGBTQ are only 3% of the population

Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 
Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
1 Corinthians 6:9-10

LGBTQ Bullies: We Won’t Apologize for Being Christians!

The crux of the gay pride movement, as I understand it, is to be proud of who you are without apology. Why, then, do homosexual activists demand Christians apologize for who they are? Why must Christians be cornered, made to feel othered for such radical “extreme” beliefs that babies have rights to life, those babies are best raised by their mothers and fathers who are joined in holy matrimony, and above all, God, not the government, should be obeyed?

The greatest trick of LGBTQ activists is to portray themselves as victims of us intolerant Christians.  The truth is, they are the ones aggressively seeking to make quoting the Bible illegal.  LGBTQ activists just tried to pass a law in California against books criticizing gays.  Christians successfully voted it down.  Praise God.

We in the Christian community do not demand you endorse our way of life, only that you leave us to it. This town is plenty big enough for us all, with plenty of bakeries, florists, and community centers for nuptials to go around. If you in the LGBTQ community want to be respected for who you are, then may I suggest you follow the Golden Rule: treat others as you’d like to be treated. Which doesn’t include demanding everyone cater your every whim with the threat of life-altering legal action should they decline.

An LGBTQ advocate, in her written testimony to the House Financial Services Committee, complained Tuesday that the LGBTQ community faces housing discrimination on par with “people of color.”

Ellen Page, a lesbian activist sometimes actress, tried church shaming Chris Pratt simply because some of Pratt’s church leaders have said homosexuality is a sin. Pratt has clarified where he stands on the whole non-controversy, but he should’ve never had to clarify or defend himself. Pratt’s original point was to share an inspiring message about the light of someone’s soul shining for others. He said nothing at all about gays, lesbians, or transwomen weightlifters. Brave and stunning as they are.

But Page couldn’t take the positivity for what it was. She couldn’t accept a happy message while disagreeing with Christianity’s position on homosexuality. No, she had to throw away all that is good about Chris Pratt to focus on what she thinks makes him terrible: Christianity’s teachings on homosexuality. Specifically, that homosexuality is a sin.

Before I get too far into the reeds, allow me a point of clarification. When I refer to “LGBTQ” in this column, I’m referring to the Gaystapo, a group of militant LGBTQ activists who wield their social justice swords without mercy, maiming anyone who dares disapprove of their lifestyle. The hypocrisy is glaring. I’m not addressing the — what I think to be — majority of gay and lesbian people who just want to live their lives like the rest of us: privately, peacefully, with little incident. Just the GameStop tranny types. The militant butchcutted lesbians demanding I stamp their scissor lovemaking with approval. While they chalk up my attraction to burly men as some form of internalized misogyny. Hardly seems sporting.

Kierra Johnson, deputy executive director of the National LGBTQ Task Force, wrote: “In states that prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ people in housing, discrimination complaints are filed by LGBTQ people at a rate similar to race discrimination complaints filed by people of color.”

Johnson called discrimination against LGBTQ people in housing “a consistent and ubiquitous issue.” 

She noted that 40 percent of young people who are homeless identify as LGBTQ and “people living at the intersections of multiple marginalized identities, like LGBTQ people of color and LGBTQ people with disabilities, are even more likely to face discrimination in access to housing, and to have an increased need to access public housing supports.”

Furthermore, she stated that “49% of Black transgender and gender non-binary respondents to a recent survey experienced housing discrimination in the preceding year” and that “13% of Black transgender women were denied access to a homeless shelter.”

“Forty-two percent of transgender shelter-seekers report having been forced to live as the wrong gender as a condition of access to a shelter,” Johnson stated. “Overall, nearly half of transgender shelter-seekers said they ultimately left a shelter due to mistreatment.”

LGBTQ Bullies: We Won’t Apologize for Being Christians!

She cited a recent study by the Center for American Progress and the Equal Rights Center, which found that “30 percent of shelters were willing to house transgender women with non-transgender women.”

“The study, which used test callers to inquire into the practices of 100 shelters across four states (Connecticut, Washington, Tennessee and Virginia), found that shelters: refused services outright; misgendered callers; cited genitalia or surgery requirements as prerequisites to placement consistent with gender identity; and cited the discomfort of other shelter residents as a basis for refusing placements consistent with gender identity.”

Johnson cited a recent survey by the Center for American Progress, which found that the LGBTQ community was 2.5 times more likely to rely on public housing benefits than their non-LGBTQ counterparts.”Source

Drag queens are reading homosexual-themed stories to kids in public libraries, using homosexual songs that instruct kids how to move like a homosexual

It is time for Christians and all people of conscience to say, “Enough is enough with your bullying. We are not going to bow down to your threats. We will do what is right, regardless of cost or consequence, and in the end, we will be vindicated for taking a stand.”

As for Ed Lee, the mayor of San Francisco, he’s acting more like a dictator than a mayor. Who gave him the right to tell city-funded employees where they could travel in their own country, once known as “the land of the free”?

Unfortunately, the pattern is all too familiar.

A state like Indiana passes a Religious Freedoms Act that mirrors national law, as a result of which gay bullies and their allies threaten to pull their businesses from the state — from Wal-Mart to Apple to Craig’s List to the NCAA — and within days, the governor and the legislation cave, passing a new law that makes things worse than ever. (This happened in March, 2015; the Indianan legislators and governor have since pushed back to some degree.)

We cannot let this happen in our states (I have lived in North Carolina since 2003), and as believers nationwide, we must stand together and reject these pressure tactics and call them out for what they are: unethical, strong-armed, bullying.

Fear not! God is with us

Never bow down to bullies.

I could go on and on with stories about how LGBTQ activists are aggressively stealing the hearts and minds of our kids while cramming their lifestyle down our throats, but then the Christians know the truth and the truth has set us free, the world is sinful, it’s absolutely become demonic, the history of the homosexual movement, mutated into transgender fluids, which really means the sexually perverted crowd has got the upper hand in this world, but I assure you that short-lived, the Bible tells us NOT TO FAITH, those of you that have children protect them, shield them from this sin virus called homosexual transgender fluids….

Christian is the new black. We had just been sent to the back of the bus, who will be our Rosa Parks?


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StevieRay Hansen


Jesus come quick, there is nothing left in society that’s sacred….

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