Edward: Gospel means good news. And it is the good news. It can be good news about pretty much anything. But, the gospel that is found in the Bible is that which describes for us who God is. Who Jesus is. And what the atonement is for. And how these have provided deliverance from the mortality that causes men to seek God. To eternal life for all who will believe in the Biblical Jesus. 

The new believer is not going to know immediately every detail about this gospel. None of us will ever know all that is to be known about the gospel while we see through the dark glasses of these mortal minds. But, he will know that Jesus loves him. And will learn more and more about His love and what God has done for him because of His love, because with God's love being shed abroad in his heart by the Holy Spirit he will now want to know Him in a very intimate and personal way. Who wouldn't want to know this kind of love, right? 

But, a more full understanding of the gospel is something that must be known for the believer to become the "perfect man" God wants us to be. The mature man of God that is "thoroughly furnished unto every good work". Good works that are a reference to our faith for righteousness. And senses exercised to know good from evil. 

The gospel of God is that first He is the Creator of all things. This is why the Bible begins with "In the beginning God created...." This is good news because God is love. Which is what the Creator wants most of all for His creation to know about Him. And that it is because He is love that everything He has done and will ever do in, for, and with His creation, is because of His love for His creation. 

Love is the reason He created. Because He wanted not only for there to be love among the Godhead. As there has been from eternity past that makes the Godhead one. But, He also wanted to share His love with His creation. That's good news, right? That one who is powerful enough to have created all things has only love for His creation. 

The gospel of Jesus, or maybe for those who study the Bible known as the doctrine of Christ, is first that He came in the same flesh all men have. And that by coming in the same flesh all men have He joined with men in death. And that He rose from death to conquer it. And that He now lives as an intercession for us who have believed. And those who will believe. 

And that He did this so that men who were made mortal from the beginning could become immortal. So that when he puts off this mortal earth suit he was given when the Creator made the first man from the dust of the ground, he will live in his Creator's kingdom forever. 

1Peter1:20 tells us that this was the plan of God from before He made the world. And because God is love He intended that love for His creation. And because for love to be real love it can not be forced, His plan included free will. With real choices between life and death that would cause men to seek and love their Creator in return for the love their Creator has shown to them. 

The gospel of the kingdom is God's message to His people Israel. A nation He promised an earthly kingdom that assures them that they will receive it if they will believe in Him as Abraham did and keep His commandments. A kingdom where those who do will rule with Jesus for 1,000 years before God dissolves 

and then remakes everything. 

The gospel of righteousness is God's message to men that they must believe in Jesus as He showed them how through His own belief in the Father to be righteous. That any other kind of righteousness, especially the righteousness of works, would not be accepted. 

So that men would know that it is because they know Jesus that they have eternal life. And not because they focus on laws and rules to keep from doing things they think are bad. We are saved by grace through faith and that not of ourselves. It is the gift of God, not of works lest any man should boast. Good news that men don't get to heaven based on their performance, right? But, based solely on believing in and knowing Him. 

The gospel of iniquity is God's message to men that they must not trust in any other way than that of faith in Jesus for eternal life. That they can not have eternal life through technology, relations with powerful fallen entities, or works done even in Jesus' name. 

Iniquity is the means by which men try to attain righteousness apart from faith without works in Jesus. It is the belief that brings a man to trust in his own or someone else's works for righteousness unto eternal life. This is why Jesus told those who said they should be accepted in His kingdom was because they did "many wonderful works in your name", that they were those who work iniquity. Because their faith was in the works rather than faith in Jesus for righteousness. 

The gospel of judgment is two fold. One in which the righteous are judged. And the other in which the wicked are judged. First, God said He judges to deliver men from those who oppress them. This deliverance is from death and satan. 

This is why Jesus said, “Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation." John5:28,29

Don't let the "done good" or "done evil" throw you off. He is referring to either believing in or not believing in Jesus as the good done or evil done. Remember, "not of works lest any man should boast". 

The righteous and wicked are judged for their works however. But, not to determine salvation. For the righteous their judgment is at what is called the Bema seat. This is in order that they be rewarded for those things done by faith. Their salvation is never in question here. Because once they trusted in Jesus they are forever saved. Sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. 

This is why Paul said in 1Cor.3:13-15 that even if all of their works will be burned up in this judgment they would still be saved. Because salvation is by grace through faith. Not by works. 

The wicked are judged for their works in order to show them that God is just. That He has loved them as much as He has loved any part of His creation. Because  even though God makes it clear that salvation can only be had by grace through faith, whatever these did was done to attain salvation by those works. Even if those works were done in Jesus' name(Mt.7:20-23).

Showing that they never really trusted in Jesus. And even if they said they did, it was the works they trusted in for righteousness unto eternal life. Rather than a personal relationship out of love and faith in and for their Creator. Which is why Paul said these were "dung" and "loss" compared to knowing Jesus(Phil.3:6-9).

The gospel of the atonement is the greatest message of God's love for mankind. It shows how in God's plan the only way to have eternal life is knowing Him. And how knowing Him is to love Him. This was God's plan for His creation from before He made the world. That realizing they were mortal they would begin to seek for it's remedy that is found only in God's love for them. And subsequently their love for God and one another. Making love the key that opens the door for us to enter into the kingdom of God. 

Because His love for us and our trusting Him that makes it possible for us to be made His children. And as His children we are heirs to His kingdom and eternal life. So in the atonement through Jesus God joined with us in our mortality. Because only by joining with men in death could God conquer death by the resurrection. And having conquered death on our behalf we can join with Him in immortality by faith in Jesus. 

When these several parts are brought together they make up the full gospel of Jesus Christ and the righteousness for eternal life. We separate ourselves from works righteousness just as we separate ourselves from immoral behavior. Not because these aren't good things. But, because neither can give life. 

If we behave morally it must not be to attain righteousness. It is because we love as God does. And to love as God does means we will always choose what is best for the other person. So the reason we do not murder is because to commit murder is not loving the other person. And the reason we do not steal is because stealing does not show love for the other person. 

These can destroy a culture and a people. They could even have made God's promise of bringing a messiah to the world impossible to keep. Because if Israel would have destroyed herself or polluted their flesh with that of the nations around them who went after strange flesh as in the days of Noah and Lot. They would have been unable to bring forth a messiah that was fully human. 

But, God's kind of love far surpasses any commandments. Which is why God planned for a final once for all sacrifice for sin. To bring an end to that covenant God made with Israel. So that the Old Testament with it's law would be abolished and pass away. And with Jesus' death, the "death of the testator"(Heb.9:16), the New Testament with it's love would come to power. 

Love always does what is best for the other person even if it seems to violate the commandments. It doesn't of course. This is why Jesus told Israel the parable of the Good Samaritan. To show that God's kind of love is the foundation for any commandment. This is why Jesus said "the sabbath was made for man. Not man for the sabbath". To show that doing good by loving on the sabbath was supremely acceptable to God. Even when Israel considered it to be works done on the sabbath and against the commandments. Because God's love is the beginning, middle, and end of the commandments. 

This message contains but a summary of all that the gospel has for us. And I'm sure that we could think of other parts of the gospel to expound upon. But, it is enough for a man to come to a saving faith in Jesus if he wants to. All he has to do is believe it. 

Believe the gospel and be saved. Believe it not and be damned. Not by God. But, by your own free will decision to reject the gospel. The good news that God loves you so much that Jesus came so that you might have life and that life more abundantly. The good news that no matter how bad you have been it has nothing to do with where you will spend eternity. If you will place your faith in Jesus for righteousness you will have eternal life. 

Believe the gospel and you will be a child of God. Do this and you will be heir to His kingdom. Do this and you will exchange your mortality for God's immortality. Do this and you will live with Jesus in heaven forever. 

Do this... and I will see you there or in the air!

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