There Is No Evidence That Any of Those “Vaccines,” Also Known as “Kill Shots,” Are either Safe or Beneficial to Anyone Who Is Susceptible to COVID


HNewsWire: COVID symptoms are caused by 5G radiation exposure, as well as toxic spiking protein shedding from the COVID "VAXes."

Stories have appeared since early 2021 of persons having post-COVID-19 symptoms that were so terrible that they compromised their ability to work and live a regular life.

Rebecca Meyer appeared on CNN in January 2021 to discuss her 11-month fight with extended COVID symptoms caused by an illness.

She was a healthy lady with no underlying health issues prior to infection. Meyer, though, insisted that she was still "very much in the symptom-management phase of [her] condition" 11 months later.

Because of the several drugs she had tried, her bedroom resembled a pharmacy.

Meyer's voice broke with emotion as she spoke about her condition; she requires a feeding tube owing to gastroenteritis from her post-COVID symptoms, and she is very much out of her four children's life. She said at the time that she had been relying on her partner, who had lost his work due to the epidemic, to care for her and the children.

"I was a busy mother of four." And now I refuse to get out of bed. I don't eat anything. I don't spend enough time with my children. "This may happen to you," she said.

Despite being more than two years into the epidemic, little progress has been made in our knowledge of extended COVID symptoms, and people impacted by it have been mostly ignored. Meanwhile, the terrible illnesses that many long-term COVID patients suffer from have persisted, and a new population of crippled people has emerged.

Disabled and Young
While most individuals recover from COVID-19 symptoms within a few days to a few weeks, new studies indicate that one in every eight persons infected will have lasting COVID symptoms despite testing negative for COVID-19.

Doctors are still baffled as to what causes these symptoms or why these folks are impacted. Many long-term COVID patients, often known as long-haulers, are younger and have no underlying health issues.

However, many suffer from a variety of mental and physiological conditions, including symptoms common to acute COVID, such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, and muscle aches, as well as less common COVID symptoms, such as brain fog, severe fatigue, chest pains, depression and anxiety, pins and needles sensations, heart palpitations, and sleep problems, among others.

Not all long COVID symptoms are serious, but for others, long COVID may imply a total shift in lifestyle and, in some cases, incapacity.

Long COVID seems to have produced problems in essential organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, and muscles.

1. Impairment of Brain Function: Long periods of COVID weaken brain function and induce nerve damage. According to research, more than 30% of SARS-CoV-2 viruses assault the nerves. Nerves, which are linked to interior organs, serve as a reservoir for concealed infections. Many "long-haulers" suffer from brain fog, insomnia, migraines, and diminished thinking and memory.

2. Impaired Heart Function: Weariness, muscular pains, and greater fatigue after exercise are common symptoms in long-haul drivers. Many suffer from diminished cardiac output, which means they must lower the intensity of their activity, and others cannot exercise without jeopardizing their health.

3. Impaired Respiratory Function: Long-term COVID patients have impaired lung function due to scarring and inflammation, according to studies. Low blood oxygen levels may cause poor oxygen absorption and shortness of breath.

4. Impairment of Muscle Function: Prolonged immune responses to viruses harm cells, including muscle cells and tissue. Immune reactions may cause inflammation in muscle fibers, resulting in muscular weakness.

5. Impairment of Blood Vessel Function: Inflammation in the body destroys the cells that lining blood vessels, potentially reducing oxygen flow to organs and muscles. This might result in weariness and discomfort.

A Worldwide Issue
Disabilities caused by lengthy COVID and severe vaccination injuries (which often mimic long COVID symptoms) are increasing and becoming a national and worldwide issue.

Long-term COVID symptoms might make it difficult for individuals to enjoy social activities and work.

According to news stories, persons with lengthy COVID or vaccination injuries have encountered employment discrimination or have been laid off as a result of their illnesses.

Long COVID was designated as a disability under Titles II (state and local government) and III (public accommodations) of the Americans with Disabilities Act by the Department of Health and Human Services in July 2021. Individuals making claims for long COVID disability would be evaluated individually by health specialists to establish whether their health issues were caused by long COVD, according to the statement.

According to the most recent US government statistics, 385,000 individuals have been living with symptoms of extended COVID for a year or longer.

According to a Brookings Institution research, over 4.5 million Americans with lengthy COVID are unemployed.

This not only affects the American workforce, but it is also a major worldwide issue in labor and health care.

According to Dutch studies, COVID-19 and lengthy COVID increased sick leave during the epidemic.

During the pandemic, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development produced recommendations advocating the adoption of sick-leave pay for COVID-19 patients in order to safeguard their income, health, and employment.

While this gave temporary respite to those who required paid leave as a safety net, it usually raised government expenditure, with most nations seeing high inflation rates after the epidemic.

Health conditions caused by COVID-19 and associated issues are also leading to a workforce shortage. Given that the globe is already dealing with labor shortages as a result of two years of lockdowns and quickly changing work conditions and career prospects, long-term COVID and vaccination injuries merely add gasoline to the flames.

A research conducted before the epidemic found that by 2030, more than 85 million positions might go vacant due to a lack of competent workers. This figure is projected to rise dramatically as a result of the epidemic.

The World Health Organization has claimed that COVID-19 and associated issues have killed over 6.4 million people.

During the epidemic, the expectation for labor has also evolved. People coming out of lockdowns are experiencing mental health issues after two years of largely working remotely with unpredictable jobs and income. Some have concluded that work isn't as vital as their health or emotional well-being and have postponed looking for job. Furthermore, many people who refused the immunizations have lost their employment.

Interdisciplinary Treatment of the Mind and Body
Given that extended COVID is an interdisciplinary illness with a plethora of diseases affecting various organs, practitioners have supported holistic health techniques to address the symptoms as a whole.

According to Dr. Christian Sandrock, a critical care and infectious disease medicine professor at the University of California-Davis School of Medicine, the only universal treatment for "long-term COVID-19 symptoms" is to "improve the quality of life," which includes adjusting sleep and reducing stress.

In the scientific literature, a few integrative care strategies for extended COVID have developed.

Psychological Treatments

Long periods of COVID are harmful to one's mental health. Patients often describe symptoms that are similar to sadness and anxiety, such as sleeplessness and muscular weakness.

The predominant symptom of extended COVID is fatigue. Patients experiencing social isolation, as well as financial and interpersonal troubles, may have increased weariness, which may have a detrimental influence on mental health and quality of life, producing a negative cycle.

Persons with lengthy COVID are recommended to seek therapy and to participate in support groups for people with similar disorders.


Acupuncture is a holistic and energy-based therapeutic technique based on the belief that the body and its organs correlate to various energies.

Excess or lack of energy may impact certain organs, generating imbalances in the body. As a result, by putting extremely thin needles into acupoints along different meridians, energy balances in various organs may be restored.

Acupuncture has long been recognized as a medical therapy that may help with chronic pain complaints.

Acupuncture has been found in studies to boost the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and noradrenaline. It also increases the production of endorphins and melatonin and boosts immunological function.

According to the practice, mental disease is caused by energy imbalances in several organs.

Acupuncture has been found in studies to alleviate mental problems such as sadness and anxiety. According to research, the release of serotonin and noradrenaline may improve depressed symptoms, and electroencephalography readings demonstrate that electroacupuncture (a kind of acupuncture) may be equally as effective as the antidepressant medication amitriptyline without the adverse effects.

Acupuncture improves a person's perception of quiet, overall restfulness, and unresponsiveness to unpleasant stimuli in anxious persons. It also increases the production of endorphins, a hormone associated with feelings of euphoria and fulfillment, as well as melatonin, a hormone that regulates the circadian cycle and enhances sleep.

Acupuncture boosted alpha waves, which are linked with a typical wakeful state while the individual is calmly resting, according to electroencephalography measurements.

Acupuncture has been found in studies to lessen patients' need for preoperative sedatives, and it has fewer negative effects than prescription pain medications.

Acupuncture is recommended for long-term COVID symptoms in order to activate the central nervous system. It specifically decreases the sympathetic nervous system's "fight-or-flight" stress reactions while promoting the parasympathetic "rest-and-digest" responses.

Acupuncture treatments were reported to reduce the intensity of symptoms in long COVID patients suffering with chest palpitation and shortness of breath, which are symptoms associated with anxiety.

Interventions for Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy, may help people return to their normal lives.

Aerobic and pulmonary physiotherapy have been shown in studies to reduce patients' shortness of breath, anxiety, and dread of movement. In individuals with lengthy COVID, both high- and low-intensity aerobic activities enhanced appendicular muscle mass and handgrip strength.

Patients might benefit from rehabilitation and diet regimens to prevent and improve muscle mass loss.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic therapy is a comprehensive treatment that focuses on the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. Chiropractors think that vertebrae may become misaligned or shift out of their usual position, resulting in subluxations that impose pressure on the tissues around them.

This pressure may have an impact not only on the local joints, but also on other visceral organs and the whole body. As a result, chiropractors feel that symptoms such as stiffness, disorientation, fatigue, general malaise, posture imbalance, neck and back stiffness or pain, spine muscle spasms, frequent headaches, and decreased mobility are all evidence of subluxation.

Skeletal manipulation, in which chiropractors apply a force to the misaligned location and employ different methods to adjust pertinent joints, may correct vertebrae.

Chiropractic treatment has traditionally been used to treat back pain; however, multiple studies have shown that it may also alleviate joint and limb pain, muscular pain and soreness, sleeplessness, migraines, and exhaustion.


Meditation, a mental activity intended to achieve higher spiritual awareness, is a catch-all phrase encompassing a variety of techniques such as yoga, tai chi, breathing and mindfulness exercises, and many more.

Meditation has been linked to several mental and physical health benefits.

Meditation has been found in studies to alleviate symptoms of despair and anxiety, as well as attention and focus.

Meditation has been demonstrated to lower inflammation and enhance the immune system on a physical level. Meditation boosted or slowed the loss of immune cells and also avoided immunological aging in immunocompromised (HIV and cancer) patients.

It has been proposed that mindful meditation may help to regulate and repair immunological signals. Meditation has been shown in studies to enhance interferon messaging. Interferons are dysregulated in persons with severe COVID symptoms, and they have been linked to vaccination damage. Restoring a strong interferon pathway may relieve symptoms in those with lengthy COVID and others with comparable symptoms.

Meditation and mindful activities were recommended throughout the epidemic and for long-term COVID patients to help them recover from weariness and mental discomfort.

Even brief periods of meditation boost mental wellness. According to studies, beginning meditators who listened to a 10-minute meditation tape before taking attention tests performed better than those who did not meditate beforehand.

Some meditation instructors suggest that novices begin with 2 to 5 minutes of meditation anytime they wish to control their tension or emotions. However, since meditation may refer to a variety of techniques, everyone can experiment with time and regularity to determine what works best for them. Source: epochs

The epochs are such liars, according to HNewsWire! You are well aware that "long-term vaccination damage" does not exist. You know it's vaccination harm and damage! Dr. Ruby approached you with proof of fibrous clots discovered in the deceased vaxxed, but you declined to broadcast the news because you feared it would insult personnel who had received the shot... you are cowards!" How many lives could have been saved? How much do you get from big pharma? You are no better than the crooked cowards in the mainstream media.

HNewsWire Commentary: This article is complete nonsense! Long COVID is not a real thing! Either you have an active virus or you do not! Have you ever heard of a lengthy flu? Because there is none!


Sources: ET  HNewsWire  HNewsWire

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