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By Edward O’Hara

The Roman Catholic dogma depicted in these memes, like all the other false religions that came from her, is an abomination to God. The reason so many evangelicals and protestants accept her as a Christian religion is because of their common foundation. A foundation that is the doctrine of original sin and sin nature. A doctrine that teaches salvation is by works and denies the doctrine of Christ. Here’s the proof. 

Roman Catholics, evangelicals, and protestants claim to believe in salvation by grace through faith. But, believe that grace is when Jesus imputes to them His righteousness that He attained by perfect law keeping. This is not grace. But, salvation by works. And not just any works. These are works of the law. Works for which Paul said no flesh would be justified. These actually believe that the righteousness that Jesus imputes to them comes from a reward Jesus got by His works. This is why you will hear them say “We are saved by the works of Christ”. 

What they are blind to is that while it is true that Paul teaches that we can not be saved by our own works. It is also true that Paul teaches that we can not be saved by anyone’s works. Not even Jesus’. But, he says instead that we are saved by “the faith of Christ”. And that if by works then it can not be by grace. 

Paul said in Rom.11:6 if it is by grace then it can not be by works. Otherwise work is no more work. And he also said in Rom.4 that if Abraham worked his reward could not be reckoned of grace, but of debt.And because he did not work for it, but instead believed on him that justifies the ungodly, his faith was counted for righteousness. 

This means that those who believe that we are saved by the works of Christ must also believe God owed Jesus righteousness because of His works. And that it is from this works righteousness being imputed to them that they are saved. But, Paul’s teaching on works is so clear that it’s hard to believe that people don’t see that Paul is saying here that a grace that is the imputation of a righteousness attained by works disqualifies one from salvation. And justifies no one. 

This is just one reason the doctrine of original sin and sin nature is a doctrine of devils. And Paul leaves no room to doubt this for anyone who can read what the Bible plainly says. 

Another problem for those who believe the original sin doctrine is that it brings them to false conclusions. They must either conclude that Jesus was a sinner by nature. Or they must deny His true humanity. Yet even though this is understood from the plain teaching found in the Bible, almost all who claim to be followers of Jesus stake their claim as beneficiaries of salvation on account of this very deception. It is by far the most popular belief among those who claim to be Christian. But, because something is popular does not make it right. 

On the other hand If you reject the doctrine of original sin and believe Jesus came in the same flesh all men have. And reject the notion that He is a sinner by nature. A doctrine that has sadly taken much of the religious world captive through it’s appeal to the flesh by it’s subtle salvation by works message. To these deceivers you have become an heretic. But, considering the source that’s actually a badge of honor.

Think of it. If all men are sinners by nature. And Jesus had the same flesh all men have as Heb.2:14 plainly says He did. Then Jesus also had to be a sinner by nature. Or… if all men are sinners by nature. And Jesus was not a sinner by nature. Then His flesh could not have been the same flesh all men have as Heb.2:14 plainly says His was. 

See how this satanically inspired doctrine paints one into a corner by convincing people that they are Christians, while either directly by our own works, or sometimes indirectly in a more round about way by Jesus’ works, that they are saved by works? Works vs faith is an issue that Paul addresses in every one of his epistles. Stating plainly that you can not be saved by works. No matter if you do them yourself as Eph.2:8,9 shows. Or if you say someone else has done them and by faith they are imputed to you as Gal.2:16 shows. 

Galatians 2:16 Knowing that a man is not justified by the ...

Paul said that any doctrine that teaches salvation by works is anathema. Which means that those who have been deceived by this false teaching are not bound for heaven. But, for hell. And that by choice. Even though they claim the name of Jesus. Because by their own free will they have chosen to reject saving faith that trusts in the Biblical Jesus. And instead are by choice following what 1John4:1-3 said were the teachings of antichrist. Teachings that deny that Jesus came in the same flesh all men have. 

Biblical faith for salvation in Jesus means we must reject any notion of righteousness by works. Whether gotten by our own works. Or by another’s works being imputed to us. Yet all Roman Catholics believe they are saved by their works being put together with Jesus’. And all evangelicals and protestants believe that their justification comes from Jesus’ perfect works of the law being imputed to them. Something they have chosen to believe that Jesus alone was able to perform. Even though Luke1:5,6 say otherwise. 

Having to do this for them in their place because their sin nature makes it impossible for them. The result is that the same “blindness in part” that happened to Israelites who clung to the law in rejection of Jesus(which by definition is a righteousness of works) has happened to these.

Where this doctrine of original sin is taught and believed there is no salvation by grace through faith. And since it has been taught for so long in so many religious institutions this means a falling away has been happening since the days shortly after the apostles. A falling away that Paul said would happen because people would no longer hear sound doctrine. But, will instead heap to themselves false teachers who will teach in accord with their own fleshly works oriented desires. 

It’s appeal to the flesh can not be overstated. “Works” and “flesh” are synonymous in Paul’s teaching. Because the flesh is natural it’s focus is on works in relation to what is made. It can only trust in what it can relate to. And since God is a spirit the flesh can not relate to God. This is why we read in Rom.9 God saying “Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated”. Jacob represents the spirit and faith because his birth was of the promise. While Esau represents the flesh and works because his birth was an attempt to have the promise by the works of man. Only by the spirit birth can we relate to God by faith without works. This is why being born again is by definition salvation. Because it is a relationship with God by grace through faith. A relationship that the works of the flesh can not attain. 

To be set free from this doctrine of devils a person needs only to accept James’ admonition to humble themselves before God. Which means those who have been deceived by it must resist the temptation of pride that would make it impossible for them to admit they have believed a lie all this time. They must humble themselves and turn from this false doctrine to trust in Jesus the same way He trusted the Father to say nevertheless not my will but thine be done. This is “the faith of Christ” Paul spoke of in Gal.2:16 that is our justification. Not imputation of works for righteousness. Not of the works of the flesh that gives man reason to boast. 

I pray all who have been taken captive by this false doctrine will be set free from it’s bondage to serve the living and true God. If that is you then we can pray for your deliverance from this doctrine of devils now if you want. Let’s pray.

Dear Jesus, thank you for showing me the truth. Thank you for joining WITH me in my death. Not in my place as I once was deceived to believe. So that now I can join WITH you in eternal life by trusting in you. I trust in you now as you trusted the Father. I humble myself before you and bring my will into agreement with your will. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Why Do We Pray In Jesus Name, Amen? - JR. Forasteros

If you prayed with me then rejoice in your new relationship with Jesus. And I and all the angels rejoice with you too. Trust what the Bible plainly says. And the Holy Spirit will lead you into all the truth so that you will never be deceived again. 

See you there or in the air!

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