A Request for Assistance From the Leaders of Two Ukrainian Self-Declared Autonomous Territories: Kremlin

The leaders of two separatist regions in eastern Ukraine have requested military assistance from Russian President Vladimir Putin, a Kremlin spokesman said Wednesday, as Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that US intelligence has determined that additional military forces have entered the two regions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin "received letters of appeal from Leonid Pasechnik, leader of the Luhansk People's Republic, and Denis Pushilin, head of the Donetsk People's Republic," Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told state-run media, referring to the breakaway territories' titles.

Peskov said that the two separatist region's leaders feel there are "threats from Kyiv" towards Donetsk and Luhansk residents.

Ukrainian officials have emphatically denied assaulting the Russian military or troops loyal to the two separatist areas, while Kirby recently told reporters that he believes Moscow is aiming to use "false flags" to justify an invasion of Ukraine.

"We continue to watch him develop his talents in a way that makes us feel we are maybe on the verge of action," Kirby said Wednesday. "Russian soldiers continue to amass closer to the border and prepare for action almost at any time now," he continued. "Our assessment is that they are prepared."

On Wednesday, shelling along the line of contact in eastern Ukraine escalated, and unnamed witnesses told Reuters that convoys of military equipment, including nine tanks, were moving into Donetsk in eastern Ukraine from the direction of the Russian border.

"I cannot predict what Russia, the separatists, or the Russian president's personal actions will do next," Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky stated.

Ukraine's government and state websites, which have been offline for many weeks due to what Kyiv blames on cyber-attacks, were again unavailable on Wednesday. The websites of the country's parliament, cabinet, and foreign ministry were disrupted.

Meanwhile, Putin said Wednesday that he is still seeking diplomatic solutions but that "Russia's interests and the security of our citizens remain unwavering."

President Joe Biden, who on Tuesday announced penalties against Russian banks and sovereign debt, said the US will put sanctions on the operator of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany, thus reinstating measures imposed under the Trump administration.

"I have authorized that sanctions be imposed on Nord Stream 2 AG and its corporate officers by my government. These actions constitute another component of our initial batch of penalties in response to Russia's activities in Ukraine," he explained.

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By StevieRay Hansen | February 21, 2022 |

Templars in Arms In light of the escalating violence in the Donbas, the United States has significantly increased its propaganda effort to demonize Vladimir Putin and Russia. Is at an all-time high not seen since prior to US operations to topple Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Russian President Vladimir Putin plans a “very brutal” invasion of Ukraine, according to the US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, on Monday morning. Russians will be subjected to “an even harsher sort of savagery” to “repress them, to crush them, to damage them,” he said. He didn’t provide any specifics. Reports that Russia is compiling a list of Ukrainians “to be executed or transported to camps during a military occupation” came out Sunday in the Washington Post. This follows on the heels of that allegation. It’s all a hoax. According to the Financial Times U.S.…

Putin Ask Biden For ‘Full List Of Ukraine Invasion Dates’ For Year Ahead

By StevieRay Hansen | February 16, 2022 |

Wednesday, February 16 is currently reaching a conclusion (neighborhood time in Kiev and Moscow) – and there’s not been anything of the “normal” Russian invasion that Washington has for days been breathlessly predicting. To review, below is Politico’s reporting from last Friday – the afternoon where White House officials spread panic into the markets and the population: Russia will start a physical assault on Ukraine as soon as Feb. 16, numerous U.S. officials affirmed to POLITICO, and Washington conveyed to allies that it very well may be gone before by a torrent of missile strikes and digital attacks. One person said the leaders’ call demonstrated that digital attacks are “inescapable” and another said the knowledge is “specific and disturbing.” Sullivan referenced that any assault on Ukraine could start with “flying besieging and missile attacks.” War on all front Russia’s Foreign…

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Offers Rebuttal to Xi & Putin’s New Alliance.

By Bryce Abbott | February 5, 2022 |

The White House press secretary Jen Psaki responded weakly to the joint statement released by Beijing and Moscow on Friday. On the sidelines of the Beijing Olympics on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and the two issued a joint statement. The lengthy statement, which does not mention the United States, mentions a small group of international actors who “advocate unilateral approaches,” “interfere in the domestic affairs of other states,” and “hampering the development and progress of mankind.” In the statement, China supports Russia in opposing “further NATO expansion” and urges NATO to “abandon its ideologized cold war tactics.” It also expressed Russia’s hostility towards Taiwan becoming independent. The announcement comes as Russia amasses tens of thousands of troops around its Ukrainian border and days after Chinese warplanes put restrictions on Taiwanese airspace. As a response to…

Xi and Putin Seek Further Collaboration Amid Growing Tensions.

By Bryce Abbott | February 4, 2022 |

On the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China’s President Xi Jinping received Russia’s Vladimir Putin, announcing a profound strategic alliance to counterbalance what they see as the United States’ malignant global influence. The two countries said in a joint statement that their new connection was superior to any political or military alliance formed during the Cold War. “Friendship between the two States has no limits, there are no ‘forbidden’ areas of cooperation,” they announced, revealing plans to engage in a variety of fields including space, climate change, artificial intelligence, and Internet regulation. The accord was the most explicit and bold expression yet of Russia and China’s determination to work together – and against the US – to create a new international order based on their own conceptions of human rights and democracy. Despite Putin touting a new gas deal…

Update 12/07/21: Call Between Biden & Putin, The Lines Are Drawn.

By Bryce Abbott | December 7, 2021 |

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security advisor vaguely laid out the details of the call held behind closed doors between the national leaders. According to Jake, Biden laid out various economic sanctions that will take affect in the event that Putin decides to overtake Ukraine. The national security advisor made a point to not go into detail about Putin’s response to the consequences of an invasion laid out by Biden. The national security advisor opened his briefing by stating the following: As you all know, President Biden conducted a video call with President Putin, the call covered a wide range of issues, but the main topic was Ukraine. President Biden was direct and straight forward with putin, as he always is. He reiterated America’s support for Ukraines sovereignty and territorial integrity, & told Putin that if Russia further invades Ukraine that…

Putin Orders All Workers Home For One Week Amid Record COVID Surge — What’s

By StevieRay Hansen | October 21, 2021 |

So Hard To Understand, There Is Every Indication the World Has Enter a “Pestilence” Phase… Pestilence Has Arrived: Evidence is Emerging to Suggest That The Delta Covid Variant Poses a Very Real Threat To Patients Who Have Already Been Fully Vaccinated (Pestilence By Way Of Vaccine Kill Shot) Cities across Russia appear to be heading into lock-down again, despite the Sputnik V vaccine having been the world’s first to have rolled out last year, and with at this point an estimated one-third of the population being fully vaccinated. Yet this week has witnessed new daily record highs as confirmed coronavirus cases surge once again.  Tuesday witnessed the highest single-day death toll thus far in the pandemic, with 1,038 deaths from the virus recorded, according to the AP. President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday an almost unprecedented order for all workers across the nation to stay home…

Exclusive: The NSA Is Archiving All Encrypted Emails and Transactions, Knowing They Will Be Able to Decrypt Most Digital Files in About 3 Years, Thanks to Quantum Computing

By StevieRay Hansen | September 24, 2019 |

The detailed prophecies contained in God’s Word are part of what makes the Bible unique among religious texts. Our God can “make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come” (Isaiah 46:10), and He has revealed significant events in the future, counting out the very days of those periods of time. EXCLUSIVE ANALYSIS – All encrypted emails, files and hard drives that currently rely on 256-bit encryption (such as AES or RSA) may be retroactively broken by the NSA in the next three years, thanks to rapid advances in quantum computing recently announced by Google scientists. The NSA is currently archiving all encrypted communications and storing the digital files on offline storage servers in its “Bumblehive” domestic spying facility in Utah. Currently these digital files cannot be broken because classical computing presents a strongly asymmetrical complexity…

Putin: Russian has been solicited for military aid by the leaders of two separatist territories in eastern Ukraine.


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