Freedom Truckers Convoy Protest Digs In at BC-Washington Border Crossing

Anti-vaccine mandate protesters demonstrate on Highway 15 near the Pacific Highway Border Crossing on the US-Canada border with Washington State in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada on February 12, 2022.

SURREY, B.C.- Despite the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's (RCMP) increased endeavors to forestall an escort of trucks and different vehicles from laying out a more grounded presence at the Pacific Highway Border Crossing in Surrey, British Columbia, one truck figured out how to get past the police barricade.

On Feb. 12, an underlying flood of around 20 business and individual vehicles had gotten through the bar before police fortifications were immediately dispatched to stop admittance to the convergence eight squares north of the boundary, later extending it to 16 squares.

The underside truck, a white Ford F-350, was quickly amassed by police by walking to keep the driver from progressing.

Support for the Pacific Highway line fight crossed into the United States; a modest bunch of Americans approached the Canadians from their border town of Blaine, Washington, holding U.S. banners and yelling support.

In the mean time, an American escort of around two dozen business vehicles drove along Interstate 5 to offer help for the Canadian dissent, as per Marcella Willia, who was one of the speakers at the meeting.

"This is support. This is family, and we are joined together," Willia said in an energetic discourse, blended in with selections from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. "Much thanks to you to our Canadian drivers, and would I be able to likewise say thank you to the drivers whose eyes are on Canada."

Kanwaljit Singh is the fellow benefactor of the Sikh Freedom Alliance, a gathering committed to accomplishing opportunity for all humankind. In Canada, he and his gathering are fervent allies of the transporters and their endeavors to have government commands dropped. Be that as it may, his help has extra thought processes.

"The media has been marking these fights and this development as racial oppressors in a bigoted development, so I need to overcome that divisional message," he said in a meeting.

"You can't name us like that. So that will overcome the message when they check out me," Singh said. "Supporting the drivers, we need to be a piece of that since it's for us all."

Notwithstanding, nonconformists locked arms and orbited the police after a stirring singing of "O Canada," while others got hundreds free from individuals to permit the driver a thin section out and about driving down to different trucks, which had crossed before the RCMP reinforced the bar.

A RCMP official coordinates a truck through blockage as dissidents exhibit on Highway 15 close to the Pacific Highway Border Crossing in Surrey, B.C., on Feb. 12, 2022. (Jason Redmond/AFP through Getty Images)

The driver, who didn't give his name, let The Epoch Times know that his entrance into the "illegal zone" was important to show the significance of the progressing guards and fights at other boundary intersections and in Ottawa.

"I'm hanging around for the long stretch," he said. "Everyone should be off the sofa and down here. How else would we say we will treat we don't stand up now for our opportunities?"

Colby Seiz was quick to endure the barricade on Feb. 12 with his enormous Oshkosh rig.

"I recently began driving and ordinary Canadians began to open it up," Seiz told The Epoch Times. "It was like Moses and the Red Sea just headed out in different directions, and we had the option to go."

Seiz was important for the escort that started in Chilliwack, British Columbia, and extended around 40 kilometers (around 25 miles), with more individuals joining as they moved toward Surrey. He assessed "a great many and thousands" had joined the caravan; different nonconformists said the arrangement was in excess of 90 squares in length.

All feeder streets north of the U.S. line likewise were obstructed as vehicles in the guard attempted to track down elective courses to arrive at the convention, constraining numerous to leave in excess of a kilometer away and stroll in, or surrender and return home.

Albeit the principle course to the Pacific Highway line crossing was shut on Feb. 12, the line stays open. The Canada Border Services Agency said explorers should utilize "an elective handling site" until the street clears.

As to through the barricade, the RCMP said in a proclamation that such "conduct isn't being endured," and is being examined.

Police captured four individuals for naughtiness on Feb. 13.

By far most of the dissenters stayed behind the police obstructions, playing music and showing signs that request a finish to COVID-19 orders and limitations.

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