Satan Soldier a.k.a Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, Has Revised Its “Nuclear Explosion” Public Awareness Webpage, Which Now Contains Suggestions on How to Avoid COVID! What a Waste FEMA

When it comes to near death, the US government has a long history of entertaining and amusing advise...

Updated instructions have been published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, to its "Nuclear Explosion Preparedness Public Awareness Website," which includes advice on how to avoid Covid.

The website, which was updated on Friday, states, "A nuclear explosion may occur with or without a few minutes warning." First few hours following the detonation are when the fallout is most deadly due to radiation levels. Fallout takes a long time to reach the ground, often up to 15 minutes in places not directly affected by the blast.

Steps recommended by FEMA to avoid "severe radiation exposure" include: "Try to keep a gap of at least six feet between yourself and persons who are not part of your family," and "If you're sheltering with people you don't know, use a face mask if feasible."

If you have an emergency medical situation, dial 9-1-1 and inform the operator if you think you might have, or suspect you have, Covid-19. Before aid arrives, put on a mask."

Coronavirus 2019 is already causing worry and panic in many people," a researcher said (COVID-19). Stress can be exacerbated if a nuclear explosion is possible.

Nuclear explosions pose a number of dangers, including:

For less than a minute, a bright FLASH can temporarily blind you.
Structures many kilometers away from the detonation can be damaged or killed by the blast wave.
Radiation has the potential to harm the cells in the human body. Radiation illness can be caused by large exposures.
Burns, injuries, and damage to structures can be caused by fire and heat.
As a result of the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from the detonation, electrical power equipment and electronics can be damaged or disrupted many kilometers away.
Radioactive, visible dirt and debris from a height of several miles rains down on the earth, posing a health risk to those below.

In addition, if you're outside when a nuclear goes off, you have 10 minutes after the shock wave passes to reach the "nearest, best shelter spot," as radiation levels are at their maximum just after the fallout hits.

While you're avoiding a terrible malignant death, don't forget to wear a mask and practice social isolation.

Update: Under Obama Orders The Biden Administration Will Intentionally Destroy the Economy Through Kill Shot Mandates, Resulting in FEMA Food Lines and Lockup Camps in the Fall of 2022

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HNewsWire: Last weekend, something remarkable (or delightful, if one is a stock bull) occurred: with the US economy on the verge of recession, with inflation topping out, and with the housing market about to crack, the last pillar holding up the US economy (and preventing the Fed from continuing its tightening plans beyond the summer), the job market, had just hit a brick wall as revealed by real-time indicators such as Revello’s measure of total job postings, which plunged by 22.5 percent, the largest percentage (we also listed several other labor market metrics confirming that the job market was about to crater). To fast forward to today, one day after we discovered that initial jobless claims continue to rise after hitting a generational low in March, and as company after company is warning that it will freeze hiring in the…

Pentagon, FEMA to Set Up COVID-19 Vaccine Sites in Texas, New York — Lock-Up FEMA Camps Are Next

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COVID Was A Trojan Horse For ‘Satanic’ Vaccine Mandate Similar To Account In Book Of Revelation HNewsWire: The White House, Biden Trump, the Elitist club, CDC, a large number of Democratic legislators, and employees of Pfizer are exempt from the mandate. If you’re a child of God, if you’re a Christian, you should not be afraid to die, first of all, So the reason why they can cage us is we’re all so scared. So I said, you know, die saved and die human. And don’t allow yourself to be genetically modified. These things (Kill Shot) are no vaccine, they are gene therapy. I think they’re evil. I don’t think they’re even human. Because you cannot be a human and be that evil, When we talk about evil, Fauci’s an epitome of evil. If you know what Fauci did in…

These Elected Officials Have Become Brain Dead, This Loose Cannon From Texas Republican Politician Crenshaw Suggests the Biden Administration Calls in FEMA, Once FEMA Involved You Can’t Get Rid of Them

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“There is no reason for you to be giving a vaccine for a disease that’s completely treatable, and completely preventable,” the death rate of COVID is not that high. So, we need to wake up and realize that these mandates, the vaccines, and everything is taking us right into the book of Revelations where you cannot buy or sell without taking the vax.” Newsletter Support Orphans Support The One Orphan’s Story Editor’s Bio A Thrilling Ride! Every once in awhile, a book comes across your path that is impossible to put down. A Long Journey Home is not a casual book that you read in a week or earmark to complete at a later date. Once you begin, cancel your schedule, put your phone on silent, find a quiet place where you cannot be disturbed, and complete the journey. Click…


By StevieRay Hansen | November 18, 2021 |

Anti-Christ Germany, Ungodly Politicians, Preparing To Impose Austria-Style Lock-down On The Unvaxx’d – It’s Coming to America… I know Americans tend to think this kind of Nightmare could not happen here, simply refusing to take a kill shot into your body. People, it can and will happen here. It’s just a matter of time. This time next year, real pressure will be on this country’s unvaccinated and locked down will be reality. You can thank Google, social media, the liberal demonic News for approving someone like Biden and his kind to run this country. Tribulation… Germany is preparing to follow the example of Austria by imposing new lock-down measures that will exclusively apply to the unvaccinated. As we highlighted yesterday, Austrian authorities are enforcing the new measures by having police patrol supermarkets and highways, stopping people and checking their vaccination status. Similar…

Satan Soldiers (Fed’s) Working With FEMA Has Delivered 60

By StevieRay Hansen | February 18, 2021 |

Generators to Assist Texas Residents, Even Though Hundreds of Thousands Remain Without Power for the Sixth Day in a Row You Are On You’re Own People… FEMA has delivered only 60 generators to assist Texas residents, even though hundreds of thousands remain without power for the sixth day in a row. Satan Soldier Joe Biden’s homeland security advisor Liz Sherwood-Randall said Thursday that FEMA had sent 60 generators to assist Texas localities without power. “Specifically, in Texas [FEMA] has made 60 generators and fuel available to support critical sites like hospitals and water facilities,” Sherwood-Randall said during the White House press briefing, even as she acknowledged that 600,000 people in the state of Texas remain without power. Earlier in the week, as many as eight million residents in the south-central part of the country and even in Mexico were without…


Putin: I May have a Dirty Boom!


SRH: China is thought to be on track to become the world's next superpower. It is home to 20% of the world's population, as well as the world's second-largest economy and standing army (estimated of about 2.5 million soldiers). China also controls the majority of the US debt and can economically destroy the US with a single click of a button. China is also expected to overtake the United States as the world's greatest economy in the next 25 years. Bible prophecy, on the other hand, teaches us something else.

With this in mind, we're curious as to how China's present aggression and contempt for territorial sovereignty are fulfilling Bible prophecy.


Source: ZeroHedge   HNewsWire   HNewsWire   HNewsWire

People Die as a Result of a Lack of Facts, and This Group Is Satan’s Super Soldiers.


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Every once in awhile, a book comes across your path that is impossible to put down. A Long Journey Home is not a casual book that you read in a week or earmark to complete at a later date. Once you begin, cancel your schedule, put your phone on silent, find a quiet place where you cannot be disturbed, and complete the journey. Click Here to Purchase on!

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