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The scientist who helped develop Pfizers experimental gene therapy falsely labeled as a “vaccine” says that a third shot is going to be necessary to provide immunity. Apparently, “immunity wanes.” They want you lined up and taking these gene therapies for life.

Dr. Ozlem Tureci, co-founder and CMO of BioNTech, which developed a Covid vaccine with Pfizer, said she also expects people will need to get vaccinated against the corona-virus annually, like for the seasonal flu.

The chief medical officer of BioNTech told CNBC on Wednesday that people will likely need a third shot of its two-dose Covid-19 vaccine as immunity against the virus wanes, agreeing with previous comments made by Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. And the masses continue to line up to take this shot unknowing and willing to care that this isn’t even a vaccine.  Just a moderate amount of reading on BioNTech’s own website should be enough to alert people to what’s going on.  Don’t take my word for it.  Read it here yourself:

Once the mRNA vaccine is injected into a person, the lipid nanoparticles protect the mRNA from degradation and help it reach the cells where the information contained in the mRNA strand is read to produce the antigen protein that eventually triggers the desired immune response.

The interest in mRNA technology as a platform for vaccines has increased during the last two decades. A vaccine based on mRNA is faster to manufacture than conventional vaccines, as only the blueprint and not the antigen itself needs to be produced. –BioNTech

Despite gloating that the Pfizer vaccine is apparently 94% effective, CEO of the pharmaceutical giant, Albert Bourla, said on Thursday that the public will “likely” need a third dose of his company’s Covid-19 vaccine within a year of being fully vaccinated.

He also said that annual vaccinations against Covid may be required.

albert bourla third dose

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But if they are using mRNA technology that will read and produce the antigen to trigger the desired immune response, why are more doses needed? Won’t that take care of it? Is anyone else refusing to ask even the most simple of questions?

“We see indications for this also in the induced, but also the natural immune response against SARS-COV-2,” Dr. Ozlem Tureci said during an interview with CNBC’s Kelly Evans on The Exchange. “We see this waning of immune responses also in people who were just infected and therefore [it’s] also expected with the vaccines.”

Pfizer said earlier this month that its Covid-19 vaccine was more than 91% effective at protecting against the virus and more than 95% effective against severe disease up to six months after the second dose. Moderna’s vaccine, which uses technology similar to Pfizer’s, was also shown to remain highly effective at six months. –CNBC

If it’s that effective, why do we need more shots? Are they saying it isn’t as effective as they are saying it is? It seems like this is a straight lie to get as many injected with whatever this thing is as possible.

Again, use your discernment and apply critical thinking to everything. This is obviously a piece to the overall agenda, but only time will tell to what extent these “vaccines” will be used to enforce the slave planet they are quickly trapping us in.

Does anyone else see what’s going on? They are now telling us that even if you have had it and your body has fought off this mild flu-like illness, then you still need to get the vaccine. So basically, we should line up annually for mRNA experimental gene therapies and hope for the best.

Police have few clues to go on after man found shot at a ...

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a medical doctor.  I have no medical training.  This is not medical advice.  I have more questions than answers, and the current beliefs I hold are purely my own and not meant in any way to advise any person.

Viruses are a by-product of toxins in the body.  When the body is overloaded with poisons or toxins or something the body treats as toxic, it has to detoxify.  Poisoned cells want to cleanse themselves.  The body is magnificently designed, and is able to heal itself by its built-in immune system.

I’m going to quote from Dr. Cowan’s excellent video:  “Viruses are simply excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA with a few other proteins. They butt out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything. When the cell gets poisoned they try to purify themselves by excreting debris, which we call viruses.”

Those excretions are also sometimes called exosomes.  Exosomes act like vectors for the poison, toxin, or “debris”.  Viruses are created at a cellular level within the body.  They do not come from outside the body.  They need a host to transmit, and they cannot even transmit within the body (from one organ to another).  Moreover, viruses cannot transmit from one species to the other (like a bat to a human), with one exception:  injection.

What if this has everything to do with the immune system of a human being, and the interference through diet, water, air, and radiation fields in our daily lives?  What if our body detoxes regularly, and dumps the toxins when it’s overloaded and that is what causes our flu?

When you start a Ketogenic diet, you immediately cut out all sugar and refined/processed foods.  They warn you that many people get the “keto flu” when they start.  I thought this was weird, but it makes perfect sense now when you realize what the “flu” really is:  detoxification of poisons in your body.  On a keto diet, the body drastically reduces the input of toxic substances, which enables it to begin to purge itself of the stored toxins.  This results in the exact same symptoms otherwise called flu.

As Marilyn’s article detailed, the increase of radiation and electromagnetic waves in the unseen air around us, causes a disturbance in our own electromagnetic fields.  Disturbances in our personal electromagnetic fields cause cellular detoxification of varying degree.  Historically, each increase in disturbance has caused nearly worldwide outbreaks of some sort of flu.

With the knowledge that:

  • viral viruses are not living entities; they must have a host
  • coronavirus is ubiquitous; it exists in our bodies regularly as a part of the detoxing system of certain cells
  • the human body has an electromagnetic field
  • 5G interferes with the human electromagnetic field and displaces the water which causes the hemoglobin to be prevented from adhering to the oxygen and/or prevents the lysosomes from clearing molecular debris/toxins from the cells

I think the coronavirus is yes, another flu, in that it is the body’s defense to the toxins in it.  But this newer strain is harder because the assault against our immune system is more aggressive.  It’s not contagious, but it will roll out in waves because of the different factors that are causing and exacerbating it:  5G implementation, flu vaccines with live coronavirus in it, the varying diets, lifestyles and immune systems of people, etc.

We may indeed “flatten the curve” for this season, but as they continue to implement 5G there will be new waves of “infection” as the human body struggles to rid itself of an increase of toxins and a lack of oxygen simultaneously.  Wearing masks, gloves and social distancing is propaganda or ignorance or both.  Coronavirus is a byproduct of your own body and I can’t give it to you any more than you can give it to me (unless our bodies synchronize simultaneously for detoxing).  But because masses of people will get it in small windows of time, they will continue to promote the fear that it is highly contagious.

I’ll discuss the political aspects of covid19 in another article, and also an article on solutions.  Valuable resources are highlighted in the body of this article.  Click on the links.  ALSO:  please look at this video from a nurse in the UK who breaks this whole topic down with the medical and scientific reasons the tests are a farce.  This video should connect a lot of dots for those searching for understanding.

[I know there’s a lot of debate about covid19 being produced in a lab in Wuhan.  I’ve run out of time to address that here, so I’ll address it in a future article.  Just keep in mind Wuhan – the source of the covid19 outbreak – is also the first city to go completely 5G.]

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