UK Parents Feeling Cornered As Sex Education Is Forced Upon Children Far Too Young; Reprobate Legislators And Faithless Society.


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Wales will implement required sex education programs that would “gradually empower learners” in themes including equity, sex, gender, and sexuality from a young age, but activists are pushing the government to the High Court to get the mandatory part removed.

Kim Isherwood, the chair of the Public Child Protection Wales group, has initiated a legal action on behalf of 5,000 parents and grandparents to reverse a Labour-led administration proposal to make a new level of Religious and Sex Education (RSE) lectures mandatory.

They claim that children as young as three will be taught “sensitive and potentially inappropriate issues” like gender ideology, and that parents would be disenfranchised by “being denied their time-honoured right to remove their kid from sex education.”

According to The Epoch Times, Isherwood anticipates hearing from the court in early June.

Professor David Paton, who has claimed that such public measures have little or no influence on decreasing early pregnancy and can even increase early sexual activity, has backed the lawsuit, which was initially revealed in late April.

Isherwood and the organization oppose Wales’ sex education legislation, calling it a “war on children” that differs from the stand-alone courses that students and parents are accustomed to.

“Concerned at the way national and local governments have often failed children in terms of safety and education,” says Public Child Protection Wales, a parent-led nonprofit organization. Their goal is to get the Relationships and Sexuality Education Code (RSE) removed from the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Act 2021, which goes into effect in September.

RSE will be made a legislative requirement in the new Welsh curriculum, which will be implemented in 2022 and will “gradually empower learners at developmentally appropriate levels,” according to the Welsh government.

It emphasizes that “developmentally appropriate learning” is “a legal necessity,” meaning that “children shall receive learning that is suitable to their age and maturity.”

It went on to say that it is devoted to covering all aspects of relationships, including rights, equality, sex, gender, sexuality, bodies, body image, sexual health, well-being, violence, safety, and support.

Curriculum material in RSE must “be inclusive and represent diversity” across all learning strands, according to the report.

It goes on to say, “It must involve learning that promotes learners’ knowledge and understanding of other identities, viewpoints, and values, as well as a diversity of relationships, gender, and sexuality, including LGBTQ+ lifestyles.”

According to the Welsh government, the RSE follows the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which states that all children and young people have the right to receive high-quality, comprehensive, and inclusive education on relationships and sexuality.

The sex education legislation was criticized in December for nearly completely removing the word “sex” from its curriculum, as well as the phrases “male,” “female,” “boys,” “girls,” “straight,” and “heterosexual.”

“The risk to youngsters is that they get very confused,” Isherwood said. “They will receive information that their minds are not ready for.” She went on to say that parents are informed RSE is “age and developmentally appropriate,” but she believes there is no evaluation method or scientific declaration to back up this claim.

The Port Talbot mother of two also expressed concern for children with autism, believing that they may be more susceptible to gender dogma. Isherwood holds a BSc in criminology and social policy as well as a master’s in applied criminal justice and criminology.

“I’ve spent the last 15 years advocating for children’s rights and inclusion. “Sex education is a significant part of what I do, so standing here and saying this is bad is very, really wrong,” she added.

“It is regrettable that this organization continues to propagate erroneous and misleading statements about Relationships and Sexuality Education in Wales’s new curriculum,” a spokeswoman for the Welsh government said in a statement.

“RSE is meant to protect all of our children and young people by assisting them in developing knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will help them defend themselves and improve their well-being throughout their lives,” he stated.

“A number of renowned organizations, like the NSPCC, the Children’s Commissioner’s Office, and Welsh Women’s Aid, have supported these improvements,” he continued.

Public Child Protection Wales comments about RSE were false and misleading, according to the Welsh government.

Professor of industrial economics at Nottingham University Business School David Paton, whose work on adolescent pregnancy has been highly recognized in academic literature, expressed reservations about the RSE ideas in Wales through email to The Epoch Times.

Paton said last month that the Scottish SNP government’s sex education lectures featured “extremely alarming” information that may normalize teenage sexual engagement. Paton has provided a witness statement in the action brought by Public Child Protection Wales.

“Knowing how everyone are entitled to safe and pleasant relationships and identifying the role consenting sexual activity plays within healthy relationships,” according to the Welsh RSE Guidance for 11-year-olds, and “understanding the legal age of consent” are critical goals.

“For youngsters aged 11 and above, this is under the Sexual Health section. “The clear concern is that the message is being sent that “are entitled” applies even to minors in sexual interactions,” Paton explained.

“There is limited evidence that educational curriculum-based interventions alone are beneficial in improving sexual and reproductive health outcomes for adolescents,” Paton said, citing a research published in the Cochrane Review of evidence.

“Another critical issue in the recommendations is the lack of knowledge of the critical role of parents in ensuring that their children get SRE [sex and relationships education] materials. For example, there appears to be no method for parents to opt their children out of what they consider to be unsuitable SRE or content offered at a young age,” he noted.

It’s wild how the very freedom thousands have fought and died for over the years is being stripped from us and nobody knows how to properly articulate that this is wrong. What makes America a free place is the fact that you can have a family immigrate here from a foreign country and they can continue to carry our their cultural tradition and raise their children to adopt a similar world view to their own. What we’re seeing in America today is a political party basically saying you’re a counterfeit individual if you don’t subscribe to their ideological framework. People want to find financial stability here, and carry out their lives peacefully so they can create generational wealth. That does not mean that we want to volunteer our children for your psychological experiments regarding early sexual education.

It’s hard for all of us to wrap our heads around the fact that God created each and every one of us with the capability of enduring these terrible times. We’re meant to be strong, intelligent, and compassionate individuals as followers of Christ; And that means that we’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Not in a good way however, during these times people will mock what is holy. Society has molded into something that’s caused people to hate the truth. When you don’t believe in a higher power that means morality is inherently subjective; Leading one down a nihilistic path. The truth found in life is morality. Meaning in life is found when you get your morals in line, and Jesus is the one who instructed us to conduct our selves as children of God. The sermon on the mount for example, is our call to take these instructions deadly serious. Praise God, stay inquisitive in the word of God and the world around you.

On April 23, Miao Xiaohui, a well-known infectious disease expert in Shanghai, reiterated his call for the CCP to end the Zero-COVID policy, which he describes as “completely inconsistent with the basic law of infectious disease pandemics,” as soon as possible in order to reduce secondary disasters and deaths caused by excessive pandemic prevention.

Miao was the vice president and director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Changzheng Hospital, which is linked with China’s Second Military Medical University, and he was involved in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the SARS outbreak that erupted in the country in 2003.

Miao argued in his essay that the Zero-COVID policy is ineffectual and lacks scientific support. He added that all neighborhoods in Shanghai have been shut for 23 to 27 days, which is “totally contradictory with the basic rules and intervention outcomes of infectious disease pandemics” and “exceeds the three longest incubation durations of the Omicron virus.”

Zero-COVID caused a slew of secondary tragedies, including fatalities that should not have happened. “Stop continuing, okay?” he pleaded.

Miao Xiaohui wrote a lengthy post on April 8 in which he claimed that under stringent regulations, the Zero-COVID policy would cause a rush on medical resources, and he demanded that the problem of increased fatalities during the pandemic be addressed and resolved quickly.

Based on a research on the increased mortality of some chronic noncommunicable disease patients (such as diabetics) during the lockdown of Wuhan, China in early 2020, Miao calculated that the one-month lockdown of Shanghai caused almost 1,000 additional diabetes fatalities.

He believes that, in addition to diabetes, various chronic non-communicable diseases, various acute and chronic infectious diseases, various acute diseases, and a 66 percent increase in suicide rates caused by psychological problems during the lockdown period, the additional death toll will not be insignificant.

According to Miao, during the current lockdown in Shanghai, at least 20 big hospitals were sealed for three days or more, with wards empty and operating rooms locked at the same time, artificially increasing the number of deaths.

He feels that the necessity for and expense of the authorities’ lockdown and clearing effort should be carefully addressed, particularly because a shortage of medical services during the lockdown might result in a high number of non-COVID-19 patients dying.

He advised that asymptomatic infected persons isolate at home, and that the government consider if it is essential to do nucleic acid testing on the whole community, as well as not allowing hospitals to close totally.

Finally, he brought up the possibility that nucleic acid testing, one of the three pillars of the CCP’s Zero-COVID policy, will lead to an increase in cross-infection. He explained, “Don’t ask me where the virus comes from; its hometown is in two cotton swabs.”

“Repeated nucleic acid testing, overburdened staff runs, and major cross-infection” are among the faults of the authorities’ Zero-COVID policy, according to Ding Xian, the former secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Huashan Hospital’s Jing’an Branch. “The most hazardous of them all is cross-contamination, and that science has been discarded.”

The statistical data had come out, and the number of positive cases would climb by 3 to 4% for each nucleic acid (test) of all workers, according to Yin Youkuan, the former deputy head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, who posted on April 22.

He gave the example of a village in Shanghai. There were no positive cases at first, but the number grew to 83 after a few days of nucleic acid testing. “It was brought in by the personnel,” he explained.

Shanghai is now implementing “hard isolation” in the sealing and control regions, converting an entire residential building or neighborhood into an isolation site and attempting to increase the isolation area in order to achieve “social clearance.”

Ms. Xu, a resident of a community on Yangjing Street in Shanghai’s Pudong District, confirmed to The Epoch Times on April 25 that her community had been informed that beginning April 23, all of the buildings would be placed in “hard isolation,” which meant that residents’ only movement would be within their own apartments.

She informed reporters that the 25-story building where she lived had more than 200 homes, and that the lockdown began on March 21 when an elderly couple in their 90s tested positive via a nucleic acid test.

When it comes to secondary catastrophes during the lockdown, Ms. Xu says she is most concerned about being ill. Her granddaughter, who is in preschool, resides with her, while her son and daughter-in-law live in another residential complex that is also under lockdown.

Many hospitals have closed since Shanghai’s lockdown began, leaving inhabitants without access to essential medical services. Many people have died as a result of their inability to obtain prompt medical treatment. Some individuals in Shanghai have spontaneously calculated the number of persons who “did not die from COVID-19 but died as a result of COVID-19.” 

For example, on March 19, Yu Hongsan, a senior notary at the Shanghai Oriental Notary Public Office, died of an asthma attack when an ambulance was not sent quickly enough.

As the situation unfolds over time in China, we can begin to see whats happening a bit more clearly. The ‘Zero COVID’ policy is being used as an excuse to impose tyrannical human rights violations on Chinese citizens. The real risk of death among healthy individuals renders the coveted ‘Zero COVID’ policy useless in terms of moving forward and moving past this “pandemic”. The free press has been under attack in China, particularly Hong Kong since COVID first showed itself in Wuhan. Alongside citizens having their posts and associated comments removed from social media platforms because they don’t fit the narrative.

There is a correlation that can be made between the Chinese Communist Party and the Centers For Disease Control. And that is the CCP underreports its numbers to hide the fact that there is obvious falsification of statistics used solely as an excuse to exercise the incomprehensible power that they hold over their people. Not long ago there was civil unrest running rampant through China, conveniently enough ‘Zero COVID’ policy seems to have quieted down all dissidents. 

As far as the CDC goes, they have to play at a different game; By over-reporting COVID-19 contraction and death statistics, they’re able to coerce citizens into believing that the situation is much more dire than it actually is. Why you might ask? Because we live in a free democratic society that doesn’t require us to cater to our governments every whim. We’re being lied to, it’s as simple as that. Once you come to terms with it, you may have a shot at seeing the next steps being taken by Klaus Schwab and his many neo-communist constituents. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.


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